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  1. Remember: 3 second rule. Also, active disinterest. Peacocking? Check. Also, backturn. Opinion opener. Also, don’t forget, you are “hanging out” not on a date.
    Whatever you do don’t mention men’s rights, women HATE to hear that. Also, remember to be mysterious “I am the Warlock of Firetop Mountain” is a good answer to what you do for a living.

    It’s like training for High School Musical. Except your prize at the end of the day is to spend your day with someone who sees you as having earned the right to be her own personal jester.

    Women lie, and often, about what works with them, for the simple reason that it gives men hope, and hopeful men are more likely to spend money on them. Rather than actually trying to point out that the women have a stake in their future happiness, based on their choices, and they should choose wisely.
    Oh well, misery loves company!

    • They also forget that the longer they keep the men they don’t want in a state of confusion, deprivation and denial…
      The better able the man is to cope WITHOUT them. Also the less likely he is to trust them without careful scrutiny.
      And the less likely he is to share resources with them, as the truth comes clear.
      And as women take up more of the high paying jobs,
      They’ll end up paying for more of the women on welfare.

      • That’s a good angle that I don’t think has been said often enough. The more a rejected man is ignored by women, the longer he learns to live WITHOUT them. This can spell disaster (for women) when they find the dating market tilted against them later on in life.

        At this point, I have been living my whole life without any relationships, and I don’t feel this huge urge to get in one. Sure, I feel somewhat bad about not having enough capacity to attract women, but it’s not like I’m on the verge of suicide or anything. In a way I suffer the cognitive dissonance of realizing that I’m missing out on opportuinty/losing out but at the same time I enjoy many aspects of my single life as well. I have also witnessed relationships (and most acutely those in my family) as rather miserable endeavors.

        • @InT;

          Oh, absolutely.

          I wish I had not desperately yearned for such female companionship between the ages of 16-21; it was so powerful that it felt like without that mythical soulmate I was never going to be truly happy. Looking back, I wish I could have channeled all of that passion into focusing on my needs, wants, and goals before anything else. It would have saved much trouble and heartache. I still long for a woman to be with me, but if she’s going to have Ameriskanks attributes that will be injurious to my life(style), I’m best off without. I’ve learned to enjoy my own company as well, considering how there isn’t a day that I have to myself very much anymore, hehe.

    • “I am the Warlock of Firetop Mountain” is a good answer to what you do for a living.

      That’s a bad answer since she will think you play video games all day. A better answer would be that you play for the National Lacrosse League. It actually exists in case she checks and it makes you sound like a jock but not a low paid one despite being part of aa professional sport so it’s like being unemployed. Because nobody knows about the NLL it sounds vague and mysterious.

      • “That’s a bad answer since she will think you play video games all day.”

        On the other hand, it’s a good answer if you would rather play video games all day than hopelessly grovel for sex and destroy your own self-worth in the process.

      • Why take them seriously, if they don’t take you seriously.
        After all, they’re after a smart, funny guy… so be smart and funny right back 🙂

      • But I agree that you definitely need to be careful about what you say to these people, their minds are like steel traps, always looking for an advantage to pin somebody down… and they’ll use your integrity against you, while absolving themselves of responsibility.

  2. I dunno, the advice I got from my mom regarding women was pretty solid. She said to me : ‘why buy a cow, when you can get milk from the corner shop’.

    • Make sure the milk isn’t expired.
      Or the cow that the milk comes from doesn’t have diseases or mental problems. Have other people been milking that cow too? How fit for purpose is the cow? If it has a heifer, is that more suitable?
      So many questions, so few answers.
      But if you just get the milk from the corner store, make real sure that after your enjoyment you won’t need to worry about new heifers that you didn’t know about.

    • replying to your 1st link you posted here Richard, that article seemed to leave a lot out… The fact that there are tons of men desperate enough to go out with any woman they can get with, reguardless of age…. I’ve seen older women get with younger men quite often. And further the question is this; women reject guys like us all our lives, but then when she gets all used up by her bad boys, once in a while she’ll settle down with an “omega.” Why do I want someone else’s left overs? If I wasn’t good enough for her in our primes, then I’m sorry but she isn’t good enough for me now that she’s all used up and raggedy. She can hit the road for all I care.

      • Being able to say no to a woman is the mark of a man who can’t easily be cheated by them.
        Women hate to pay for anything you can’t buy in a store, i.e. computing help, moving help, career leads…
        And most expect it to come to them without even so much as a “please”.
        The phrase you’re looking for is “if the kitten didn’t want me, I don’t want the cat”
        Traditional or liberated woman, when it suits the man is always to blame: in the first for always needing to lead; in the second for holding down womankind.
        Notice many of these women always turn traditional or liberated AFTER they are no longer able to bring anything to a relationship:
        can’t/won’t have kids, have STDs or mental problems, huge debts (covered all of this before)…
        The pithy saying also applies: “Women turn to God when the Devil will have nothing more to do with them”

  3. Crud – I forgot a very important point too.

    One thing I noticed about all game sites (that I have read thus far) – they claim that this that and the other thing are all part of natural female behavior.

    What they fail to mention – the fact that feminism has had a dramatic impact on how women think and operate these days.

    No game site I have ever visited makes mention of this at all – they do not “blame” women for their bad behavior these days – instead, they simply point out where the “men are failing” or “what the men are doing wrong”.

    In my opinion, this makes them feminists.

    The funniest thing of all – one site actually an almost perfect mirror of an article explaining that “nice guys aren’t really nice” – that is, the article existed on a feminist site, and on a game site.

    • A lot of what feminism did was:
      1. to allow women to concentrate on chasing a small amount of men without reproach (only she is allowed to have fun, and remember men are all horndogs)
      2. to make it impossible for men to date women younger than them (she’s so special that she demands a man in reserve despite her bad choices)

      Because many of these women know what they bring to the table:
      Age, a lousy attitude, emotional baggage, disease and increased economic appetite, student loans (for the educated ones – I’m not sure this is discharged by bankruptcy or divorce).
      But only for the regular guy.

      For Mr. Alpha, it is a no-strings all-you-can-eat-buffet, with the ability to have multiple relationships at the same time AND have parenthood denied, even by the woman (witness Bebe Buell calling Todd Rundgren the father of Liv Tyler, rather than Steven Tyler of Aerosmith). He even gets diseases blamed on somebody else, with the idea of “a nice guy should be so nice that he cannot exercise the commonsense to make any demands of the woman”.

      Step up to the plate, average Joe.
      Or are you not man enough to be with such a woman?
      I know I’m not man enough, ahahahaha…

      • Hmmm – a lot of time, “Mr. alpha” is not what I would call an “alpha”, but rather an omega – or even worse.

        It seems like women these days are breeding with men who are severely retarded.

        Here is an excellent example:


        A retarded man has had 7 children.

        When I did my own version of “women’s studies”, I dated well over 60 women.

        All of their children were either retarded, or deformed in one way or another.

        This is not the kind of off-spring that alpha males create.

        I would say that the Duke Lacrosse players were all alpha – smart, strong, well-to-do economically – look at how our society treated them.

        Look at how they had to resort to hiring a ghetto trash stripper that looks like a horses ass for any form of sexual entertainment,

        No, Mr. Alpha does not have an all you can eat buffet – he has the same pile of horse shit to drudge through – so he can hopefully find a turd to nibble on.

        Heaven help him if he pisses a woman off – just like the rest of us.

        • I think that misses the essence of alpha, which for me is “not being held accountable in any way”.
          While he may be the father and he has had plenty of relationships and kids,
          who’s paying for them?
          Other people.
          That’s the essence of alpha. Not “what you have”, but “what you can get through other people paying for it”.
          Who wants to bet that many of those women are going to end up married later?

  4. I was going to say you were probably being a little harsh on the guys at Badger Hut….. until I clicked the link.

    Man alive! They’re even discussing Princess Skezia rolling her eyes to a point she doesn’t like as though it were a brilliant rebuttal worthy of Dorothy Parker, not the action of a spoilt, entitled brat incapable of actually arguing a point.

    • They’re not as bad as you think. They’re worse.

      Gamers keep claiming that game will prevent men from pedestalizing women. That link is the best proof ever that gamers are wrong.

      • Gaming pedestalises women to a massive degree. It gives (of-legal-age and attractive) women the idea that no matter how rotten they behave to men, there will always be some guy out there to entertain her for the night.
        But then again…
        Every gamer going home with a skank, is one less gamer for the day, that men have to deal with.
        But every gamers’ action gets blamed upon the majority of men who have little in the way of relationships, by women.
        This benefits only the women and the gamers:
        The women because they WANT to be with the gamers, but want the regular guys to pick up the tab at the end,
        And the gamers who know that as long as regular guys pick up the tab, they will never have to make a living with a skank.

        • I understand that not every woman going home with a gamer is a skank.
          But what would you call a regular, hasn’t had sex before, religious girl, going home with a guy she just met for a day?
          She can’t be “that” religious if a day was all it took, and
          She can’t be “that” religious if one of the few things required to establish a stable marriage – singular demonstration of love to one you cherish for life – is given away so easily.
          Women have to police their own, but the sisterhood is made up of many many bad women, than of good women. And the good don’t make any attempt to call out or shame the bad, unless it is in competition for the gamer (as in: She’s had sex more than you know, and with other people too besides you!, I’m the one for you, I saved myself for only you).

  5. Isn’t alpha-male men who dominate other men in society? Isn’t that why women want to marry them/be their mistresses? To that exent I disagree with P Ray’s definition.

    Assuming that women fall for men who dominate other men and would rather share such alpha male than pair up with dominated men, might one say that the real reason why omega males don’t get any action is because they do not socially dominate their peers? I know W&N repeatedly insisted that he’s doing quite well in life, but I’m willing to bet that he’s never been in a position of authority where he gets to throw staplers at other men (the way Wall Street MDs/big law firm partners do), fire people (e.g. a CEO), or crack some heads/kick some asses/plant some bullets at the back of other people’s heads (e.g. mafiosi, drug lords and outlaw bikers).

    Also, assuming that my definition of alpha male is correct and that women indeed fall for alpha male because they rule other men and that element of dominance is “sexy”, I agree with W&N that game is sham because no matter how you pretend to be funny and cocky in a bar your shtick wouldn’t change the fact that in real life you get pawned on a daily basis by some douchbag otherwise known as your boss. Once women’s realize that you’re a pawn boy, you’re done, no?

    • Alpha males dominate in society, but more importantly, an alpha male does not necessarily need to be married to gain the benefits of a marriage:
      i.e. sex on call; women willing to sacrifice their youth, beauty and labour for him; women willing to procure other women for him; women willing to excuse his behaviour; men thinking that by giving him a chance they can reap some benefit off of his corruption of the social contract.
      Again, what I said: Other people pay for his faults. But they don’t do so without the idea that they can benefit from the corruption.
      Remember, even when a woman “falls for an alpha male”, in some ways, the extent of her fall is how much bad behaviour from him she would tolerate, how much bad behaviour towards others she is willing to dole out to others she isn’t in a relationship with, how degraded she is willing to be to be with him.
      That’s what counts as alpha to me.
      You notice how women never want to be treated as an equal by the man they have the hots for?

      • You’ll notice in that sentence I used the word “dominate in society”, but in many ways what I mean by that is “escape accountability”.
        This can mean one of several things:
        It’s either too costly to catch him to rights,
        too time-consuming to catch him to rights,
        his functional irresponsibility isn’t fatal to the process of whatever work he is doing,
        he has patsies to take the fall for him so action against him gets seen as vindictive (since they already got rid of somebody, why go further?),
        and the bottom-line hasn’t yet been affected to an extent it causes concern.
        He may also be too far down to directly care about, unless he performs deliberately malicious (NOT incompetent) actions.
        This is just what I’ve been tossing around – there are probably more traits or circumstances I’ve missed.

        • I believe We are talking about different things. You were discussing the consequences of being an alpha male, while I was discussing what makes a man alpha (or the cause of alpha-ness). A man gets away with anything and everything (and let’s not get obsessed with sex, since alpha males get away with genocide and murder as well, fyi) because he rules. There are two further points to be made.

          First, the fact that a dominating man can get away with bad behavior does not mean all men who are able to get away with bad behavior are dominating. All it means is if you can’t get away with bad behavior, you’re definitely not dominating enough. There are plenty of inner city over-obese idiots who get to sleep with inner city land whales but it would be a true stretch to call such alpha males. It bears out even in simple logic. Just because x implies y doesn’t mean y implies x.

          Second, alpha-ness or dominance is specific with respect to social sphere. So for example, the leader of a high school gang might be the alpha male of his little pack but I guarantee you he’ll get his ass kicked on a daily basis were he thrown into a real prison. Likewise, the sugar daddy ideals you gave me would be so worthless in the eyes of, say, Ivy League educated Nantucket summering women who only fall for successful bankers, lawyers and architects that the latter wouldn’t even be amused by the shtick of some stooopid lowlife.

          Okay, why am I jumping in. If what makes Alpha different from Omega is the ability to dominate and overpower other men, it might be good to ask yourself why someone exudes such dominance while others don’t. I doubt there is any medical explanation. Is it psychological? This might be something for everyone who self-identifies as an Omega. Have you ever had the moment where you actually screamed at someone in office until that person cowers? Have you ever thrown stuff at other people? Have you ever, instead of apologizing, just sat down and say “carry on” when you’re late to a meeting? If you ever erupts in extreme anger and punch someone in the face within less than seconds? If you have – those were your alpha moments. I however highly doubt any true omega would have had any of these experiences.

        • Knowing what legal costs come into play is also part of being alpha.
          But knowing when to deploy what weapon where onto whom, is wise.
          A man can hold back on direct physical action, and then proceed with legal action onto an alpha.
          What we see is what is immediately demonstrable, and punching people out has that effect. Playing to an alpha in that way is simply counterproductive.
          On the other hand, the guy that manages to wring a corporation of what is due to him, and gets the alpha fired… that takes a longer view and isn’t immediately apparent.

  6. To answer Richard,

    Here’s why Ivy League men don’t do so well while in their Ivy League colleges. First,all the girls would’ve been from similarly privileged backgrounds. Second, and more importantly, no matter how well you do you’re still one of several thousands students. You don’t stand out. And if you don’t stand out, why would some Ivy League hottie want to date you?

    It wasn’t until later in life that these Duke lacrosse players types become Wall Street bankers and have their pick of women from lower social strata.

    Further, these Duke f–kers probably are sleeping around quite liberally, contrary to your miserable imagination that they’re not getting any. It’s just that, well, most privileged women, while they sleep around, they won’t pleasure several guys at once the way a horse-faced stripper would. That’s just life. No woman likes to think of herself as a whore, and most certainly not a privileged college woman. Not even the Duke sex list girl had sex with more than one guy at a time . . .

    • “And if you don’t stand out, why would some Ivy League hottie want to date you?”
      Because you’re the “least worst option”.
      How good for the Ivy League hottie’s reputation would it be for her to be dating a 50 year old guy, _that other people knew about_?
      There is a reason why socially-conscious women prefer older men of vastly superior wealth… that’s because they can escape their social milieu through his wealth (plane ticket overseas for a shagging, nobody knows it’s with this guy… and even if they do find out I will have gained fame), while gaining social cachet (I’m a globetrotter and adventuress).
      Try that with a regular 50 year old, most women will not give the guy a chance. They want to be “bought by a man vastly higher in income and status”, “but I’m not a whore and he has such an interesting personality”, “men are supposed to lead women”. Notice the materialism, looking beyond looks and traditionalism only comes into play when she has something to gain.
      I’m not saying that college age guys don’t have sexual relations with women in their age group. What I am saying is that _only a few guys in this bracket_ get that experience.

      Whether a woman acts like a whore, she doesn’t want to be thought of as one. Remember Rachel Uchitel was catting around even while she was with Tiger Woods; Veronica Siwik-Daniels wasn’t; Jamie Grubbs’ was seeing Woods while she was with another guy.
      I agree with you on this though: no woman easily enters affairs unless she either believes it’s going to work out, or unless she already has a safety net in place (a man who is paying her way, is one of these): look at Rielle Hunter.

  7. Let’s not talk about Ivy Leaguers. They are actually quite a unique bunch and have collectively maintained the dating habits from an earlier time period. See, e.g., the NYT wedding announcement page.

    P.S. I disagree with your assertion that most college-age guys are not sexually experienced. Most guys are betas, not omegas, and betas typically have no problem securing sex. It’s just that their options are very limited. You also know what a beta is, right? A beta is an alpha’s lieutenant, someone faithful to societal norms (which are of course dictated by the higher alphas). Omegas on the other hand (and I know W&N is going to disagree with me) are not taken seriously or assigned crucial social tasks by alphas. They are at best viewed as harmless wallflowers who can get the job done. That’s also why omegas are overrepresented in careers that do not require political skills.

    • If most college-age guys are not sexually experienced, then why are most men not getting married?
      I’ve heard it said before many times, that “you mean nothing to a girl unless you have had sex with her”.
      This either means: many men mean plenty to many women (so why have marriage rates declined?) or few men mean plenty to many women (which is why singledom is on the rise, these women pine for alpha).
      The argument around it is women are just as horny as men, but that gets shot out of the water the moment you deal with the situation where they can get married to a guy (whom she had plenty of sex with previously), then cuckold him.
      Personally, I’d go with “few men mean plenty to many women”. Because given the amount of divorces, majority initiated by women, would indicate that the men don’t meet their standards for being attached for life — but are good enough to finance the woman to meet Mr. Big.

    • Sudden thoughts You’re very wrong in your belief that most college guys are seuxally experienced. I have half a dozen studies about this on my blog.

      A full 30% of men complete college as virgins (30% of women too) and of the rest most only have 1-2 partners. A very tiny minority of both men and women are having the sex.

      3% of promiscious men are having a ton of sex with the promiscuous 3% of the women

      60-70% of men only have 1-2 partners from the pool of non-promiscuous women, women who themselves only have 1-2 partners only.

      30% of both men and women end up as virgins.

  8. I don’t agree with you on much, but I don’t have any time for KN either.

    I actually got into this with Workshy Joe, who ultimately announced that he wouldn’t be “approving any more of [my] comments” in a coda to his original post.

    I was able to contain my sorrow.

    • You sure Kezia Noble isn’t the next anoukange?
      Going to get pumped and dumped by someone similar to RooshV?

        • One of the commenters on many PUA and biomechanics blogs, who said she was above being manipulated by men. Also happened to be very cruel and flippant with regards to the idea that men have more trouble with relationships than women.
          She was pumped and dumped by RooshV.
          Then again, she should be happy she lost to one of the very best, amirite?

        • http://roissy.wordpress.com/2010/05/03/curiosity-women-and-game/
          “Roosh got involved in a personal relationship of mine and that is why I think he’s an ass. ROOSH KNOWS I NEVER LIKED HIM in any way that was more than a casual friend. He did not impress me, I was never a pump and dump, it was a mutually shallow sexual fling.”

          “I never liked him like that, and I never had feelings for him. I needed a distraction to help me get over a guy I was still in love with. He fit the bill due to his shallow way of being and living.”
          So apparently giving away sex is what women do when they don’t feel anything for you? Really, anoukange?
          They must not feel very much for all these men they choose to go with and complain about daily, while feeling “so very much” for the good men who actually care about them.

          The anoukange-RooshV thing was a 2010 event, you’re not going to find much through net searches now, and it seems she’s gotten people to not talk about it… but of course, _some people still remember_ ahahahaha…

        • I think this is what RooshV received from her after their encounter, the insanity is strong in this one
          “to: roosh@rooshv.com
          date: Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 5:38 PM
          subject: what’s up sand nigger?

          dearest roosh fucking v,

          hello pussy, how goes it? you get your say and me not mine? don’t think so.

          you waste my time, insult me with lame ass, un-funny humor delivered from an awkwardly skinny, ridiculously hairy body and weak persona…

          the nice act that feels pity for all things kind and soft and snugly…nope, not me. an act. I’m from New York, remember? I was raised on harder shit than you could ever throw. but your throwing regurgitated, unoriginal shit stolen from bigger and better apes than yourself did not spur me to be inspired to toss sarcasm and wit your way. why waste this body and brain with my best game, eh?

          you’re a child-man. I chuckled nightly to myself with how you had to launch into a character of Borat to exchange words with a girl like me. you’re also a complete idiot because I would have fucked your brains out. free tip: sometimes it will be in your best interest to let the girl lead in bed. I have been fucked hard and right for many years and give the best head this side of the mason-dixie line for sure. we northern girls keep our boyfriend’s cocks warm at night as The Beach Boys sang about. ’tis true.

          my answer to your unimaginative, pathetically structured robot hate mode was to be soft and sweet to counterbalance. they say to hug a bully.

          you don’t know the first thing about me and you never went deep enough for my pleasure. but I kept quiet as to not scar your tiny manhood that proves itself to be deeply insecure due to the overcompensation of such a large, fake ego. I knew boys like you in high school and they and you reeked of dorky, sweaty, limp-nervous dick and they salivated as I walked by their lockers. I winked and said hi anyway but always dated much older guys because I had already been fucked, pinned down, slapped, spanked and rode up against a wall by real men and could only muster a yawn at the thought of potential sex with those boys. I slow danced with them sometimes and it always took them point two seconds to engorge with just a drift of fermions from my delicate, feminine, graceful neck.

          I present myself humbly, quietly, chicly and cross my slender yet shapely legs so that my toe points with elegance to the floor. I am never loud or vulgar but have been unsuccessful in breaking my habit of cussing. I love to swear. It brings me oral satisfaction. I expose just enough skin in my tight clothing to elude to the potential of my sounds in bed and let my gaze linger on those whom I may find interesting. Every detail in the way in which I sit, stand and slither through the crowds is taken from the study of the Geisha, ballet and models.

          I get approached so often I am a professional at turning guys down kindly, yet firmly. I am not the prettiest I know, nor am I the most curvy I know, but when watched by men (and I am watched…I can feel eyes on me in every bar, every country, and every public place) long enough they sense the signals of what lays underneath my outer shell. This weeds out the dopes, dorks, boys and tools because they don’t stand a chance. I’ve landed a structural engineer, a financial annalist, an architect/signed musician and a political economist who was published and on television for his work done at Duke University. I play in the big leagues, period. I have high standards. A girl like me doesn’t fuck around because I don’t have to. They come to me. Like I said, my confidence comes from my amazing experiences throughout my life of which I sought out and made happen and from the fact that I’m naturally gifted at singing, dancing, drawing, sports and style. I was not the average girl in school or anywhere for that matter, ever. I graduated with honors, played first singles position on the varsity tennis team and went to state play-offs, was a principle dancer in theatre, headed up the popular click but never followed anyone but myself. I did it with originality and with an artists edge, always. people copied me and they continue to.

          I am one part elegant, one part down-to-earth, one part blue-collar raised, one part fashion-ista, one part boho, one part tom-boy, one part sally home-maker, one part girl who fucks you in the bathroom stall, one part girl who makes love to you at a five star hotel soft, sweet and slow with only your pleasure in mind, one part adventurer, one part ballet dancer, one part salsa/ hip shaker, one part mosh-pit jumper, one part punk rocker, one part jazz listener, one part wino, one part club goer, one part take home to meet your mother (while I dirty my knees in your former teenage bedroom behind the door closed), one part analytical, one part emotionally impulsive, one part spontaneous trip taker, one part drug doer, one part health nut, one part yoga instructor, one part older sister, one part faithful girlfriend, one part curious cat, one part explorer, one part designer, one part artist, one part lounge singer, one part care taker…..and always adding to my parts.

          you see roosh, we are alike. we are geminis. I can’t stay in one place or with one person due to my inner spirit that calls to grow, evolve and seek. we’ve got one life. that’s why I preach quality. one life so bullshit doesn’t fit into my schedule or plans or time. I seek the best, most complicated and interesting people because I myself have formed me this way. I am a contradiction with passion, heart, mind and body and am searching for the same.

          this will be the only time in which I will show an ego. mine is not fake because I truly am fucking cool. always have been too…was born with an inner something that was ripe for the sculpting. I don’t have to carry it on the outside because my quality is real. that’s why the boys stay with me for years. duh.

          you’re a clown. you wasted my time and nothing offends me more. grow the fuck up and have real, adult friendships. our trip was a waste. I hate waste. you’re a drama queen and your inner loser leaks out at times. I saw it but gave you the grace of looking away so you could morph back into the actor you are. I bow and all the while I am the higher being. your loss. you live loss and will continue to. so go fuck YOURSELF. I know you have a callused right hand and you only get forgettable, typical and unintelligent girls. I would never claim or brag about the girls you get. you fucking failure.

          if you try to pull anything with my personal information I will have you beaten. In all seriousness, I have someone waiting for my check (and I will pay) to hunt you down in Medellin and kick the living shit out of you. I have instructed them to focus on your dick and balls mostly so that you may never reproduce. also: given my group of nerdy friends your blog may come down with a virus that would cause it’s demise. if you go away quietly then noting will happen. my ex is 6’4″ (no kidding, seriously) and out-weighs you by 50lbs and will gladly whoop you mercilessly when you return to DC. I have your mom’s address and I will copy and mail your lovely e-mails along with my sob story to her and beg her to get you psychological help. I will post your photo all over DC and Jorge will post it all over Medellin saying you put drugs in girls drinks and to stay away from you. you are known by the owner now of La Octava and they will be watching you. Jorge’s whole crown including Clara ( who laughed hard at and shared yur line of “I’m 30, doesn’t that scare you?” in which she replied; “my ex boyfriend is 32″ ) know you’re a tool and are laughing hard at your ridiculous blog. you want hate…you got it bitch.

          this wasn’t for the last word, you’re more power hungry than I…it was for the truth because your dumb ass never got it.

          delete and done.


          p.s. I faked my one and only orgasm because I felt sorry for you”

    • Wait…. you mean a Studley McStudley mPUA takes his ball home if anyone disagrees with him.

      How very Alpha.

    • How about the reverse article, about the woman who succumbed to the lure of paying for sex?

      The only reason why men are shamed for paying for sex, is so that women can both keep the moral high ground, and charge ridiculous amounts.
      The man who has learned to get by without them, is not so easily led or duped anymore.
      Their numbers are increasing daily, and women are not able to do relational aggression onto all of them.
      Because each woman wants a happy ending for themselves, but only as they reach their expiration date. By that time the men realise they are just a last resort to salve the woman’s “baby rabies”.
      Don’t be that guy, her feelings are absolutely insincere by that point. Having ridden the cock carousel, she is now looking for someone else to put up/pay for her for the rest of her life.

    • I think it definitely helped him form the idea that women are interchangeable.
      After all, the idea that women like men with experience seems to be quite true.
      So what they get is a guy who can leave them at any time. He seems to have gotten a girl, true, but was it “a girl who wants him” or is it “a girl who knows he can leave for another?”
      And the guys they chose to ignore, wise up and go younger – the only way they can exert influence over these guys is to keep them in their friend clique with the idea of “your girl will come”.
      Smart guys at this point will leave that place, build themselves up elsewhere, go where they’re appreciated.

    • Thanks, I will add this to my list of books I will be getting when I get paid… Thus far I have read tons of books written by the elites and controllers who are running this system, but most of this was in other areas not associated with Men’s Rights (but still associated with NWO)….

      Now lately (within the past 2 yrs or so) I have been acknowledging the inequalities I face as a man, and why I have been pushed out all my life…. I noticed all the truth movement gurus promoting all this Matriarchy bullshit, so I decided I have a whole new avenue of research to do in breaking the gender bias down from the accounts we are given of esoteric knowledge and history and what not…. So i’m reading books now by MRA’s and such… This is what is on my list for now:

      “Why Men Rule” by Steven Goldberg”
      “Cruel Hoax” by Henry Makow
      “The Manipulated Man” by Esther Vilar
      “Myth Of Male Oppression” by Warren Farrell

      Plus I wanna read some things by Stan Gooch, which isn’t really related to Men’s Issues but it is related to other issues which could eventually connect somewhere to these issues (In the big picture everything is connected somewhere)…

      Stan Gooch – “Total Man”
      “Personality and Evolution”
      “The Neanderthal Question”

    • You wouldn’t believe the list of books I’ve already read which are still sitting on my shelf, everything from Huxley to Orwell, to Lord Bertrand Russel, to Jeaques Ellul, all the way to Francis Bacon, and back to Plato… All involved in “The Great Work,” (as Plato referred to it; the plan in other words, we’ve always lived in a planned society). Most people think Orwell and Huxley were fictional authors but truth be told, Orwell’s father worked for the East India Co., so he wrote 1984 as a prediction (though his time tables were a bit off)…. And Huxley was an open Fabian Socialist, who helped build UNESCO with the mission of creating a 1 world culture for the NWO (and it says plainly on UNESCO’s mission statement that they wanna create a 1 world culture).

  9. What the fuck is up with editing people’s comments in bolded brackets instead of responding to them? I notice this a lot on game blogs…is it supposed to be “alpha” or something?

    I’m not sure if Roissy was the one who pioneered it or not. It’s a super douchy thing in my opinion.

    • I have no idea. It’s idiotic. It makes it harder to follow comments. It’s probably just another example of gamers thinking that they’re alpha instead of internet keyboard jockeys.

      • Or maybe just because they don’t want their comment count to be inflated by their own comments, something I’ve considered.

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  12. Yuck…I hate Kezia Noble.

    I’ll be the first to admit she is fucking hot, and I’d love to cum on her face and spank her with my dick.

    But as far as ethics and integrity to humanity, she is the lowest of low.

    She preys on desperate guys in order to make a living. She reminds me to the type of person who kicks others when they’re down. If she had real skills she should be trying make sales to well-established guys without issues, not guys who are vulnerable because they haven’t been getting laid and give them false hope of getting a girl..

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  15. I mistakenly attended one of her recent bootcamps. It was a complete scam. First of all, she comes across as a drugged up prostitute, and second there was no value for money. She draws guys in with her online videos. She is actually unattractive in person, very skinny, and stuck up. She basically has no charisma or personality. I literally learned nothing from her. Her coaches don’t even have the skills to pick up women. The one guy claimed he couldn’t pick up women in front of us because his girlfriend was at the club we were at. The other guy got completely blown out when he tried. As a novice, I had more success than they did and it was completely based on what I had read in books like Bang and The Game. Do not waste your cash on this scam artist. You’re better off reading a book and going out and practicing with a buddy or on your own. Trust me on this. By the way, not only does she charge for the bootcamp but she will use a good portion of the time to promote herself and her other products.

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  17. I looked this bitch up.

    Ugly as fuck, has men praising her beauty. (More proof of that fact even unattractive women have higher sexual market value than 99% of men.)

    Her advice is absolutely rotten, designed to take advantage and con socially awkward guys.

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