What’s Next? Gaming Dirt? Gaming Water?

Game isn’t limited to women now.  There’s someone now suggesting gaming your children.

Steve, you misunderstand the concept of Game. I’ve recently heard about the idea of gaming your children. No, this isn’t pedophile stuff. Gaming your children involves showing them who is in charge, that you have a life outside of raising them, and that they should honor and respect you. It might also involve getting them to seek your approval, but I’m feeling iffy about that (especially after they’ve left 5th grade).

Now they’re talking about gaming children.  What’s next?  How to game dirt?  Or how to game water?

At least we know that the church of game in it’s decline now.  The church of game is following the same path as the housing bubble.  We’re at the peak.  During the peak of the housing bubble there was equivalent nonsense and con artists everywhere.   Now we have “gaming your children” bullshit and our own con artists.  We can be certain that in a few years the church of game will look as stupid as the fools at the National Assoc. of Realtors do now for what they said about the housing prices reachind a permenantly high plateau in 2005, 2006, and 2007.