8 comments on “Game Wastes Your Money

  1. You can be sure that the men that women love, one thing is certain:
    – The man spent very little on the woman.

    – Because, as I’ve said previously, women HAVE NO PROBLEM with sacrificing their youth, beauty and money when it comes to the man they really love.

    The ONLY time a man has to compensate with holidays, jewellery and gifts,
    is when the man is not the woman’s first choice.

    How little you spend on her and yet get your affection returned IS a mark of how highly she respects you.

    • If you have to spend money to learn to attract women, you’re doing it wrong. In a society where women will support the so called alphas working two jobs if they have to, why would any logical being pay in any way, shape, or form to get laid?

      • Too many men think that by paying a womans’ way, they’re getting her respect. In reality, all they are doing is letting the woman know that they don’t expect anything of her.
        Outside of your family, when people don’t expect anything of you… it’s usually a sign of disrespect. Women will work to the situation as long as they’re allowed to get away with it, or if they feel the man cannot leave or find a substitute. When a man drops another girl to be with someone else, “he never liked her”… but when a woman drops a man to be with another man “she’s found someone who FINALLY appreciates her”.
        Notice that while women say they “don’t like men who judge or demand things”, that only applies to “the men they don’t like”.
        The men they do like, are allowed to be as judgemental, temperamental and moody as they like.

        • This “disrespect” that the man gives by not expecting anything of the woman, is returned in kind by the woman who proceeds to cat around, then turn the good mans’ character on him by saying “Oh, you wouldn’t be so nasty as to judge me, now would you? I’ll tell all my friends you’re nasty if you do!”
          Women may not say it in so many words, but it’s wise to remember they are masters of relational aggression. And when they feel that a man interferes with what THEY consider the alignment of society and social hierarchy,
          by gum, that man has to be beaten down.
          1. Women are always right.
          2. Even if they are wrong, men are not allowed to say it.
          3. If a man says it, he must be corrected and his reputation tarnished so that he never advances.
          Look carefully at the lives of people who have been ruined by false accusations… the woman at the centre of that probably subscribes to all 3 of those principles.

  2. There is a really old saying that is misunderstood by many people (at least it was misunderstood by me).

    People who talk never do, and people who do never talk.

    At first, I thought this meant, “sexy talk”.

    Now, I believe it is referring to yoo-hoo’s like the ones described in this post.

    Excellent observation about “spending money” – that is what it all boils down to.

    I know guys here that have more than $500,000 in savings – they all say the same thing – avoid women.

  3. Can someone recommended some other omegasphere blogs? It seems like all my favorite ones are going down. I guess it makes sense, since its the ultimate conclusion to omega-ness to close up shop. I suppose its too much to expect omegas to succeed at running a blog, when they’ve failed at everything else. All of the Roissy/HBD blogs seem to be going down to, although like a hydra, theres always 2 new ones to replace em.

    • ‘seems you’re the real omega here, if you keep going around visiting those blogs but develop no insight of your own. Or even a sense of justice.
      Man with no brain, AND no spine. Now that’s REALLY omega.
      I suppose it’s too much to expect you to learn anything or contribute a different take on what you see beyond “oh you should close up shop because you aren’t making a difference” or “somebody else is getting lots of sex!”?

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