31 comments on “Game Only Used To Be Feminist? Sure…..

  1. Game has always been feminist. The guys who are most successful at it are those who accurately mirror the female desire.
    The gamers actively support female “choice”, so long as he isn’t the one marrying her. The idea behind it is, if you judge you are a lesser man… when it’s actually the reverse. The man who has standards and is willing to walk away from a bad deal is the smarter one. Hence MGTOW – because if you can’t trust the person you are in a relationship with, the bad stuff will grow while the good stuff recedes into invisibility. Add in marriage or a de-facto relationship and the nice guy is finished. Better to be alone than with a conniving shrew.
    Of course, the females that choose to cat around with gamers become more secretive than Al-Qaeda when they are asked about how many relationships they’ve had in the past. And a relationship doesn’t count if she says it doesn’t…

    • I noticed this also, if your a man your expected to be a man-slut, otherwise your considered “not a man.” Like, only women are allowed to have standards. Of coarse all their standards are totally superficial. But even an “omega male” is expected to go after a piece of ass in a game that is systematically rigged against him.

      • You see, that allows many women to systematically parasite off of men (with the idea that all the time they spend and all the money they spend, will give them a pure woman absolutely in love with them)… because, as we all know, all men at all time oppressed all women at all time. So to show their solidarity with the sisterhood, they have to bleed the men, most especially the undesirable men, of all their resources, while telling them “Keep trying, the girl of your dreams is just on the horizon!”
        You won’t need to game a woman who’s really interested in you, as she will make it a priority not to be a hindrance to your life… just ask all the players – the girls around them make it a point not to disappoint them, while they spare no opportunity to tell regular guys that “you’re not in my league(unless I’m a baby mama, unemployed or behind in my assignments… and even then I’ll find a way to say you make my life miserable)”.
        *Horizon: an imaginary line that recedes as you approach it

        • well lots of men can’t even land the baby mama you mentioned. I’m one of those men, though I have no interest in hooking up with any woman who has kids under different fathers… That would be a red flag, meaning she’d get pregnant by me and then bleed me for child support so she can sit on her ass and do nothing to get by.

        • and possibly take any rights I’d have to be a father to the kid away from me via the court system.

        • I don’t want a baby mama – it’s a bad situation – you are not any sort of priority in the relationship beyond a walking wallet, once the court has established that you _are a father figure_.
          Since you aren’t biologically related to the kids, you can easily get accused of sexual abuse. Or they have recovered memories and your life is toast.
          Besides that, the last thing you want is to know “kid blames me for life turning out bad for them, eventhough I was kept away by a bad system and the mother is telling him lies/is insane”.
          Raising a child properly is a huge responsibility, and it’s not wise to waste time trying to get between superwoman, her perfect children and the useless ex that she got pregnant by, but won’t forget about either.

        • I wasn’t so much talking about taking care of someone else’s kid, I was saying if I had a kid that was biologically mine. I think you misunderstood what I was saying there. If she has several kids under different fathers, then she’s getting pregnant by different men, and all of them are sending her child support checks. So that would mean I’d be the next notch under her belt to get impregnated by for child support money, before she tossed me.

          This is why I won’t give the time of day to a woman who has children under different fathers. Because she would just want to get pregnant by me, then take my kid, and add me to her list of child support slaves to support her lazy-ass lifestyle.

          Now, depending on how old she is, I may be willing to give her a chance if she just has one or two kids under the same father. Assuming she hasn’t been through a buttload of relationships, of coarse. But I wouldn’t ever get between those children and their parents.

  2. I am really glad that this blog exists to point this stuff out.

    This is stuff I noticed too – it is the age old theme of blaming the man for everything.

    Or – blaming MEN for everything.

    • Not quite, it’s blaming the men who are not in the running for the woman’s affections, for everything.
      The bad boy that the woman loves, is still the bad boy who is not going to be blamed for ruining her life, it is the people around him that don’t understand him, that made the relationship hard.
      Or the nice guy who wised up to the fact that she wanted the bad boy, and that being around as her emotional tampon meant that he was getting all the drama while the bad boy was getting his jollies. That’s absolutely unforgivable, because a true friend would allow himself to be used, and end up with the girl after she had given away the best part of her life to those who never really cared about her being around, anyway.

    • “I am really glad that this blog exists to point this stuff out.”

      I am too. This blog is vital in exposing gamers as the traitorous, collaborationist scum they are.

      • Somebody told me they are going to make a video with some clips from various MRA videos – to expose them.

        I am kind of eager to see it.

  3. You know what pisses me off sometimes even more than these entitlement queens? Their pussy-whipped man-gina “bad boys.” I was telling this dude about how it isn’t a man’s job to support a woman, and that she is an adult and she should act like one, and he comes back with this shit “well what if she has to take care of children?”

    So then I’m like, well then she has children to take care of. But it still doesn’t justify her marrying or dating a man’s wallet or status.

    • Like, this dude can’t keep his dick in his pants for a few fucking hours, bro this dude was like my best friend, and then he comes over to my house with his skank, talks me into letting him stay in the garage in my back yard for a few hours to get some rest (because he just lost his house), so I told him and his skank not to be fucking in my house.

      But he was SOOOOOO pussy whipped he couldn’t wait just a few hours, and had no problem stabbing his bro (me) in the back, all because he wanted some pussy. Which pissed me the fuck off, because she is no doubt laughing inside about how she has him wrapped around her finger, and using him to emasculate me… Needless to say I’m not this fucker’s friend anymore.

      But lemme guess, he’d probably say I’m acting like a wuss or w/e, although I’m not the one pandering for pussy. This fucker can’t go a week without getting any, but, if I say anything about MY situation, living TFL ALL MY LIFE, then somehow I am considered “weak”? I mean I’ve went helluva lot longer than he did without getting any attention from women, but you won’t see me pandering and frothing and jumping through hoops for pussy.

      It’s self centered short sited excuses for men like those who screw it up for those of us who actually have balls.

    • If she has to take care of children, it should better be either:
      1. yours and her children OR
      2. adopted children
      And besides that, if she had those children before she knew what responsibility was… it isn’t YOUR responsibility to raise them, it’s her and the guy who is the father that have to do that.
      Unless she wanted the badboy for his genes, and you for your wallet (most likely).
      Outcast Superstar says it better than me… don’t date single mothers – you will never be a priority to them, and the law is stacked against you as soon as you are seen as a father figure to _the children that are not yours_.

      Yeah, men are “weak when they say no to the stank”, because that’s supposed to be the magical elixir that gets rid of all injustice. Racism, Slavery? More stank! That’s all you need…
      Keep on being strong, because being with someone who thinks you need to be taken advantage of is a crappy situation indeed. If people know that:
      1. you can’t be without them, and
      2. they have the idea that they are the centre of the universe,
      it will be absolute hell trying to build a future with them. My suggestion is walk away. That which doesn’t kill you may make you stronger, but in the immediate period after being almost killed, you are a heck of a lot weaker.

        • I also agree with what P Ray says. If you are dating a single mom, despite what happens in the beginning you will always be second fiddle to the kids. Many what say they are not not looking for a surrogate father. Don’t EVER believe that. The ones that are angry at men are easy to spot as well; they have dated, mated, and married the wrong men and don’t want to take the lion’s share of making bad decisions at all. Also, the ones that are seductive and (often physically appealing) can lure you in. The guilt, shaming, in-fighting, using you as a walking ATM comes later.

          Again, you will never be cared about as much as you need to be. Remember that. If you want to be treated as a human being than a human *doing*, stick to other women instead. Plus, there’s a lot of resentment from single moms from past relationships, and they often pawn off their sense of self-entitlement onto you. They may have a grudge against men and expect the next guy to pay the piper for much of the mistreatment they have received before they met their next beau.

        • One should also beware of women with plenty of past relationships.
          Because such women take the good bits of every previous boyfriend and try to find Franken-boyfriend which doesn’t exist in reality. Or they will keep contact with their exes for validation and as possible backup when the guy they’re with “disappoints” (I don’t know how you can NOT disappoint someone when you expect a God from the stock of human beings) them.

          These women may not _hate men_ but they do _hate the fact that they’re not married to the guy that gave them the gina tingle_.
          So they’ll turn disrespectful at public gatherings, as an example. Possibly clean you out later, through divorce (after a hellish marriage).
          How a woman treats you in front of others is almost always how she thinks of you in reality.
          This goes double for when you’re dating too.
          It’s easiest to spot when you’re in mess halls, whether at secondary school, universities or at the office (office romances are VERY VERY VERY bad ideas).

        • Oh yeah, don’t forget that a lot of women expect compensation for their previous bad relationships, while at the same time tell men not to take offence at any bad behaviour they perform (which reminds the men of their previous girlfriends), because
          “Women don’t like men who have grudges”.
          when what they actually mean is “Women don’t like the men _that they don’t like_ who have grudges against them, because they may have done something against that man, but since women do nothing wrong, that man is in the wrong if he holds a grudge”.
          Since women are such great communicators, doesn’t it stand to reason that they speak in code to other women, and in a way that most men don’t/can’t/won’t want to believe?

    • It was her body – and hence her choice to have children, not the mans choice.

      End of story.

      Tell her (or him), you make the wine, you drink the wine.

    • Porn is for manginas. Porn makes a male lazy by short-circuiting his motivation and willpower. It provides men with the illusion of sexual fulfillment, but the whole shebang is designed to keep a male stuck and trapped in a form of sexual slavery that involves his wallet.

      Most importantly, porn addiction hampers MRA progress. If any one of you look at porn do everything in your power to conquer it’s hold on you. Only then will men have the power to undermine a woman’s most useful weapon: her sexuality.

      I’d really like to know where people get this idea of “alpha” male from. It was my understanding that this ethology was used by naturalists to describe the mating behaviors of certain animals. Instead I observe everyone and his dog throwing it around like a weapon just to dehumanize people. Me thinks people have been drinking angry Marxist Koolaid.

      • For some men, porn saves them from being at the mercy of the female sexual cartel. It’s definitely saved some people from putting up with entitled princesses who only act entitled without actually having done anything to legitimise their entitled feelings. And it certainly stops men from thinking that the woman they’re with is a “creature unlike any other” (gag), when such a person is evasive about their sexual history, vague and coy about what attracts them and qualifies you immediately (“You are the nicest guy I have ever met”) (gag).
        It’s certainly gone some way towards making some females feel inadequate, then again, they need to know more about that since many spend their time making men feel inadequate… so that the man compensates in terms of money and resources to satisfy a tireless harpy.

  4. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. To be honest, I’m always gonna speak out about the issues women are putting men through, and I will always have the scars they’ve given me. But honestly, at this point, I’d RATHER be alone than to deal with the bullshit in today’s dating scene. I mean I still have my wants and needs, but I won’t put myself out there for that sort of drama, so I’d actually turn most women down now if given the chance…

    Now if I luck out and find that one in a billion women who 1) isn’t full of drama, 2) doesn’t judge me in the first few moments of meeting me, 3) Doesn’t mind me speaking out about what her sisterhood did to me, and 4) Is willing to carry her on weight in the relationship and in courtship, and 5) I have a lot in common with, then great, I will have found an awesome woman… But the odds of this are like winning the lottery.

    • Don’t be bothered with dating. The system of dating in Western culture is another ultra-liberal feminist trap. Don’t date, go your own way and build awesome things.

      • Most women won’t ask to be with a man in a way that is not devious.
        That’s because they don’t want the risk of being turned down, and they know that the person doing the asking is in the weaker position.
        Nevermind the fact that they prefer to be with guys who aren’t interested in them for the long term, they know that being on the losing end of an interaction with a nice guy is “a fate too horrible to contemplate”.
        So what they do is engineer situations of plausible deniability: in other words, be around you enough to be interested, but also have group support that you are a creep for suggesting that she wants your company.
        Good example would be a girl picking you as her lab partner, when the proper answer should be: she wants access to your brain without necessarily interacting with you outside of class. “I didn’t come to school to socialise” <- sounds a lot like women going to bars and saying "I didn't come here to be picked up", then again they never answer the question "So, where do you go to be picked up?"

        • “Nevermind the fact that they prefer to be with guys who aren’t interested in them for the long term”

          This is actually inverted from what works. Fascinating.

          “That’s because they don’t want the risk of being turned down”

          Piqued my interest about Western culture, basically I think our tolerance for risk (in general for anything) is becoming more and more tenuous by the day. If a person has a good support network or community then this substantially mitigates risk.

          Here’s a question then, are perhaps the good support networks and communities disappearing?

  5. I don’t think all Gamers are Feminists, but many PUA tactics reward female bad behavior, in the style of operant conditioning.

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