58 comments on “Game Has Delayed Progress In Mens’ Rights

  1. The reason why most of the professional gamers, neil Strauss, steven nash, mystery, tyler durden, etc… are feminists is that these guys were all naturals to begin with. I have met all of these guys and have taken a workshop or two with each and every one of them at least once. All in all, I blew about $10000 of my hard earned money on that BS. These guys claim that they were once all losers and had no game, if you met them in person, it is obvious that this is not true. This is just a sales pitch so you can spend thousands on a BS workshop. The bottom line is that most guys who are naturals with women are feminists, because feminism works out in their favor, it helps them to get laid, since it it the natural tendancy of women to all sleep with the top 10% of men, where in the past social custom prevented this from happening as much. I have met dozens of guys while I was doing game who were naturals and they were all like this.

  2. Feminism has allowed women to be easy lays. PUAs and the like prey on women who are easy lays. In a saner era, PUAs would be seen as lowly cads and only able to score with the lowest of women. Thanks to feminism, it has expanded their choices to most women. Game is a response to feminism, and they go hand in hand.

    • I don’t know whether PUAs “prey” on women who are easy lays, but I do know that women don’t care about being the next notch on the bedpost when the man is held in sufficient awe by her friends.
      Remove the relational aggression advantage that women have, shown either by crowing about the winner they slept with, or the “loser that they turned down”, and things will return to normal.
      But of course, that’s not possible, because women depend on their friends to make major life decisions.

  3. I’m confused…how could game be feminist or delay progress in men’s rights if it doesn’t exist? O_O

    • Its obvious WN means “the selling of the concept of game” or “the religion of game” slows down progres…

      • Fair enough, but in my mind you can’t say something doesn’t exist yet it exists in the form of a concept or a religion. If you’re going to say game doesn’t exist, then you can’t say it causes anything good or bad. If it does exist whether in a concept or religion then you can attach anything you want to it whether it is good or bad.

        • Dude, you’re being anal. You know exactly what it means… WN is posting rants, not articles. He’s allowed to not double-check for clarity.

          He knows WE KNOW what he means. He knows that when he says “game causes bad things”, we know that means “the church of game caused bad things”.

        • Fine I’ll let that slide, but…

          The one thing that irks me is if he’s using faulty evidence of game being feminist by stating one gamer (Neil Strauss) is feminist when he doesn’t specifically claim he is feminist, rather that he is not threatened by feminism. Then the whole argument game has delayed progress in men’s rights is false.

        • Strauss uses standard feminist canards and anti-male shaming tactics. Anytime a man criticizes feminism there’s always a feminist saying that feminism can’t have a single definition or that he doesn’t understand feminism or that he’s paranoid. Strauss does the same thing so he’s a feminist.

        • Well yeah, but this is a blog-rant 😀 Not a doctoral-dissertation.

          I don’t think even WN himself posted this blog post with the belief that “THERE I have proven once and for all that game = feminism”

          Its more another brick in the wall of arguments…

        • Fair enough, but I guess you could say all alpha males have delayed progress in men’s rights too. Since they’re taking advantage of feminism enabling them to have very high levels of sex.

        • Fair enough, but I guess you could say all alpha males have delayed progress in men’s rights too. Since they’re taking advantage of feminism enabling them to have very high levels of sex.

          But that’s not a new thing… MRA bloggers have been saying that for a while. The idea that alpha-males benefit from feminism is one of the most widespread ideas in MRA-sphere.

          A guy on malafide posted a really good point. EVER NOTICE that sexual harassment laws say “no UNWANTED sexual advances at the workplace”? Translation: “Its ok for alphas to make sexual advances, in fact, we want to give them a monopoly”

        • Awesome vid Alek, I’ve seen it before, but it hits home more than never now that I watch it again.

        • I see your point W&N, I still think your claims are arbitrary, however you are entitled to your opinion.

  4. Eventually people will realize that “game” is nothing but an advanced form of pussy begging. Its a very efficient tool of the matriarchy.

  5. “Gamers” have always been the male version of feminists. They encourage sexual libertine standards for women and men alike. They like career women who support them financially (some of these dudes have unstable jobs or none at all). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’d rather follow a group that is concerned with what God, Buddha, some other deity or something else advises rather than pursue pleasure, wordly happiness and women as my main focus in life. The former is worthwhile (even if there is no afterlife, spirit or deity) while the latter is just sad.

    • I think there’s a good point here. I’ve always said I’m not anti-PUA, but it’s not above criticism. Healthy skepticism is important.

      Anything that helps contribute to Ameriskank behavior and feminism over time has to be examined with real scrutiny. If game levels the playing field on its merit, then I understand that factor. But if it utilized as a tool to reward the overblown egos of skanks, golddiggers, gender feminists, and other women that are not healthy for men, then it needs to be discarded or reworked. Unfortunately, there are men that will employ it in under to get another notch on their bedposts without regard to the notion that they are promulgating the skankdom they originally wouldn’t have wanted in the first place for a lasting relationship.

      Note that women that have been used by womanizers and “bad boys” have a real difficult time bonding for LTRs, and will keep score of their hurts and grudges. Granted, they are also responsible for doing the tango with them, but there you have that. They will vent their spleen on good men. It’s a shitty situation all around, and good men will not rescue a woman that will not stand by him through thick and thin.

      Sometimes, gaining favor with women is not that elaborate as to going into sets, negs, and other scripted behavor in order to get a response. Someone that was pretty sharp laid down the law with people on POF a couple of years ago for attracting a mate (it may have been UltimateLoveMachine, or something like that); improve your diet, go to the gym, build your confidence, work to get a better job, and elevate your social circle in order to find a quality partner It’s superfical on its trappings, but that tidbit of advice is better than blindly shelling out money for a PUA seminar with a snakeoil “teacher.”

      Another down side to PUA is pussy begging. Knackster claimed that he don’t promote this, but if you are a man of standards and principles, and hold your ground with Ameriskanks, you are looked upon as an asshole instead of a man of conviction now days.

      • “if you are a man of standards and principles, and hold your ground with Ameriskanks, you are looked upon as an asshole instead of a man of conviction now days.”

        This is because you are not stepping in to rescue them from their self-imposed problems.
        They had deniability and “he’s dangerous and manipulative” to excuse them from the bad boys.
        They want “he has no spine” and “he’s too busy working, he doesn’t care for me” or “he’s not exciting enough” from the nice guy so they can take him for all he’s worth. And have a new excuse to show that it’s never their fault.
        And if you’re not stepping up you’re messing up the fairy tale of woman never being held accountable.

        They want you to carry the can for them, while you settle DOWN with them.

  6. Dang, I said this a long time ago on my web-site.

    Not exactly those words – but here is what USED to be on my site (sorry for the length):

    Many sites appear to be geared against feminism. While at a first glance, they stike a chord in people to be against feminism and the entitlement princesses, they actually are not. In fact, they are more in conjunction with feminism than some hard-core feminist sites.

    Upon looking closer at such sites, it becomes obvious that they are devoted to nothing more than “GAME” – a slang referring to the art of “PICKING UP CHICKS”, or acquiring sex from women.

    I have a strong objection to these sites. In order to pick up modern women, or the Anglobitch, one MUST adopt feminist thinking in order to do so. That is, if a man is interested in “hooking up” with a woman for cheap sex, a one-night stand, casual relationship, friend with benefits – one must appeal to that woman’s sense of entitlement. This can only be done by adopting feminist thinking.

    Not convinced?

    Visit and peruse such sites. Instead of hammering away at feminism, a lot of them simply bash men, and tell them what is wrong with them, and why they are not “getting any”.

    Sometimes its not the fish, sometimes it’s the water…

    Other sites come on strong – giving the browser a sense of anti-feminism. Looking closely at such sites, it can be seen that they throw in some feminist thinking cleverly disguised. Other sites will bash feminists strongly, then start bashing men.

    Men have been bashed into a hopeless void over the last 50 years. There is no more need to criticize or bash them anymore.

    A good example of a “GAME” site disguised as being anti-feminist is (I HAVE OMMITTED THE SITE I MENTIONED).

    This site bashes feminism quite a bit – and it is intelligent writing. However, the author(s) later adopt feminist thinking: a nice guy really isn’t nice…

    If a nice guy really isn’t nice – stop calling him nice – use another adjective to describe him. This is just as jackassed as saying “round balls aren’t really round”.

    This is a feminist attempt to re-organize the English language, such that, no positive adjectives can be used to describe men (guys).

    The GAME PLAYER is not anti-feminist or pro-men. The GAME PLAYER is nothing more than a desperado trying to get laid – and panzying himself by not just behaving like himself.

    The GAME PLAYER is a wimp. He will engage in whatever behavior he thinks will help him acquire sex. This means he will cover up his true personality. If he thinks that being mean will help him get laid, then he will act mean. If he thinks ignoring women will help him get laid, then he will ignore women. Truly a pathetic character.

    GAME is a symptom of feminism, not the cure. The Game Player may be so self-deluded to think he is being anti-feminist, but he is not. He is simply adopting a POP-CULTURE of ideals that he believes will help him acquire sex. If those ideals of the ERA are anti-feminist, he will appear to be anti-feminist. I believe the current “HIP” way to treat women is to “not be a nice guy”…

    The GAME PLAYER engages in whatever behavior he thinks will help him get laid. He has no convictions.

    The reason some GAME sites appear to be anti-feminist is because FEMINISM made it harder for men to get sex – AND THAT IS THE ONLY REASON SUCH SITES ARE AGAINST IT.

    If FEMINISM promised sex to men whenever they wanted it, and as a side-effect took away all liberties and personal freedoms from men – these sites would all be pro-feminist.

    It would not surprise me if the 4th wave of feminism did just this…
    That is, offer sex to any man any time – simply for backing feminism.

    • Nice points Richards, I agree with what you are saying. I think a guy being “nice” is a code word for women who thinks guys are acting like wimps. In other words in female language, you are a really nice guy really means: you are a really WEAK

    • Nice points Richards, I agree with you. A guy being “nice” is a code word for women who thinks guys are acting like wimps. In other words in female language, you are a really nice guy really translates to you are a really weak guy. It would be the same if guys called ugly women messy or sloppy, it’s a really pathetic cop out.

  7. Game delaying progress to men’s rights? Interesting how you came to such a conclusion.
    This quote sums it up best: “You can prove anything you want by coldly logical reason—if you pick the proper postulates.”

        • And he wonders why two of us called him “pathetic” independently…

          The funny thing about “ex-gamers”, that is people who have left the church, is that they’re still not fully out.

          Yogini is one such example. He thinks he’s BETTER than the mysteries and roisses of the world, but he doesn’t get that he still has leftover shit. Same with random.

          Like random genuinelly believes he’s just being objective. I bet he has some rationalization for defending Strauss… He’s not really “defending” game, just “being neutral”.

      • LOL, I obviously knew W&N would check the IP. Just having a little fun with you guys ;). I imagine Neil Strauss would of said something similar anyways if he had read this blog.

  8. Nah, Niel Strauss would’ve probably called everyone hear a bunch of AFCs, and tried to promote one of his products, or something.

    But really good points here, by most posters here. I have to admit W&N’s posts about game were getting kind of monotonous, what with all the back and forth, but this post says something very important. It basically undermines one of the fundamental tenets of the Men’s Rights Movement as it stands right now.

    When you “game” women, you’re appeasing them in the worst possible way. You’re feeding their ego. In a way it’s worse than being a mangina who’s annoying them with all his bootlicking, as this gives them pure bliss. Sure, a lot of these women get their just desserts when they’re dumped, but as Sociopathic Revelation said, ultimately other men who are not necessarily manginas are forced to bear the costs of this.

    There is the issue of game creating an arms race in the minimum seductive skill level of men, marginalizing men who cannot achieve high skill levels. This effectively renders large numbers of men incel. Again, men who are not necessarily manginas. And it’s not likely society will collapse in time, either. Many of these marginalized men will probably live their entire lives under this hell, and die alone. Thanks alot, gamers and supposed Men’s “Rights” Activists.

    • There’s a reason why I realized that game is nothing more than manginaism 2.0 or 3.0.

      Society will not notice unless someone (i.e. some type of political extremist)realizes that with large numbers of incel men, they have an army available to them. It doesn’t matter how crazy the cause is. As long as its leaders incorporate anti-feminism and an answer for incel men, incel men will become their army.

      My hope that the “political extremist” would be a radical anti-game MRM but since the current MRM is filled with men who would rather engage in pointless status jockeying than push forward the cause of mens rights, this will not be the case.

    • Very true. Gamers are raising the price of “pussy” and making women irrationally overestimate their worth.

      What gamers won’t tell you is that the average newbie in the cult will likely approach and pursue maybe 1000-3000 women before he lays-and-dumps a single one. Probably a 1000 before he masters approaching. A further thousand to master getting Phone numbers etc.

      So what has he done here? He has given 3000 women an unearned ego boost. He’s fucking it up for the rest of us.

      Also, note even after a “pua” gets good, he still approaches 8-10 women before he lays a single one and dumps her. That means he raises the market value of 9 girls and lowers it for a single one (I’m assuming here if he lies to her, ie pretends to want more than sex, if she’s in it just for sex, than her ego doesn’t go down)

  9. I predict several things about this arms race in minimum required seductive skill level. For one, the game of the future will make the gamers of today like AFCs. Second, game will deteriorate societal progress by forcing men to focus more and more on getting women, which will mean that certain diseases like Asperger’s syndrome won’t be cured. I predict most future aspies and others who lack the physical and constitutional capacity to become skilled at game will become incel due to these two effects.

    The most insidious thing I predict, however, is that society will remain completely oblivious to this charade, because men will drink it like koolaid and most women won’t pick up on it. Guys who cannot raise their skill level will be told “you need more CONFIDENCE” over and over, like a broken record, until they die as lonely, childless virgins.

    • I think you’re being too pessimistic. The thing is not all guys are capable of learning game, it requires a certain level of intelligence and self awareness. Only those that dedicate time and patience will be reward with a higher level of game, most will be stuck at a certain level. Plus game is just an act, eventually women will see through it and then game will become obsolete. Just improving your confidence and your social skills will improve your odds much more than learning “game”.

      I think have mild asperger syndrome (not diagnosed) btw and looking at it as a disease that should be cured is the wrong way to look at it, it’s merely a difference of thinking more logically as opposed to emotionally. I think those with asperger can be decent with women if they dedicate time and effort, and they can use their higher intelligence as way to compensate for lacking the emotional and social skill level of their peers. Saying things like most aspies will become incels is just negative talk, it’s the same nonsense when people say most aspies can’t get jobs, it’s a complete load of bull.

      • “I think have mild asperger syndrome (not diagnosed) btw and looking at it as a disease that should be cured is the wrong way to look at it, it’s merely a difference of thinking more logically as opposed to emotionally. I think those with asperger can be decent with women if they dedicate time and effort, and they can use their higher intelligence as way to compensate for lacking the emotional and social skill level of their peers. Saying things like most aspies will become incels is just negative talk, it’s the same nonsense when people say most aspies can’t get jobs, it’s a complete load of bull.”

        Speak for yourself. As someone who has severe Asperger’s, I *know* that I will always be involuntarily celibate and I *know* I will never find employment. It isn’t negative thinking. It’s learning from one’s past experiences.

        And intelligence has almost nothing to do with wooing women. It is about physical attraction and primal instinct. That’s it. Look, I’m so socially retarded that I’ve never even had a friend. No amount of intelligence can correct social retardation, and nearly all Aspies are indeed socially retarded.

        By the way, if you merely “think” that you have “mild” Asperger’s, you probably don’t. (I do agree with you about the “disease” bullshit though.)

        • The reason I think I have mild asperger is because I can pretend to be normal and can pass off as such, but it takes a conscious effort. Social skills don’t come natural and are just something you need to learn like learning an instrument or a language and then it finally makes “sense”. I can’t speak for severe or even moderate asperger, but I imagine it will just take much more effort to learn to socialize.

          Obviously, it’s about physical attraction and primal instinct, but someone with intelligence can learn to mimic those that have primal instinct to attract women. Though I think learning game is a waste of time for someone in your situation, you can benefit the most just from learning basic social skills and working your way up and thinking positive.

    • It’s not just men who have Aspergers that will suffer. Even men who don’t have Aspergers will be falsely diagnosed with it. That is already a problem now and I think it will grow in the future. Any man who has more than a trival amount of trouble with women gets an automatic Aspergers diagnosis if they go to a psychologist now. With increasing numbers of incels expect an “epidemic” of Aspergers to happen.

      • It could be that awareness of the syndrome could be increasing and thus resulting in more men being diagnosed. However, I agree with you that there is lots of reasons why someone can have a problem with women than just aspergers.

  10. *you’re giving them pure bliss (i.e. game appeases women by giving them pure bliss) in the 2nd paragraph two posts above.

  11. While I am against the injustices foisted upon men by women, I do not believe in movements. Movements can and always will be infiltrated by the PTB to create more division. No doubt they’ll control the MRA too. Just as they have every movement. They always play both sides of the fence.

    What is needed is a non-movement movement, individual consciences working independently to expose truths and to get these truths out into the mainstream. Protesting won’t work, they tools they give us are not designed to work. Remember these elites have been in power doing this, for THOUSANDS of years.

    • I’m happy that this movement exists among men who realise full well that being in it is already a demonstration that there is something seriously wrong with the way society has been developing, by coddling people who should long ago have had to deal with the consequences of their actions.
      Since there are too many such poisonous people around, men have decided to look elsewhere for things to occupy their time with.
      This movement definitely won’t be mainstream, but you will see the results of it in every demographic survey that indicates “Women are not getting married, birth rates are down”.
      And of course, it will be blamed on men “being too picky”… with nobody blaming the women for making the choices that turn women into “the bad picks, if you want a stable relationship, low to no chance of divorce, and no mental disorders”.

      • I forgot to add cuckolding, STDs, drug/alcohol problems, inability to hold down a job, education other than feminism or how to use men for favours or money.

      • I guess I’m definitely happy it exists in that it gets these issues out there, but ultimately it’s gonna be controlled just like any other movement. They created feminism and they create masculism as its counterpart. They created the KKK and the Nation Of Islam, the democrats and the republicans, the capitalists and the communists. They play both sides “Divide and Conquer.” Though they will play favorites to one side, but this is merely for creating more division.

        They love to say how “the truth movement won’t be televised,” but the entire conspiracy is pretty much televised.

        • Ultimately they want a New World Order (NWO), though there is really nothing new about it.

  12. Basically we live in a matrix, everything from politics, to religion, race, nationality, money, technology, etc is all part of an over-arching matrix to cull us and control us. No species is more obsessively studied by the peeps at the top, than human beings. In fact there are entire fields of science and psychology and shit devoted to this, like Behavioral psychology…

    If you really wanna know how deep this shit goes, you’ll have to be willing to let go of whatever comfort zones you may have. I can trace this all the way back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, these ruling “elite” bloodlines, they are connected through webs of secret societies such as Freemasons, Jesuits, etc. And they write entire books bragging about their agendas, it has always been an open conspiracy going back many thousands of years.

  13. Like, this is what they do, they send a mole into the organization or movement, they may send several moles, and once some of them get into high positions of power within the movement or organization, they have their puppet(s) in position so they can steer it whichever way they want it to go.

    Any movement operating on a money system is doomed to be infiltrated. Money is their system, the elites’ system. Those who issue the money have all the power. And our government issues it out of thin air.

    Armschel Rothschild stated “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.” He runs the World Bank.

    But they needed to get people onto a money system before they could enslave the masses, because barter was too hard to control. There was no objective value in anything to be traded. Therefore there was no common insentive, to get people working towards a predefined goal within their structured system…

    They tell us in school how trade supposedly failed… Well this is a bold faced lie, ask yourself why tribes in Africa, South America, Asia, Australia, have existed for thousands of years on trade without a problem? And these peoples’ were also made into the butt of mass genocides because they were percieved as a threat by the PTB, because they weren’t domesticated.

    Civilization is an hierarchy of enslavement dating back thousands of years. We are born into an un-natural system, grow in an un-natural system, and are made to adopt to an un-natural system. And are thereby domesticated like cattle.

  14. I speak about men’s issues on my talk shoe radio show (anyone can set up a talk shoe account). I discuss misandry, and how all the bought-and-paid truth movement gurus are all promoting matriarchy. They always give people leaders to follow….. I also discuss the deeper esoteric and psychological aspects of this system. We’re all slaves bro, like it or not, if you pay taxes you are a slave. But it doesn’t mean we have to be willing slaves..

    Unfortunately there isn’t much of anything we can really do to stop the NWO, this shit has been planned in the minutest details, thousands and thousands of years before we were even born. All we can do is raise awareness. But knowledge is priceless.

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  16. See they always give you leaders to follow, it’s called “controlled opposition.” They know people will rebel, so they give them puppet leaders to follow. These puppet leaders use bits of truth to lure them in, and to sell their lies and/or hidden agendas. So they all mix truth with disinformation (at varying levels, some give more truth than others).

    Take a look at this link:


    Everything you read in that article can also be applied to the truth movement. The PUA gives you gurus to follow, to mislead you, so does the truth movement. This is why I don’t follow any movements, the MRA is put here by design to counter the feminazi movement, for the coming gender war. The hidden hand plays both sides.

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