14 comments on “Why Spend Money On BS When You Can Get It For Free?

  1. Because this BS is supported by Guy A, Guy B and Guy C! And we all know that the only things you need are an “opinion opener” followed by a “neg”. Also add in the “scarcity factor” and some “kino”. Then toss in the “our world” saying along with being “mysterious”!.

    The scam will always have people wanting to pay for it, because the people paying for a scam want to believe that they are getting a “higher-quality”, “properly researched” and “detailed” scam.

    • Besides, if you don’t pay for it, you will miss out on the experience of the guru hanging around you and the girl you are getting to know, whispering into your ear “go for it, now you need to neg her” “I liked that eye contact, very dominant” “Don’t be judgemental, women hate that” and “To crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women—in my bed!”

      It’s funny beyond words, and has to be seen to be believed. I suppose it seems serious when you’re doing it in a bar of half-drunk, smoked out people.

      • Not true. But I’ll concede that I get less action that Roissy says he gets.

        I’m just trying to understand the point of this blog. Jonny and Freebird have done a good job of explaining it.

    • “Roissy fucks women. You don’t. Roissy is a better man than you. Get over it.”

      This is a lie. Dio Cassius said almost the exact same thing not long before his kingdom fell, I find that very interesting:

      “Though you are but few altogether, in comparison with the vast throng that inhabits this city, and are far less numerous than the others [the unmarried men], who are unwilling to perform any of their duties, yet for this very reason I for my part praise you the more, and am heartily grateful to you because you have shown yourselves obedient and are helping to replenish the fatherland . . . Therefore, men—for you alone may properly be called men, —and fathers, —for you are as worthy to hold this title as I myself, —I love you and praise you for this. (Dio Cassius, trans. 1924, 56.2)”

      A few centuries later Rome fell and became dominated by the very people Dio and Augustus criticized and that Nero tortured and killed: the Christians.

  2. When your genitals and facial area break out in herpes sores you are not going to feel like the better man.

    You are going to feel like a fool.At that point there is no return to normal anymore, and for what?

    A couple moments of pleasure with someone you detest?

    Fuck all that.

    One man,one woman or nothing.
    (like God intended)

    • Freebird,

      I agree with the last line of your post. Unfortunately the laws in the USA are anti-marriage. So you’re stuck with a choice: learn ‘game’ and have fun. Or be angry.

      To be honest I see radical Islam being the solution to this shitty situation once everything crashes and burns. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

      • I have fucked girls but I don’t think I am a “better” man for it. Sex is fun and a having a girlfriend is quite enjoyable in the same way that drugs are enjoyable. I do feel a little sorry for all the virgins here, including the author, because the truth is that they are missing a lot and they have no idea how wonderful a girlfriend can be.

        But at the end of it all you are no better as a person than you were before. And then you kind of realize that you need something more. Something to offer you purpose and a sense of achievement which women don’t give you.

        • It’s unfortunate but statistically 20% of all males die never having experienced intercourse. It doesn’t matter how wonderful a girlfriend can be because natural selection doesn’t owe us anything. Natural selection picks the strongest fittest males and shuts-out the rest. It’s impossible to make your genes attractive to the kind of girlfriend you are referring, so the only thing a guy can do is accept that he doesn’t have control over who she will choose to love and procreate with. He has to accept the possibility that he didn’t make the cut, that natural selection has not selected him.

          I am not an omega male in the sense that I cannot permit myself to forcibly take a mate. She has to choose me. If women continue to pick-me-over then that is my fate and it is beyond my power to change that. I must accept reality otherwise I doom myself to a lifetime of bitterness and cynicism, opiates of control-freaks who haven’t learned to let go. Truthfully, the ability to take in a breath of air is a divine and mysterious gift. Looking at life that way brings peace.

  3. Got to admit, I kind of like Roissy. He’s plenty ruthless in his description of the Omega life (and everything else) but without the shaming language. It is what it is.

    What he means by ‘Game’ is that there are certain behavioural changes that can get a man from hitting 5/6 to hitting 7/8 – which seems reasonable enough to me. Certainly, I don’t think he’d ever claim that Omegas are evil or indulge in the eliminationist fantasises some in the game movement do.

    Of course, it may not be coincidental that he’s not selling anything…

    • I really have no problem with Roissy. With him (and guys like PMAFT and The Fifth Horseman) it’s a case of agree to disagree about game. Roissy is also honest about things like women voting and being responsible for big government. Unlike Strauss, Mangina Johnson, etc. Roissy definitely isn’t a feminist.

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