32 comments on “Men’s Convention? Nope, Just A Game Scam Convention

  1. Hahaha when I read it I knew you’d post about it. Frankly I find the fact that a men’s convention can only be held by a bunch of gamers to be sad.

    I hope the MRM resists being subsumed into all this, but I won’t hold my breath. That’s why I’m speaking out on my own.

  2. Men have so much power that they literally give it away via the shaming tactics used to judge their masculinity, i.e. chasing tail. Biological impulses my ass. Humans have this thing called the ability to think and the power to choose. It’s why we are at the top of the food chain yet there are much larger and stronger creatures that exist. Apply that to women and sex as well. If they’d go on a sex strike like the MRM should have down as one of it’s primary objectives, that would change the current scheme of things in so many ways.

    Who in their right mind thinks that fraternizing is going to get them anywhere? First off it makes men in general look like scum and out of control who only want sex and gives women even more reason to view us all like that. Well I myself am not manipulated by sex and once men get to that point, women simply can’t overcome that. And you know why? Because they have to bring something else besides it which many unfortunately don’t comprehend. Isn’t that actually being a true feminist and the basis to which we should all hold women up to? And not only that, but as more and more men joined in, we all would have ground to stand on and maybe our grievances could be aired out and actually listened to. But as long as some men use sex and games as their own tactic and weapons to manipulate, then don’t expect anything that affects us all to be taken seriously.

    You go to war, the first thing you do is try to embargo or blockade your enemy’s means of getting supplies to keep their own war effort going long before the firs shot is fired. But these days, men are giving women all that and much more just to turn around use on them.

    • The stuff these PUA freaks define alpha malehood is based on access to pussy. This is a definition of alpha-malehood used by primitives, a pack of chimps. By this definition Charlie Sheen is an alpha because he lives with his goddesses, Manson was an alpha back in the days too. Alpha malehood is not based on access to women, not among advanced people.

      • Agree. A lot of these guys out here who chase and knock women up are by no means being men. Just the fact that their own offspring would die off because they don’t have the ability to feed or protect them unless government intervenes is telling of how insane it’s gotten. Nor can “independent” women fend for their own offspring as they themselves are just as dependent on the security of the state as those men that chase them.

        • The PUAs make themselves look good when other men hand them money and follow their instructions like puppies. Then, because their “followed-by-others” authority, they get even more access to others who would normally not be attracted, were it not for our media-driven culture.
          Then they say the men that don’t succeed are losers, despite not wanting to make a system for a lasting relationship (e.g. Neil Strauss and Lisa Leveridge).
          So they “succeed” because other men and women follow them, even though technically they are “losers”(as their relationships don’t last).
          On the other hand, many of the women who are “winners” at relationships very often have merely got tired of chasing the alpha and decided to find an easy mark… you’ll understand this when the wife stops working (women have no problem working or losing their youth for an alpha)… which is why men have to be so very cautious on choosing their wives. Don’t end up being with someone who thinks you’re a substitute.

  3. Under your recent post, certain james made a stunning admission:

    “I have met all of these guys and have taken a workshop or two with each and every one of them at least once. All in all, I blew about $10000 of my hard earned money on that BS.”


    The event at The Spearhead has a price tag of $ 625. These sums are unbelievable given that you can read the about the BS online for free, or figure it out on your own if you happen to in possession of a brain.

    With this money you can buy sex with very hot women in fact. If you have anxieties in front of good looking women, having your penis in few of them should do away with it. It can be used for socialization with other people, a way to meet women. It can be used for what these PUA clowns call peacocking. And believe me, once you look like a Christmas tree, lots of chicks will be happy to unpack the presents down there.

    It can actually be used in a completely different way (like buying a new computer or something like that), and that would also be legitimate in my eyes. Anything but paying these PUA assholes.

    Few MRAs out there had been blowing the whistle on ‘game’ and PUA crap in my opinion. Many prominent types still consider it to be a legitimate part of their movement. And I have to ask. How is the urge to get laid comparable to false rape and sexual harassment charges, fathers estranged from their children and made to pay outrageous sums of money to their former wives, misandry in the media etc. ?

  4. You’re just bitter because you cannot get laid…

    But, for $625.00, I can show you – “HOW TO PICK UP CHICKS”.

    I think I’ll write my own game tips – but make them a total joke.

      • In Reno NV, at the brothels, it costs way less than that.

        In various strip clubs, even less still.

        Just a hand-job in certain strip clubs – not even $40.

        • Strip clubs do not offer the services in question, but you are right lower quality hookers do cost far less. For this money you could organize a group sex in fact. 😉

        • @Funky Lover below – yes they do. At least in NV, there are many strip clubs where you can talk the women into doing that.

  5. Paying to know about game is a big mistake.

    Game helps *some* men by eliminating the ways they beat themselves — having proper body language, passing shit tests, etc. To use a sports analogy, it is like playing without committing senseless turnovers. It isn’t going to give an effeminate man a square jaw, or give an introvert instant wit and charisma.

    And as others mentioned, the money given to PUAs can be easily spent having a fun time and guaranteed sex with 9s and 10s.

    • I find one useful information on game blogs, and that is that you should never chastise your self for your relationship with a girl not working out. I remember when I was younger I felt my relationships going sour were my fault and was very unhappy about the loss of them. Game blogs have changed that, but they were not the only thing, MRA blogs which I read a lot were much more instrumental in this change.

      Anyway, I never had to pay for this knowledge. Roissy is free…

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  7. Hey they Mr. Big Shot, if you attend the convention, and are not 100% happy with attending the full event, I will refund 100% of your money personally, and buy you dinner to hear you bitch and complain about how much you hated the event.

    I am dead serious in the above offer, because I know how awesome The 21 Convention is. T21C is the real deal, and you can prove it to yourself by attending at no risk, if you’re up for my challenge of course.

    — Anthony Johnson

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