20 comments on “A Scam That Sucks At Being A Scam

  1. What dream above attempted is a common gamer technique of trying to seem inperturbed by criticism and seeming like one isn’t moved by criticism. It’s often used to deal with bitch shields.

    One problem. People who don’t give a fuck about your approval don’t think up responses to demonstrate they don’t give a fuck.

  2. @OVR:

    When are you planning on holding that “nose-picking” convention?

    I’d be interested in attending – sounds fascinating!

    Seriously for a moment – I wonder how many people you could get to attend a “how to survive a FALSE sexual harassment claim” seminar….

    • Seriously for a moment – I wonder how many people you could get to attend a “how to survive a FALSE sexual harassment claim” seminar….

      500 at least. Such a convention would actually be successful unlike Mangina Johnson’s convention because like my business, it produces something of value.

      • 500 attending, and a lot more protesting against it.
        Because, as the narrative goes “why would women lie about rape?”
        Ignoring the example of Potiphar’s wife, and studies by Eugene Kanin, Charles McDowell, Stuart Taylor & K.C. Johnson, and the FBI…

        • This is how much The 21 Convention is a scam and sucks at scamming men. If Mangina Johnson’s scam was a threat to anyone with an IQ over 80, there would be protests or more likely investigations by appropriate legal authorities.

  3. I never understood why some men would be so stupid as to pay some asshole money to hear them preach how to pick up women.

  4. 36?

    Clearly, he let his self-limiting beliefs get out of control. Also, he needs a new colour scheme for his website.

    After all. everyone know how failure is always proof of deep-seated psychological problems, but can be fixed with superficial changes.

    Similarly, his two choices now are to hold another 25 conventions on exactly the same model, or to wall himself up in his mum’s spare room. Everyone knows that accepting that you can’t succeed in a particular field of endeavour means you are completely worthless as a human being. Blind repetition is the only way.

  5. Gamers remind me of those losers at parties who have too much to drink and then call everyone over to watch them do a backflip off a table. Then, when they drunkardly attempt the backflip and land on their ass, and everyone laughs at them for failing, the gamer painfully sits up to say “I meant to do that. I meant to make you all laugh.”

    Yeah…right…sorry gamers…failure is just that…failure.

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