False Accusations: A Reason I Am Against Conspiracy Theory

I have been taken to task for being against conspiracy theory.  I have been told that conspiracy theory is about, “libertarianism and resisting encroaching globalization and the coming police state“.  Putting aside how I thought that conspiracy theory was actually about making theories about (non-existent) conspiracies, where do the false accusations that I’m constantly seeing in conspiracy theory come into this?

Take the rape accusation against Dominque Strauss-Kahn.  Conspiracy theorists declared Strauss-Kahn guilty before any trial started.  If these people are actually anti-feminist why are they suddenly declaring a man guilty of rape when they should know better?  Why have they suddenly stopped talking about the false rape industry in this case?  These sorts of accusations (that have no evidence) are common in conspiracy theory such as accusations that lots of politicans and celebrities are pedophiles.  There are lots of these absurd accusations which given their absurdity are clearly false.

What really happened with Strauss-Kahn?  He’s likely the victim of a false accusation.

The New York Times, citing unnamed law enforcement sources close to the case, said prosecutors now do not believe much of the story told by the French politician’s accuser — a Guinea-born hotel maid — and that she had repeatedly lied to them since the May 14 alleged attack.

Among the discoveries, one official told the newspaper, are issues involving the asylum application of the 32-year-old housekeeper, and possible links to criminal activities, including drug dealing and money laundering.

If you have been reading this blog long enough, this should sound familiar to you.  I have been the victim of false accusations, false sexual harassment accusations in my case.  Strauss-Kahn’s false accusation led to discoveries of the accuser’s involvement in crime, and so did one of my false accusations.  No one should really be suprised with these similarities.

Is there going to be an apology from (supposedly anti-feminist) conspiracy theorists for trying to cruicfy Strauss-Kahn?  I suggest not holding your breath.  Conspiracy theorists like to say they are “truth seekers”.  This proves they are the opposite because they have been the side of a false accusation, a lie, from the beginning and still are.

I’m sure the conspiracy theorists will say that Strauss-Kahn got away with rape because his conspiracy buddies protected him.  That’s another similarity I share with Strauss-Kahn.  I have been accused of being part of the same conspiracy and getting away with sexual harassment in the same manner.

As someone who has been on the reciving end of false accusations, conspiracy theory seems to be a vehicle for false accusations against men.  I stand up for men who have been falsely accused like myself so I will have none of conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy Theorist Murderer Gets Death Penalty

A few months ago I wrote a blog entry about a conspiracy theorist who murdered 3 police officers.  He’s been found guilty and given the death penalty.  I think the court made the right decision.  I’m not a big fan of the death penalty, but a violent man who is a conspiracy theorist is too far gone mentally to be rehabilitated so the death penalty makes sense here.

Amanda Marcotte’s Thinks Like A Conspiracy Theorist

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech has done some excellent work uncovering even more misandry from well known feminist, Amanda Marcotte.  (Also, check out the first update and the second update.)  Thanks to the work of Snark and The Fifth Horseman what Amanda Marcotte’s absurd claim about how men commit suicide as a means of abusing women has been exposed to a great many people over the weekend.

In reading Marcotte’s BS I couldn’t help but notice how her thinking pattern was similar to a conspiracy theorist.  It’s not a surprise since the “patriarchy” that feminists believe in is a conspiracy theory.  In this case there isn’t a conspiracy per se (although it wouldn’t surprise me if Marcotte tomorrow says this is a coordinated plan among men to abuse women), but it’s similar to a conspiracy theory in that it has absurd claims that someone has a secret plan to do something.  In this case Marcotte believes that men secretly plot to kill themselves to abuse women.

New research has shown that people who believe in conspiracy theories are more likely than the general population to be willing to be a part of a conspiracy.  This means for Amanda Marcotte that by accusing men of secret plots like suicide to abuse women, she isn’t exposing the secret plots of men, but really admitting that she is willing to secretly plot against men.

A Scam That Sucks At Being A Scam

A while back I pointed out how The 21 Convention was a scam.  This inspired its mangina organizer to show up here and show us how he is a dickhead.  Recently there was one of these scam conventions in Europe.  How many people showed up for what Mangina Johnson calls, “The men’s conference of the century, and a panorama event for life on earth as a man”?


That’s it.  Only 36 people.  I would be surprised if that’s enough people to cover all of the expenses of a convention.  I could get ten times as many people for a conference on how to pick your nose.  Not only is The 21 Convention a scam.  It’s a scam that sucks at being a scam.  That explains why Mangina Johnson spent so much time here and tried to troll The Spearhead for customers dupes to go to his scam.  He’s desperate, especially when you look at how moronic and whiny his customer base is.  It takes a special level of idiot to be taken in by this scam evidenced by that link and how few men attended.

Women Are Fucked Up In The Head

It very often that I hear a woman say something or read something a woman writes that confirms the fact that women are fucked up in the head.  How can any sane man read something like this and not conclude that women a fucked up in the head?  How can any sane man conclude 99.99% of women are anything other than pure evil after reading the following from that link.

Hot, I tell you. Hot. They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore, do they? Wait a moment, while I read that passage again. I have to read about him because he doesn’t exist in real life. He’s just an imaginary man from an old book. I will never encounter him, so I will never learn to be wary of him.

Hollenhund had something to say about it.

 I suppose you’re fully aware that currently such men are only common in Afghanistan, Liberia, Yemen and other similar shitholes. The mass domestication of men was the price we had to pay for advanced civilization. There’s a saying circulated in the Manosphere that “men built civilization to impress women”. If that’s true, it was a massively stupid idea indeed. It seems women are pretty much biologically unsuited for civilized life unless their behavior is properly regulated.

I agree with this totally except that clearly there is no way to regulate female behavior to make 99.99% of women compliant with civilization.  Otherwise we would be doing it already.

Women are in the process of destroying civilization and most men are nothing but manginas that have rolled over for women.  I do not want to go back to living in caves.  I love civilization.  I love cars, airplanes, computers, smartphones, modern medicine, refrigerators, roads, and millions of other things that I don’t have time to name.  I refuse to let women take civilization away from me.  You should do the same.  Civilization is worth fighting for and more valuable than women.

How To Undermine The Matriarchy

I found this post on another blog.  It deserved to be repeated here.

Do you want to undermine the Matriarchy? Then stop fucking.