58 comments on “How To Undermine The Matriarchy

  1. LOL. I was a fat kid during my 20’s and was celibate for a lot of it. Now that the weight is gone at 40, strange thing is my bank account gained a shit ton of girth. Women it seems want me yet me with the same old sex drive of a 20 year old male and the attitude now thinks with the other head now.

    Hey, which house should I take my next conquest too? Or better yet, is she even worth taking?

  2. It’s easy to say women can take it or leave it, when growing up you were ignored.
    Oh well, what goes around, comes around.
    “If the kitten didn’t want me, I don’t want the cat”.

    • When a woman turns 30, she experiences the kind of rejection that most men experience in their twenties. This is why women in their late twenties and thirties often moan about the lack of available, eligible bachelors, because the ideal woman pursued by the dominant male will always be the slender, young thing of about 20 or so.

      With women, age is a cruel mistress. And the fact that women age badly from the age of 24 onward is Nature’s sweet revenge.

      • The available and eligible bachelors that the women are after actually fit the definition of the alphas that are mostly “going to dump their sorry asses later”, anyway.
        This is because there is nothing genuine to hold the relationship together.
        She has had the ability to genuinely love someone, long ago humped out of her.
        And the man she chooses for his appealing manner got that way because he can leave her at the drop of her hat, since he either:
        1. recognises that about her,
        2. knows that he was not her first choice when she was younger and hence is prepared to leave her if necessary
        or 3. knows that with the attention from her he can trade up.
        This is the point where the guy paying for her becomes a rarity.
        And the guy that does pay for her, will be looked on in contempt. She would much rather have his money than him, but has to make out a charade so that she can “GET” married, but not have to endure “BEING” married.
        While it is correct to say “married couples disagree”… the subtext for a lot of it is “married couples disagree because in some way, the person that they marry is NOT the person they WANT to be married to”.

  3. Alphas get what they want from women without any hassle, then they dump their sorry asses afterward. I prefer this mercenary approach over going celibate. Profiting from chaos is better than the hard work needed to fix it.

    • I think the celibate approach is more effective, because if all women can get is disposable sex with people who abandon them I will bet you before long they will start crying rape just to be vindictive if not also open the possibility to using the legal system to somehow extract you for some of your resources.

      But in thinking about it, the two plans are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If the vast majority of men abstain and the few who don’t treat them like disposable trash (up until they are too wizened to be worth the hookup sex and thus effectively all men are abstaining from them) then the effect may be the same. It may still completely break the back of the matriarchy once done long enough and thus turn the tide.

  4. I don’t get laid anyway, except very rarely, so fuck the matriarchy and everything it represents. Unfortunately, I cannot call myself a virgin, although I am very much close to it. I sincerely regret having lost my virginity anyway to those few women who were willing to fuck me (excluding the small number of whores I did fuck). I do have high standards though, as those few women I did manage to fuck were quite young and attractive. I’ve never touched a fat bitch or an outright fugly, as these vicious cunts know better than to come near me. I still wish I was a virgin, being fully aware of what nasty creatures (almost) all women are.

    • You are lucky you did not pick up an STD. “Fat bitch” or “outright fugly” are the ones most likely to have it, since their ability to know what a “relationship” is, is severely compromised since they excuse alpha behaviour to the extreme.
      It gets them too in the end, since those are the ones most likely to develop mental problems.
      Then again, they chose the lifestyle they wanted to lead.
      And it’s not as if they could not have improved themselves.
      If they really wanted something that lasted they would have broken away from the “sisterhood”… since it is that same “sisterhood” that requires them to take snide digs from other catty females, and pass on the contempt to men they consider “not meeting my standards, eventhough I should treasure a decent man since alpha is most likely using me to a more base degree than my better-looking sisters”.

    • They can’t directly rebut anything that both he and I say, so the only way to express their displeasure is with a music track and emphasising VIRGIN VIRGIN VIRGIN.
      Men not allowed to be angry is actually shorthand for “MEN not attractive to many women are not allowed to say anything bad against women because they aren’t attractive to women”.
      Change men to any ethnicity, and change women to racists, and the argument collapses on itself.
      Yeah, that’s a real good way to disprove somebody’s argument.
      Kind of like saying “you need to be pregnant to successfully deliver a baby”.
      That’s clearly not true if you are a male OB-GYN.

  5. Anyway, this woman business is a nasty, vile subject that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. So I shall no longer write anything more on this wretched topic, lest I come across as a whiny bitch who “can’t get laid” to use a tired phrase always trotted out by cunts and their allies (it’s amazing how everything always boils down to a woman’s hairy cunt, eh?). Far better to write about religion or politics or race even, especially for the refined gentleman of delicate sensibility.

    My apologies, but I shall lurk from now on.

  6. Yes, this is a really good post, and the philosophy behind it should be practiced more and more.

    I know that it sounds laughable at the moment, but I envision a point in the near future where all of the “ladies’ night” bars and clubs will be populated by large women who flock there for apple-tini-whatnot cocktail specials to get nice and liquored up on their own dime. I see a drastic absence of men from such places, except for the self-depricating PUAs who will race from grouping to grouping, table to table trying to break the ice and cast negative comments and other crap to get attention. Any real man opening the door to arrive at such a scene of giant swine women and their PUA piglet patronage would laugh and go someplace else.

    I had a pleasant experience and great laugh happen for me. I was at a Boston Pizza restaurant (if you’ve never been to a Boston Pizza – think TGIF with a nicer bar section) celebrating a men’s league hockey team final, and the bar area was mostly populated by men from the team and a couple of their girlfriends who tagged along. Enter into the middle of this two overweight modern girls, early 20s who sat center stage at the bar at around 9PM. They seemed to notice the room of decently fit men in their 20s and 30s and began their version of flirting, which was aggressively interrupting conversations happening all over the room to tell guys that they were hot, ask them why they are staring at them (yeah right) – bullshit like that. I saw alot of my friends rolling their eyes and waiting just long enough for the two things to leave them alone before they laughed their asses off. The women then went back to their original stools at the bar and had to buy themselves drinks for the rest of the night, as well as during the UFC PPV that came on afterward because no one was taking the bait. The only action I saw them get was they managed to bum a couple of smokes off the bartender. If women in general continue to be shunned in this way it will teach them that without real feminine charm, some effort towards physical upkeep, and an appreciation for men they cannot get attention from us.

    Men are beginning to adjust to the social climate and to the practice of having fun, without the prerequisite female presence to ruin said fun. We have lost so much in the way of female companionship that we have had to rediscover brotherhood and fraternity. It is joyous and at the same time eye-opening – because when men put fraternity and the rights of other men above sluts, whores, golddiggers, career women, and unfaithful females it sets the stage for the swansong of feminism. Feminism is alive not because women accept it – but because men accept it. The more we abandon modern convention of doing what the television, media, and women tell us to do – we find through other men and self-introspection the real truth of life. We men shall reestablish our dominance via self-discipline and the intelligent, informed choices we make with our time and money.

    I agree – the matriarchy will crumble, as long as men do their part to undermine it.

  7. Born Again Atheist, discussing male/female social dynamics is the shit people really care about. I used to spend much of my free time reading up on religion, politics, race, and I realize now that those problems are dwarfed by the problems created by feminism. It would be a real disservice if you decided to stop commenting on some of the most pressing issues of our day.

  8. Being desperate to get laid is a big part of the problem, but a lot of men simply want the approval of women even if they have no sexual use for them. Point in case, Elton John accusing the US of being a misogynist country for not giving Hillary Clinton the nomination.

  9. I really miss the Sinister Icy Black Hand of Death blogspot. It was kind of like OVR except more pro-Roissy and pro-PUA, although he went back and forth on the issue. It was actually an interesting evolution from sex-negative radical feminist following Catherine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin to full-blown MRA/PUA Roissy fan. Although if you read the blog in context it wasn’t that much of shift. Since they both came down to the fact that female sexuality is being monopolized by alpha jerks. The only question is who do you blame the sluts or the alphas?

    Quite a few of my favorite Omegasphere blogs have went down, Virgin at 50, Vampiric Age, Vasafaxa Eve’s Library, Asian of Reason/Oriental Right. Just to name a few.

    Anyway I first discovered OVR through SIBHOD, so if your reading this SIBHOD please update us on your status.

  10. At first it used to confuse and anger me that you guys have such irrational hate and fear of women, but unless you’re gay and find a male mate, you will all probably die alone. Thats the ultimate and only punishment for bitterness. Of course people who try to find love still often do die alone, but you don’t even give yourself the opportunity of failure.

    • No, you mean “That’s the ultimate and only punishment for bitterness among men that women don’t find attractive”.
      There are bitter angry men that many women find attractive.
      Try and keep up, emma.
      After all, you are one of the “superior communicators”, amirite?

      We don’t even give ourselves the opportunity of failure… which means we are trying to ensure our success or survival at the very least.

      And the many laws which are tilted against men,
      are going to ensure that you will be looked on with suspicion by many men.
      Enjoy your gender’s success, emma!

    • “At first it used to confuse and anger me that you guys have such irrational hate and fear of women, but unless you’re gay and find a male mate, you will all probably die alone.”

      This makes no sense. You seem to be saying that we “hate and fear women” because we will die alone. How do you reach that conclusion? And from this i must assume that you believe the reason Germaine Greer hates men is because she will die alone. Woman, thy name is nonsense.

        • That’s a circular argument Emma. They weren’t born resentful. They got rejected and humiliated by every single woman in their lives FIRST and only then they got resentful back.

          You’re mixing cause and consequence. You’re saying they’ll be alone coz they dislike women, but they were ALREADY alone even before they started disliking women.

          So the choice for them is:
          – die alone and dislike women
          – die alone and be ok with women

          Note: I’m not saying they should dislike women or condoning it, only that your circular argument is insulting.

        • Everyone dies alone, Emma (barring being one of many in some public disaster/warzone); not a very convincing rebuttal.

    • Just more shaming language from a typical woman like you. The rest of us men understand how misandry laws harm men and our best course is to be a MGTOW. I am much happier being alone than almost every man with a girlfriend or wife. I don’t believe in love and women aren’t capable of love either.

  11. There is no way in hell that men who are having sex will stop fucking just because someone told them to do so.

    • Well if you actually left the house and had any-you’d find that sex isn’t all that amazing as it is in your head. Sure, it’s cool-but it’s like giving up sweets.

      And furthermore, most guys who are having sex only do so with tremendous amounts of stress and effort – having sex is not effortless. So in that respect giving up on getting sex for them is like giving up on working in a coal mine.

      • Hahaha you trying to imply shit is awesome. Ridiculous.

        OK, now, seriously, you don’t even fucking know where I live, where I’m from… and yes, I get my share of pussy, but whatever, you are the worst at debating here, not expecting much from you.

        You really don’t need that much effort to get sex depending on the situation (how you handle the chicks and the situations, your own looks, where you live, your age etc). It’s ridiculous to say that every single lay is a blood sweat and tears challenge.

        And I fucking love sex and find it amazing. It’s not EVERYTHING, but sure as hell counts for MY well being at least. If you don’t find it this way, it’s your fucking problem. Maybe you got a low drive, who knows.

        • And I fucking love sex and find it amazing.

          You know that scene in the 40 year old virgin where the protagonist starts describing female breasts… and remember how by the languaging he uses to describe sex-everyone in the room immediatelly figures out he’s a virgin?

      • The men who are not having sex are the ones who are going to figure out that if they want anything that lasts it isn’t going to be from the “garden-variety” women.

        As a matter of fact, they’ll realise quite early on that a woman not interested in them, is a woman not worth reciprocating affection with.

        Along with the truism that even if the woman is interested in them, the woman had better bring the basics of youth and beauty… because the last thing men who are not wanted want, is a woman who only sees them as a fallback position, or who comes with the baggage of mental disorders, single motherhood, substance abuse or an STD.

        You want the alpha, lady? You can chase him. But the other guys aren’t going to catch you when you fall… and we sure as hell aren’t going to finance your lifestyle or in any way extend to you an advantage. Since if we do help you, you’ll turn around and perform relational aggression so you won’t have to reciprocate in any way AND we’ve helped a snake get ahead.

        “If the kitten didn’t want me, I don’t want the cat”.

        • I tend to be very skeptical of men who boast about their sexual conquests. I mean sure, it sounds impressive if the man is sleeping with nothing but an endless string of high status females, meaning youthful, slender females in their late teens to early twenties (and not female careerists as the PC establishment would have you believe).

          However, in the majority of cases, I sincerely doubt that this is the case. I’m almost certain that most men who have active sex lives are sleeping with women of a decidedly low quality, meaning women who are neither young nor beautiful, or if young, definitely not beautiful; many other men are simply promiscuous because of their lack of discriminating taste when it comes to their selection of available females, meaning that they will copulate with anything that moves (and some things that don’t). If they do manage to sleep with the odd pretty girl here and there, 99.99% of the time the rest of these embarrassing sexcapades involve of a motley parade of fat bitches, retards and other assorted pigs of every conceivable description. Besides, even the dominant “Alpha” male has been known to cavort with the most repulsive females in moments of a most shameful and lecherous desperation, so a man boasting of his success with the weaker, more manipulative sex should never be taken at his word.

          As a personal anecdote, I once knew an engineering student at the university I once attended. He always boasted about the many women he managed to fuck and how sometimes he would have 3 or 4 girlfriends at the same time. There was hardly a year that went by without this fellow getting marriage proposals and being offered threesomes. Of course, on paper all of this sounds enviable. On the other hand, the quality of the women he slept with were another thing altogether.

  12. This is a good one White and Nerdy! I’m not a virgin anymore, but I only fuck escorts these days. Women can all fuck off, they have no power over me. If I’d never got laid again, I could care less.

    I prefer my sanity and low stress levels over a bitch.


    • The best way to inflict maximal psychological damage upon a woman is to ignore them, especially when they approach you or ask you for anything. If a woman tries to touch you, immediately move away from her or loudly tell her to fuck off. This will humiliate the bitch to end, especially those bitches who rely exclusively on their tits and their cunts to get anything or get anywhere in life. Of course, I can’t guarantee that she won’t get her boyfriend after you or lie to the police in order to have you arrested (for the crime of ignoring her and/or telling her to PFO), but one important thing to remember is that women hate rejection and cannot handle it as well as men.

  13. I agree, but celibacy is a choice you’re only going to be able to persuade a few men of.
    Better to inform young men of the risks, and encourage them to not take any crap from any girl they’re with. As they get older, they will see the wisdom of MGTOW and celibacy.

    • Herbal went straight to the point. It’s not about a fucking war (men vs women), we are all human beings ffs.

      The whole point is to show young men the statistics and how the law system works against them. Much much better than telling them to stop fucking. Because they simply won’t.

      • You can’t stop something that’s not already in motion. Most men aren’t proactively fucking, they only get lucky every few years.

        And some like you never even began, so there’s nothing to stop doing.

        The point would more accurately be phrased as “stop trying to fuck”. The only guys who are effortlessly fucking are the naturals-and yes, we won’t see them stopping-it’s like breathing air to them.

      • Sr. BigGuns,

        I doubt you get laid as much as you say you do, if at all. You spend far more time on the internet than many of the virgins who frequent this site, writing lengthy responses to every single statement that contradicts the truth of your precious game. Where do you get the time to meet the females you claim to meet? Wouldn’t spending hours and hours defending game online almost every single waking moment of your life make it impossible to meet women? If game supposedly works, as you falsely claim, then how come you’re not out there picking up those whores you love so much? I couldn’t think of a better way to waste my time other than to constantly fuck beautiful women every day. But for whatever reason, you’re obviously not doing this. Is it because game is complete and absolute BULLSHIT?

        Of course, this all becomes understandable if you are simply out to make money off stupid people desperate to get laid. In that case, meeting women would be a definite hindrance to the practice of unfettered free market enterprise.

        • Don’t forget also. Not only does he believe game works, but he also believes sex to be the most awesome awesomness ever that he loves. Yet he’s here defending game all day instead of fucking.

        • Hahah you guys are totally ad hominem and that’s funny and awesome to read. I find this blog amuzing and I read many freaky stuff while on the web taking my breaks (try going to the flat earth society also, just for the kicks, you wouldn’t believe the non sense people believe and post), that’s the main reason I read your posts white and nerdy.

          I’m not really trying to get approval from, well, “omega virgins”, right? No offense. Anyways it’s funny how you assume always the worst about others when you wanna make yourself feel better – I bet he’s not getting laid; he is in this forum talking to US, what, do you expect this guy to have sex?; he says sex is the MOST GREATEST THING EVER, no really, he does, I can’t quote him on this though;

          Btw I never said sex was “the most awesome awesomness ever that I love”. Alek is a pro at making shitty claims and distorting stuff. You already got destroyed on the argument in the other topic, get over it and stop following my every comment. Stop trying to fool yourself by analyzing people based on nothing over the internet.

          Alek said: “You can’t stop something that’s not already in motion. Most men aren’t proactively fucking, they only get lucky every few years.”

          Seriously. This honestly made me laugh. Keep up the good work.

        • Sir gun, just a tip when you’re trying to pull it off. Guys who actually have sex don’t post 10 page explanations of defense on how they DO really have sex. You need to practice your online game better.

          Ideally, to make it convincing it would be a 2 sentence post and it would include no defensive tone, which you have plenty of.

          Listen kid… I’ll give you the same advice I give all other gamers. You know you’re using preaching game as an excuse to not do the required work. At the very least beat AA or get a few dozen street or club numbers.

          Make it a promise to yourself to at least pass the basics, so that you see if you’re still motivated to preach game afterwards. But when you still haven’t even fully mastered AA, I mean whatcha doing talking about game to non-gamers. Solve your AA first

        • If the newspapers are anything to go by, the marriage strike is having a good effect on many women looking to find their fallback guy.
          If men have now developed the impulse control and aversion therapy necessary to avoid modern marriage which is proven time and again not to be healthy for them,
          I don’t really find it a stretch to believe that they can stay away from sex with those who don’t meet their standards.
          So I think women will become adjust to this, through deceit… and it’s going to be fun knowing that men now know that “relationships” are mostly a sham in the sense of “the more trouble you have in relationships, the less likely the person you are with WANTS YOU, they probably just want every advantage you can give them without reciprocating”.

  14. I read all the comments and I was thinking again of women substitutes(VR girls of 2020, robogirls of 2030) as the answer to ending feminism and freeing men to enjoy unlimited hot women. As a MGTOW, I minimize the risks by minimizing my interaction with human women. But sadly, sex is as addictive as coke/heroin and only with viable substitutes will men flock away from human women to VR and robogirls. It’s much easier to warn men against marriage than against sex and this is what I am currently doing. I even point out that most marriages eventually end up sexless.

    • Hi AlekNovy

      Just had a quick look at your link. I have to say I agree with your sentiments. All the game in the world (whether the concept exists or not) is useless if you don’t have a go.

      I know you think that game is nonsense (to be fair much of it is). But would you concede that there are some basic principles, which do make sense? Eg: not pandering to women and not putting up with their bullshit produces better results than if you suck up to women?

      I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

      All the best.

      • I know you think that game is nonsense (to be fair much of it is). But would you concede that there are some basic principles, which do make sense? Eg: not pandering to women and not putting up with their bullshit produces better results than if you suck up to women?

        You still don’t get it, do you? “Game” is pandering to women because it’s basic, underlying premise is that in order to attract a woman, you must seek her approval first, casting aside your own self-respect and dignity as a human being.

        But you must do more than this, according to the principles of seduction… You must think the way she does and feel the way she does, simultaneously divesting yourself of both your own masculinity and individual autonomy in the process.

        By following game, you force yourself to become a slave to some fickle whore. Through your obsequiousness to some woman’s caprice, you become a disgrace, a piece of filth not worthy of the slightest consideration.

        With this in mind, despite some superficial differences, how is “game” any different from gender feminism?

      • Eg: not pandering to women and not putting up with their bullshit produces better results than if you suck up to women?

        I have seen no evidence that not pandering to women is more likely to get you laid than sucking up to women. Clearly, it is the opposite. If not pandering to women and not putting up with female bullshit got you laid, I would have had sex with 5000 women by now.

        You shouldn’t pander to women and shouldn’t put up with their bullshit out of respect for yourself. But it won’t get you laid.

      • I know you think that game is nonsense (to be fair much of it is). But would you concede that there are some basic principles, which do make sense? Eg: not pandering to women and not putting up with their bullshit produces better results than if you suck up to women?

        I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

        Gamers don’t follow their own advice. It’s all empty platitudes. Mystery will for example say “a man must never invest more into the woman than she has invested back” – and then he’ll go and recite 55 routines to a chick while she’s just standing there and giggling.

        They say you shouldn’t put up with women’s bullshit an then they TEACH you about how to overcome bitch shields. In fact game is mostly based on seekin out the most bullshittey women and then doing things to overcome their bullshit. 

        If GAMERS really followed their own advice they wouldn’t be spending hours trying to dismantle bitch shields. If they followed their own advice the method would say this “if you encounter a woman with a bitch shield, tell her to fuck off and die and then ask out the nice girl across the room”


  15. This. Absolutely.

    You have no idea how hurt and confused cocksure alpha women get when rejected. It is to the point where I actually feel bad for some of them.

    What I would add to the abstinence strategy is: donate sperm. Seriously, on top of denying women the capacity to sexually control the male population this is also a way of saying: “you wanted all these opportunities and programs to support you at the cost of me. So now, here you go, you can use them raise my children for me on your own. Whether you realize it or not, this is what you asked for, enjoy.”

    • Or better, don’t donate the sperm, stay abstinent(including learning how to live “asexually”, without even masturbation) and see if women will be content with watching the human race go extinct. They’ll come weeping & humbly crawling back to us. Unfortunately, we may have to infuse some sort of advanced artificial intelligence into all the neurotypical alpha-male primates’ tiny little minds in order to pull this off; the technology probably won’t be ready for quite a while.

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