10 comments on “A Youtube Video

  1. The “guy” that made this video is an idiot. Look at his others and ask yourself the same questions I did…

    What is the message exactly?

    It reminds me of a kid saying ‘this sucks!’ and not explaining why.

    • “The cool kids” do not have to give an explanation for things “sucking”.
      One would assume that people grow out of this high-school mentality when they enter the working world.
      Unfortunately, that is not so. Which is why you end up with so many people having useless degrees, half-baked ideas, ethical shortcomings and an inability to work.
      I may have described women in there somewhere. I forget.

      • I love how women become so pompous and arrogant with their English, psychology, fine arts, “applied health studies” and other bullshit degrees. The typical bitch somehow thinks that because she has a four-year degree in basket weaving or finger painting that she is automatically highly intelligent, with a genius level IQ, and is therefore superior to anyone she chooses to look down upon.

        Women who enroll in universities are so naive. Fucking anyone can get degrees like that. Too bad most women are too stupid to realize that.

        BTW, that vid was already posted in this thread:


        • The best part about those degrees, is that men are shamed for doing them. So the women essentially demand space in men’s degrees, and then shut men out from opportunities in degrees normally taken by women.
          So much for the “fairer sex”. As the joke goes “not in court, buddy!”
          It seems many women want to create an education cartel of their own so that they can receive money for little to no tangible results or productivity. If possible they will then institute (through government connivance, of course) a compliance scheme that requires certification through a registered service provider.
          Take a look at the counselling racket, the babysitter racket, the nurse racket, the language teaching racket.
          How many of those people there have actual qualifications in those fields? And they’re all mostly women.
          Another case of wealth transfer from the productive classes to the unproductive.

    • I also love how “he” at the end used this comment from a woman who says I belong in prison. There’s no talk of a trial or any “crime” I have committed beyond being unattractive to women. It’s pretty clear that the creator of that video endorses such totalitarianism.

      As I have been thinking about it every one of my haters has had totalitarian impulses or is deeply connected to someone who is. In many cases this involves anti-semitism, white supremacism, and/or conspiracy theory.

      • All the responses so far seem to point to the “truth-value” of the statements regarding women:
        1. They are always right.
        2. They must never be corrected.
        3. They will do wrong to keep their statements “right”, e.g. Spread rumours and kill a guy’s career, then say “I was right all along, he was a loser”.

  2. L:ke I said first time round, this is a hell of a way to go round the houses just for a bit of Code Red action.

    • Yeah it is. And in the end it only benefits me. Most people will think I’m a virgin loser after reading this blog but those people think that about guys like me even if they never saw this blog. A few people may come here and change their minds about guys like me. Others already sympathetic to ideas like mine will remain so.

      There’s so such thing as bad publicity in this case and this person gave me a bunch of publicity.

  3. The “guy” who put up that video is a douche bag. What I don’t get though is why make a foool of himself mocking this blog? He is just troll garbage who just made a mockery of his own self and shown his ignorance. Look at all the negative comments that video recieved.

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