3 comments on “Conspiracy Theorist Murderer Gets Death Penalty

  1. If you think feminism and PUAs are the worst things out there, and that the overarching people and organizations that have created feminism and PUAs are not, then you strike me as a “small picture” kind of person. Eliminating feminism and the practices of PUAs would merely be clipping the fingernails of the enemy. Their hands are still around our throats.

    I’m also not impressed with your spite towards so-called conspiracy theorists. Anyone who wants to know what is really going on in America and the world, beyond just the two party system and other poltical frontmen, is automatically labeled a conspiracy theorist by the majority. Pretty much a shaming tactic – used everywhere today. Many people who arrive at this site fall into that category, because they already seek knowledge that is outside the mainstream. Sure, they get taken in by the occasional lizard-man oil salesman, but the bulk of these curious minds just want to know what is going on and connect the dots for themself. We can imagine many would have no appreciation for the stigma you attach to “conspiracy theorists”, however, you are entitled to your opinion.

    The death penalty never makes sense. In fact, it costs on average twice as much to have someone executed in the United States as it does to incarcerate them for life. This isn’t China where they shoot someone and mail the cost of the bullet to their relatives – the accused has several attempts to make an appeal, and if he chooses a public defender than the taxpayers will foot the bill for both prosecution and defense – think millions of dollars. Having someone executed is akin to the ancient barbaric rites of a sacrifice, wherein a jury or judge demand the offender’s blood be spilt on the ground. Modern execution isn’t so gory, but you have a bunch of people salivating behind mirror glass while they watch the accused being over-anaesthetized. It is a pointless act to murder someone once they are in lawful custody, and only serves to demonstrate that the system by which the criminal is prosecuted is no greater than the criminals themself. How do we go from a court of law to the law of the jungle? Humanity as a whole is supposed to be better than that, but if you despise truth-seekers than it is not an unreasonable leap that you would also endorse a needless execution. Dude! WTF?

    You have changed the way that I look at this website, and I am really not sure if someone like myself, and many others, are welcome here. Too bad, I liked it here : (

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