58 comments on “Where Are The Conspiracy Theorists On This?

  1. I would think Kezia Noble’s greatest claim to fame is to introduce guys to her friends while taking an introduction fee.
    Kind of like Rachel Uchitel, she is a glorified pimp, except in her case the guys will be given the “privilege” of paying for her friends’ lifestyle without any guarantees of reciprocation.
    After all, if the reciprocation happened, she wouldn’t have any reason to sell you a more “comprehensive lesson plan on how to succeed”, amirite?

    • Amanda Marcotte is “feminist” in the way “feminists” talk about all men having to compensate all women,
      when in reality it is “the men they don’t want” having to compensate “the women who want their resources and results without having to reciprocate”.
      In other words, you are paying for the pleasure of her company.
      Like the videogame service Gamecrush, where you pay a girl to play videogames with you.
      A more compelling reason for prostitution has not been found… and prostitution is probably cheaper in the long run.
      Which is why women try so hard to outlaw it, it manages to liberate men from the female sex cartel.

  2. Here is a good link to follow:


    You see how the PUA has it’s gurus to mislead people? The truth movement is just the same… They use bits of truth to sell lies and/or hidden agendas. Some gurus give more truth than others though, but theyr all plants.

    They knew people would rebel, so they had to give them puppet leaders to follow. And all the Truth Movement gurus are promoting matriarchy… Here is a list of gurus promoting matriarchy, off top of my head here:

    David Icke
    Jennifer Anne Green (now Jennifer Anne Kealey, she was David Icke’s ex but she has married Glen Kealey)
    Glen Kealey
    Russel Means
    Jordan Maxwell
    Zacharya Sitchin
    Michael Tsarion
    Credo Mutwa
    Malachi Z. York
    Acharya S.
    Peter Joseph
    Guru Rasa Von Werder

    That is just a small fraction of them. They all have a matriarchal stance (yet claim to be anti-feminist), they all promote theosophical belief systems (the New Age 1 world religion for the NWO)….

    See the truth movement will play a major role in bringing the NWO in, while people are made to think they are beating the NWO, they will actually just be helping to tear the old system down in order to bring the new (and even more tyrannical) system in. “Order through chaos” as they say.

    This is why I don’t get involved in movements, rather it’s the truth movement, or the MRA, hell the MRA is put here by the same people who brought us feminaziism, to create a gender war. The hidden hand always plays both sides. But this isn’t the first time this stuff has happened, this system of tyranny goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and Babylon…

    • The PUA movement is being met with equal force through “The Rules” girls…
      or at least, “the PUA movement of guys who aren’t naturals”.
      Many natural PUAs pump and dump, the non-naturals clean up afterwards, while thinking in their head that they have landed a treasure… when all they are ending up with is a girl who’s interested in settling for the purposes of finding a stepping stone. Kind of funny, the man who plays at being disinterested more often than not ends up with a woman who’s only interested in him until the wedding ceremony.

  3. >conspiracy theorists have lied again
    Funny that your post is classics of conspiracy theorism.

    Actually term is incredibly vague and useless. Basicly “consparacy theorist” is anyone who doesn’t agree with “official” version. And it’s widely used as typical bs answer to anyone who is able to connect two points.

    There is no conspiracy of “conspiracy theorists”. People just have this bad habit of having different POV than you.

    • On this blog we use the English language. Conspiracy theory is defined in the dictionary as a theory about a conspiracy. Nothing else. Pointing out that someone is an asshole, a moron, and/or trying to scam you is not making up a conspiracy theory.

      • No, it’s widely used as some kind of ad hominem argument, by people who always buying ‘official’ bullshit, typically directed to people who is able to connect two points.

        As to female credibility. There is no problem with Ester Vilar I guess?

        Pussy-centric western culture just needs to make sure every american Cletus is busy with tittitainment, relationshit or ‘game’, while bombing another ‘bad’ country to save locals from oil and absence of wonderful western ‘values’.

  4. As other posters have mentioned, there seem to be a lot of “traps” for men these days. It’s almost like a guy can’t turn anywhere without being screwed over or misled. You’d think the MRM would be a refuge from con artistry, but they’re pushing this game shit. Then you’ve got feminists who are all out for themselves. It’s like no one cares about the average man who’s getting stomped on.

    Someone needs to post a warning, reasonably succinct but at the same time detailed enough to provide a coherent explanation about what’s going on. I like the Lifestyle Journal blog from that guy in Toronto. This blog is another good one. But so far nothing has really been organized and collated together so that the average outsider can quickly digest it.

    • What about The Misandry Bubble? http://www.singularity2050.com/2010/01/the-misandry-bubble.html
      Also, Don’t Marry? http://dontmarry.wordpress.com/
      What do think is MRM, anyway?
      For me it was always about Men Going Their Own Way, avoiding false rape accusations http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/
      and definitely not game… because game only inflates womens’ ego to the point where they’re just not reasonable anymore.
      i.e. The ego epidemic: How more and more of us women have an inflated sense of our own fabulousness http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1213212/The-ego-epidemic-more-inflated-sense-fabulousness.html

      • Well, the Misandry Bubble was written by TFH, who is a pretty hardcore game proponent. He’s a smart guy but is caught up in all the futurism nonsense, and this includes fantasizing over a future where men can be perfectly satisified by realistic robot women.

        Don’t Marry is wise advice, but the advice ultimately falls on deaf ears when it comes to a lot of young naive men if it isn’t tied with what is being said here.

        The False Rape Society by Pierce Harlan is very good, but ultimately it’s all theoretical as well unless someone is having lots of sex. Still I agree it’s a good site, and ties in well with attempts to document false sexual harassment allegations.

        The Daily Mail article is a step in the right direction, but even it is dwarfed by the current cultural zeitgeist. I agree that the comments are good, but we need more exposure than just comment sections and the occasional article. For one good article there’s 10 articles bashing men (not necessarily from the Daily Mail, but you get the point).

        • I’m perfectly all right with the vr sex and robot women replacing women idea. Women need to be knocked down a few million pegs with superior competition. While I like TFH, he’s incredibly into game and that blinds him.

    • This is what is so sad about the MRM. There are so many con artists and others who have succesfully infiltrated the MRM. Besides the gamers, there are the white supermacists, the social conservatives, the conspiracy theorists, and several other super marginalized groups who are hoping to use the MRM for their own agendas.

  5. Go ahead and hate me for saying this.

    I would say that the whole “anti-feminism” token was a ploy to sell people on a lot of other things too.

    Much more than just game.

    • To a point I think your right, they knew when they created these problems for men (by putting women on a pedistal) that they’d end up with a lot of angry, displaced men…. So they gave them another movement, (MRA), “divide and conquer.” All movements are controlled from the top down, all movements eventually become infiltrated.

      I think what is more needed is an anti-movement movement… Sovereign individuals working together, not as a movement, or as a collective, but as sovereign individuals, towards getting the message out. No money involved, no funding, no leadership, nothing to infiltrate.

    • They want to engineer a gender war for depopulation. Think about this, man-ginas continue to raise the bar for getting women, until eventually they can’t reach the bar they helped set. Women get pickier and pickier….

      Meanwhile the UN has implemented coarses in elementary schools to teach little boys “it’s ok tommy if you wanna go sleep with Robby” (nothing against gays here, honestly, I’m not homophoebic, but there is a gay agenda)…. So, these boys grow up to be men in a day and age where these bad boys have rose the bar so high for getting women that virtually no man is good enough for a woman…

      So these men end up sacking up with other men in defiance of women, just like when women started getting with other women in defiance of men… Meanwhile, the machine is promoting it’s gender war, men and women are killing one another off in droves… And, nobody is reproducing, because naturally you cannot make a baby with 2 men or with 2 women…

      Think about what that does for depopulation.

      • “They” want a gender war? I say more power to them. Where do I sign up? Perhaps instead of being a nefarious conspiracy, “they” realized the problems women are causing and proactively started a solution to those problems. I salute their courageous forward thinking.

      • Well I’m not speaking for Richard but a large amount of the mainstream socialcon movement claims to be “anti-feminist” but is actually quite misandrist and female supremacist. That’s perhaps the biggest example because it affects so many people in the current cultural environment. Pro-Male/Anti-feminist Tech has written several detailed articles about it.

  6. Most of the so-called men in the truth movement are man-ginas, unless they are a so-called “omega male.” But that doesn’t mean theyr wrong on everything. There is a real conspiracy, it’s an open conspiracy. It’s not as if TPTB are going out of their way to hide it these days.

  7. Put simply, most “truther” men won’t touch True Forced Loneliness or men’s issues with a 12 foot pole, it’s too taboo… They have no problem tackling religion, politics, culture, etc, but when it comes to speaking up on men’s issues, that’s just too taboo for most of them.

  8. I’m not convinced by the idea that ‘game doesn’t exist’.

    Prior to discovering game my success with women was pretty close to non-existent. Now I would describe it as ‘somewhat limited’.

    The basic principles of game are sound: ‘stand your ground / stick up for yourself, etc..’

    I agree that the goofy ‘openers’ like ‘Who lies more?’ and all that stuff are aren’t the full ticket. But that there’s plenty of truth in the basic principles of game.

        • Just to expand a bit. I understand from reading this blog that you’ve had some shitty experiences and decided to just take yourself off the market. Can’t say I blame you and certainly won’t argue with the decision you’ve taken.

          I’ll still disagree with the point that game doesn’t exist. There seem to be plenty of dudes who have gotten results with it.


        • Both of them are some of the worst. Being an internet keyboard warrior is not a subsitute for standing up for women.

          There seem to be plenty of dudes who have gotten results with it.

          In reality no. What they have done is equivalent to someone who claims scientology improved their lives.

  9. A library’s worth of irrefutable evidence that a conspiracy does exist, from all mainstream sources and open confessions:


    Concentration Camps:

    RFID Chip:

    Brain Chip:


    Henry Kissinger talks about NWO, says “the people will have to know their place”:

    That is all concrete rock solid evidence, and it is only a small portion of the evidence I have, not just from sources online but from books too.. Everything I showed you was mainstream sources…. So anyone who denies there is a conspiracy is on crack.

    • I watched most of that garbage. The HAARP crap was just “Yes HAARP does this”, “No it doesn’t” over and over again. No actual evidence was provided that HAARP is anything but harmless, just a lot of assertions. I stopped watching the Jesse Ventura bullshit after noticing that several things were edited to make it look like someone said the opposite of what they actually said. Your RFID chip link doesn’t even talk about RFID chips. The brain chip link is about helping paralyzed people which has nothing to do with a conspiracy. I watched the Kissinger thing twice and he never said, “the people will have to know their place” or anything like that. “New world order” means a change in the world balance of power, nothing else.

      There’s only three possibilities. You are either lying, trolling, or a moron.

      • Dude the first fucking video the politician blatantly admits to using weather manipulation technology to starve millions of americans for NWO objectives, in those exact words. Your a total tool if you can’t see that. The brain chip article blatantly admits to using technology that can read peoples’ thoughts. That’s straight out of 1984. As for the Jesse Ventura shit, he’s a shill, he only puts out a surface level of information. But he took you to the camp facilities, of coarse the people he asks about it aren’t gonna admit to it right there. I mean no duh. Oliver North admitted to this shit though back in the 80’s.

        You are totally fucking nieve if you can’t see the writing on the wall. You’ve swallowed way too much hollywood propaganda )oh this can’t possibly happen to me because I’m more special than Pablo in Cuba” bullshit, it doesn’t matter how much evidence I show you. Your a total sheep, not willing to accept any evidence.

        Hell all of history has been competing conspiraces. What’s next, Are you gonna tell me Nazi Germany or USSR never happened? People are honest, non-greedy, non-selfish, good-natured beings by their nature? Coincidence theory tosses human nature and history right out the window bro….

        I mean your an “omega” male, right? So you’ve been a victim of eugenics your whole life.

        • No politician is claiming that HAARP is being used for weather control to starve people for the NWO. Do you have any clue who is actually in that video or where it happened? I’m betting not.

      • Hell in the brain chip article the Yale guy studying it is from some Skull and Bones fraternity or something, states that the “common man has no right to develope their own brain.” It’s NOT a theory, they brag about this shit. They even write entire books bragging about this shit.

        Either your just scared or you just wanna associate the information with an image, because of all the manginas who’ve studied it.

  10. I just wanted to add that because when I went and read over the article it looked as if you were talking smack about anyone who didn’t believe the official story…

    • Given that every conspiracy theorist turns out to be lying, trolling, insane, or just a plain old moron, there’s a good reason I talk smack about conspiracy theorists. That and the fact that conspiracy theory has been used as a weapon against me.

      • Hell go read your bible and see what that says about the NWO, I personally don’t believe in religion (at least in the literal since) but all religions are the same religion, the same hidden religion spoken in allegories and symbolism. It’s a business plan. Go read the bible, or the koran, see what they say about the NWO…

      • Ok, so if Adolf Hitler says 2+2= 4, and uses that as an excuse to oppress someone, does that mean 2 + 2 can’t possibly = 4? It MUST be something else, because Hitler said it, and Hitler is an evil liar, therefore 2 + 2 can’t be 4. That’s about the sort of “logic” your using here….

        I’m not using conspiracies as a weapon against you, hell, anyone could make up a conspiracy theory to support anything. There is a difference between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory.

  11. I didn’t once say anything about any aliens or any other silly crap like that either. Disinfo artists throw shit like that in there to attract impressionable minds and to discredit any real truth they give. Like a turd in the punch bowl.

      • HAARP can be proven, the man in that video in the UN conference room blatantly admitted to using weather manipulation technology to starving millions of Americans for NWO objectives, and even went on to say they’ve been using this sort of technology since the Viet Nam era…

      • I damn sure didn’t say anything about any damn aliens. The HAARP technology was started off by a Russian scientist named Nicholie Tesla.

      • Here is a Chinese riddle, famous high status bankers, politicians, and such have OPENLY spoke about NWO, what purpose would there be to make up a lie that incriminates themselves if it isn’t true?

        Or, the more likely scenario, they know they have people so far dumbed down that they don’t even have to try to hide it anymore, they can openly brag about what theyr doing to stroke their egos.

        • Dude your a total moron, you fail for the dialectic. The only reason you refuse to see the writing on the wall is that you bought into this MRA vs. Truth movement, not being smart enough to realize they did this on purpose so you wouldn’t put the two pieces together…. W/e dude, go smoke some crack or w/e it is that you do, I’m not gonna argue with you. Your just a nieve man-gina who loves to spread his ass cheeks for the establishment.

      • Last thing I’m gonna say here because I won’t be coming back here (there’s no point in arguing with pawns and sheep), I’ll leave you with this question. How many coincidences does it take to make a conspiracy?

  12. As for Kezia Noble, I’ll be honest, as of yet I haven’t studied game… And for good reason, because to me relationships shouldn’t be a game to begin with. That’s the problem with our society, everything has to be made into some game to 1up someone else or to try and be above someone else. Everything from business to jobs, to having the nicest house, the nicest car, the prettiest girl/guy, to human rights and politricks (and all these rampant identity politics flying around), to relationships and friendships, if it’s not made into a game to try and be MORE equal than someone else, then it’s considered “boring.”

    So basically, anything that functions or works is “boring.” Equality is “boring.” Gee, I wonder how our world ended up getting so screwed up (*sarcasm*). It’s an immature and childish mentality among the masses.

  13. Game turns pussy into a commodity and women into power brokers.

    If you want to solve the problem, stop the game and end the role of women having any such power to broker. Nothing makes me happier than driving by an empty bar on Friday night, or seeing a nightclub close its doors after going out of business from men not attending to buy drinks and pay cover charge. Men are waking up slowly but surely, and they are making an impression by controlling their patronage of establishments based on how much success and fun they are having at such places.

    Many man no longer even drink alcohol because they realize its place in making men diminutive and weak before feminist charms. GO MEN!!! Continue onward and show these women and their slave “alpha male” pups what happens when you marginalize and devalue a whole generation of creators and thinkers who do not fit your ultra-feminist dehumanizing dogma of debauchery.

    Btw, screw you bouncers and bartenders who go home with club girls at the end of the night just because you can let them in for free and give them drink tickets. I reject you, I reject your control system, and I will smile upon the day that you are back to your penniless square one without good men contributing their money to your livelihood. Oh…happy day!

    • Absolutely right. The only way so many of these pubs are kept open is by peer pressure on guys to “have another one bro!” “aw bro, get her drunk to score!” and “be a man and take the challenge bro!”.
      The people doing the most of this? Those who intend to fail their courses, those on overseas-student-experience-where-grades-there-don’t-count, international students who are desperately trying to fit in and of course local grifters and conmen looking for an easy mark down the road.
      They can live without my money, and as MGTOW picks up steam they’ll find the pickings get even slimmer.
      Then, cue newspapers talking about how men need to “be more manly to attract girls” “step up to your responsibilities” and “learn to forgive”.
      While at every stage of this, it’s actually both the alpha males looking for someone to take their scraps, and the fallen women looking for a sucker to leech off. Those are the only kinds of people who advocate debauchery and licentiousness – the people who realise that the only way for them to be seen in a good light is by making everyone either as bad as them, or by denigrating others…

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  15. G’Day! The Black Pill,
    I know what you mean, I’ve looked into some conspiracy theories, and some of the comments left by conspiracy theorists are frightening. They seem to want to rise up against the government and the so-called “New World Order/ Illuminati”, kill the president and pretty much start a new civil war. They also want to kill all the Jews (or a lot of them do). I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of CTs are Communists or Anarchists. What do you think?

    • I think your fucking stupid, most “conspiracy theorists” are warning against shit like communism, because we don’t like dictatorships, that’s what we’re trying to fight against moron…. And to generalize and say “oh they all hate jews,” well then I guess all liberals support Obama and all conservatives are christian fanatics, right?

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