29 comments on “I Can Never Be Too Negative Or Too Angry About Women

  1. “It’s physically impossible for me to be as angry as I should be about this. I’m not too angry at women. I’m not angry enough.”

    I too find myself this way. It’s as if there is a little(stress little) mangina inside us all that filters negative input from females especially if they’re attractive.

    • No need to get to upset as to feel helpless. Many men are seeing the light as witnessed not around places that have to do with MRA’s, but normal everyday things. Look in the general discussion areas of these websites and read. The stories are there as are the general attitudes that women have simply changed. No need to fret as they and the state that supports them will overstep its bounds soon enough. And after that, expect an upheaval to occur with women at the forefront of receiving not only contempt and ire from men, but also feeling the full effects of being cast aside and ignored by them as well.

      • Yes an upheaval is coming but it’s taking longer than it should. That’s because of all the manginas that have invaded the MRM. Once they are dealt with, expect rapid progress.

        • I think that examining the righteous indignant side of MGTOW is something should be discussed and not ignored. Feminists in particular will twist anything stated on forums into something horrid and vile regardless of the mindset or sentiment. We should not be afraid of calling them on their outrageous actions and how we feel about it.

          One of the things that they don’t want to accept or acknowledge is that men should not be upset or angry and such conditions that may harm or exploit them in some fashion. There is a stunning amount of hubris and hypocrisy here; clearly, feminism has revealed itself as an ideology that is born out of female supremacism and the talk about “equality” is pure horseshit. And they can be as hate-filled (at men) as they want; after all, they are oppressed by the patriarchy, right?

          “You must be an angry misogynist”—I’ve heard that a few times. Nice self-projection on their part. They never bother to ask why men are becoming more resentful, or see that it is the result of what they are doing.

          As far as the situations described above from the article, it seems like Ameriskank behavior is part and parcel with exercising their “rights” (i.e. license without accountability) while stomping over what little men have. Again, why anyone would refuse to understand why a man would be pissed is so self-absorbed and full of entitlement that they could be nothing else BUT an Ameriskank.

          Not mention more fuel for the fire for men not getting married or getting financially involved with women. Hell, even paying for a date is blasphemy in my book. The more they push for entitlements, the more I want to rebel and resist.

        • I agree. Anything you say will be twisted against you even if it’s something like, “the sky is blue.” You might as well say what you want and call women on the carpet each and every time they deserve it.

    • Well, men can start reclaiming the anger through the simple action of commerce.
      No favours without pay in cash.
      You’ll be surprised how this trims away the girls who are only after a chump to do their bidding without recognition. Or even worse, somebody to blame should things go wrong, eventhough no money has changed hands.
      I can’t state this enough: charge for your services. No favours without pay in cash. If you are “such a nice guy”, one way to recognise your niceness is to give money for services rendered, amirite? ‘Cause lady, you sure aren’t introducing me to your friends or choosing to hang out with me, except when you need a favour for free.

  2. I think the solution is pretty clear, and it is abstinence. Not abstinence from receiving sex, but abstinence from having relations with women under such horrible conditions.

    Pay for sex, because as a purchasing indvidual you have more freedom and protection. You also are assured to have sex with someone you desire, instead of the ugly girls gamers and PUAs take home at the end of the night through their repetitive defeat-by-attrition strategy.

    Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal, but countless major cities and urban areas have escort agencies with outcall services that operate in a blurry zone of lawless void. If a night of clubbing + drinks comes out to $100, save up three weeks worth and on the 3rd Saturday order up a girl you actually want to fuck. Just like picking a used car off a lot, you can pick what kind of girl you want out of a catalog, especially if the agency has a website.

    Better yet, take a vacation to a part of the world where sexual services are much cheaper, and where the women aren’t products of Western culture e.g. fat & loud.

    If you are worried about hygeine, than consider that girls who trade and share STDs with gamers are far more likely to give you something than a girl who you are paying to professionally give you service. You can tell her exactly what you want – like for example – no kissing. Try telling some slut in a club you don’t want to kiss her (before fucking her) because you are worried about her mouthborne STDs! The biggest part of game is that whole “score the first kiss in 10-15 minutes” or some bullshit like that – yeah great, more like score herpes in the same amount of time. Notice how many PUAs wear chapstick and gobble zinc tablets to keep their lips from blistering up!

    The last time I went clubbing was 2009 and it was for a friends Bachelor party. We all begged him to have the party hosted at a strip club, but he wanted to go out and try his luck with game one last time before getting married. We had a horrible time with the beasts there, and luckily, we made it to a strip club before last call to salvage something out of the night. At least he got a prenup.

    There are so many things you should only do with male friends. For example – conversation, sharing and trading ideas, philosophy, and anything technical/scientific should all be discussed with male friends only. Women have nothing of value to offer on these subjects, and if anything, get easily offended by your level of knowledge.

    What should you talk to women about – ask her “how much?”

    I recently had dinner party at a steakhouse and I was dreading the experience of having to deal with whatever pudgy waiitress was assigned to my table. I saw them walking around all night with their short dyke style haircuts, barely able to hide their arm tattoos beneath white shirt sleeves, their stumpy legs strained into pairs of those ridiculous Spanx leggings, metal rings and bars hanging out of their face and ears. Luckily, we got a male server who was fast, attentive, respectful, and courteous beyond belief. What luck, to have a professional male waiter at your table instead of another hideous non-male, half-female monstrosity.

    My five keys to timeless male success:
    1. End all non-essential contact with females (excluding of course family members). Seek only relationships with women that are 100% commercial. Love and understanding can be bought for a fair price, but trust is priceless and sadly not for sale to any woman living in a country that sells out their men the way the Western legal system has.
    2. End all substance, tobacco, and alcohol use
    3. End all financial contribution to the system that has failed you as a consumer
    4. Spend time with intelligent male friends and non-criminals
    5. Investigate opportunities at self-entrepreneurship and individual achievement. Build partnerships with others, but always maintain focus on raising your personal market share in the company that is you.

    And simpler advice, my final point in regards to being negative or angry with women as this article is dedicated – don’t get angry with women, get even. There is nothing women find more hurtful and hate than rejection! Rejection, rejection, rejection! The one thing that would damage the current system more than anything else is a mass rebuke by men of the intractable women that surround us – without delay. Good day.

    • Completely agree with what you’ve written. Definitely something to be stickied.
      Unfortunately if men want to gain the “confidence” that women say they value, they are going to have to have the “experience” of sex on tap.
      In that case, if that is not totally objectionable, better to get a provider.
      And remember that it only takes a few relationships for a young girl to see the commercial benefits of sex or “promises of sex” e.g. new clothes, a better car, job offers, a room to stay and someone to do their work for them.
      Yup, rejection through the actions of apathy and disinterest. Since they show no interest towards you, and will actually PUNISH you if you show interest towards them but don’t match up to their unwritten criteria…
      save your money, spend it wisely, protect your assets and keep your sanity.
      The modern, independent, strong woman can fight her own battles — since everyone is now equal and “so-called loser” men talking about justice or fair play, is so repellent to them.

  3. Sadly I too must agree and this (most excellent) post confirms that I am not alone in my hate.
    However, I should respectfully add that hate must be expressed in order to achieve its desired outcome. Not doing so, turns it inwards to make a mockery of the hater, and we do know that such unexpressed negativism is counter-intuitive.
    Feminism’s death clock is ticking. Men are angrier with each passing day and this has to find an outlet somewhere. The misandry bubble has swollen to bursting point and it WILL burst. Hopefully not with blood on the streets and burning buildings in its wake – remember the race riots of the 60s? Unfortunately I have commented on several sites and all seem to agree with me on that point. If it takes burning buildings, dead bodies and women on their knees pleading that “its gone too far” then so be it. They asked for it and now discovered the fruit is bitter indeed.
    In that regard I must also agree with many of the commentors above, having preached much the same myself – all women are to be rejected and treated with abject scorn and disdain. Should they even dare to claim NAWALT, it gets even better. Since they stood aside when feminism demonised men, they are, by default, all tarred with the same brush. No quarter asked and none given in return.

    • Men need to react with wisdom in this respect – specifically the men who unwittingly through their taxes and government initiatives which reduce their take-home-pay, provide a safety net for women mostly undeserving of generosity, the generosity which actually victimises other men that these “subsidised women” prey on (remember, if they don’t need a man to sustain them, they’ll want a man to “get more goodies with his cash” – since the government already pays such women a living wage but not enough for luxuries)

      Violence against women is actually going to be used as a legitimate reason for these women to reject good men, with the idea that “Angry men make me scared”.
      The real phrase is “The Angry man that I am not attracted to, makes me scared”.
      It will also be used to summon the blue gun thugs and make men even more demonised.

      The best contribution any man can make to carefully starving the beast is to save money, spend wisely (through self-sustaining assets or anything that in some way frees you from the insanity of overpaying), and keep your cash from entering the government warphole. Become a mentor to other men, pass on the wisdom of avoiding skanks. Videogames and electronic entertainment (of the child or adult kind), blunt a lot of desire when you compare the kind of woman you are asked to yoke yourself to for life. And always remember to keep your MGTOW opinions out of office space. Follow guidelines from the false rape society. Beware of your colleagues and superiors, who are most likely manginas or feminazis. Do NOT fish in the company pool.

      Off the top of my head, that’s all I can think of. It’s a shame when men have to hide their true feelings, but when “the men that are not wanted” can easily be given a lawsuit or fired via entitled skanks or collaborative manginas, such men must defend themselves.

    • The only way we’re not going to see riots is if an anti-feminist military dictatorship takes over before they happen. What will probably happen is riots first and then an anti-feminist military dictatorship happen some time afterwards when the military (primarly made up of men) gets tired of being feminism’s enforcer.

      • Hi, I read over a dozen posts in your blog. You have a good understanding of the evils of feminism and that we are in a misandry bubble. You also don’t believe in game, although TFH who wrote about the misandry bubble does and explains why. He also explains virtual girls of 2020 as one of the horseman. I have done my research and believe that women substitutes will be the biggest factor to permanently ending the misandry bubble. See my blog, also I am writing a long blog post that explains everything about robogirls.

        I assume you are a virgin, but you want to lose it. At your age of 33? if you have made it this far, the question becomes why? I am a 29 year old virgin and I have never seen any good from sex(outside procreation) and everyone(men in particular) who sleeps around(game/pua) has harmed themselves. What are your plans for the future, such as expating to another country, saving up for virtual and robogirls, becoming a MRA leader, etc?

        • My main plans for the future are saving money for various woman replacements, life extension tech, and other things. I am considering expating.

    • “Should they even dare to claim NAWALT…….”

      ….then they should be given the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is. I think that is fair.

      • Actually, given the fee increases at universities in the UK and US and how important it is going to be for the usually “hard up for cash” females (since they make 80% of all consumer purchases),
        expect a lot more sexing up and dressing slutty to milk men for favours, for as little as possible (sex is not a trade-able currency, and coming from a contaminated source, it’s probably not worth it as the effects will linger past your transaction).
        There will be an explosion of harems, but women will get even more of their advocates to support and encourage “the unwanted men” to support them (since they’re so nice, and they’ll include a heapin’ helpin’ of shaming and false rape accusations) while they go and bang alpha.
        And along the way leech taxes and perform abortions to stay free and single.
        Videogames are much safer.

  4. One of the things a man should make all who deal with him understand, and that he MUST make th woman in his life understand is “that when you have your health, you have everything”. You should not do anything that will have a seriously negative impact on your health, including use an unfair and ridiculous judicial system against me.

  5. W&N, the link in your update doesn’t work.

    There are so many things you should only do with male friends. For example – conversation, sharing and trading ideas, philosophy, and anything technical/scientific should all be discussed with male friends only. Women have nothing of value to offer on these subjects, and if anything, get easily offended by your level of knowledge.

    What should you talk to women about – ask her “how much?”

    Gold. Women only have one thing to offer and that is between her legs.

    • Born again; I have only recently found the blog and it was from a link concerning the gentleman who immolated himself on the courthouse steps in N.h. in protest of the family justice system. I have great sympathy for what you all are doing here. The fact is that women today have lost much. You are blaming the women but I believe they may be a victim, much as the men are, but much less so. I think perhaps the culture was taken down somewhere around the mid 60’s by an infiltration of the U.S. by outside forces determined to demoralize and destroy us. Unfortunately, that faction has won. Women have lost the moral standing that was handed down in traditional cultures by virtue of their virginity at marriage. That was destroyed and is no longer taught as the most valuable of commodities in todays culture. I believe it will turn around but it will take time and the love of the older women who are willing to teach the younger girls coming up the traditions lost in the brainwashing of the 60’s and 70’s.
      I wish you well

      • Who were these ‘outside forces’? They sound like a fiction to me, and you’re talking about them for the purpose of trying to trick us into not holding women accountable for the destruction of civilization that women have caused.

        • She’s right that it’s the elites who started the whole idea of feminism and brainwashed women with lies about “oppression” to serve the elite’s master plans. Still, women will get their karma and pay dearly for all the misandry by 2020.

      • Feminism exists for only 2 reasons:
        1. To allow many women to have sex with the few “considered desirable by high-status females” men, AND
        2. To make it impossible for older men (who were ignored previously by the many women in (1)) to have relationships with younger women.

        If you really cared about women,
        You would advise your daughter to date an older man who had few to no previous relationships with women, and treat him well and tell off the younger women who only want to have relationships with men of low character.
        If you don’t think this is worth doing,
        You are the problem and your opinion doesn’t mean squat.

        • Since when did a woman’s opinions on anything ever matter anyway? In this world, it’s what men think that matters. For example, being unable to relate to women has nothing to do with having or lacking social skills, as women are mostly non-social beings; on the flip side, being unable to relate to one’s fellow man indicates a high degree of social ineptitude.

  6. I posted in the submit ideas to fight back and agree about how hobbies keep you from going crazy with the way women behave.

    The sabattical thing may have happened to me with women I have dated. I go out with them and buy them dinner yet they very well cuould be fucking with someone other male.

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