6 comments on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

  1. Not quite.

    Looking at the Casey Anthony case, it seems that the prosecution was a bit too overzealous with their assertion of First-Degree Murder. There wasn’t enough hard evidence to convict her of maliciously planning to murder her child. Now if the prosecution had gone with Second-Degree Murder or Man-Slaughter (generally, a murder in the heat of the moment or an accidental murder with a cover-up), things might have been different. She was found guilty of lying to police, was sentenced to four years of prison, but will be getting off soon due to her time already served in prison.

    Innocent until proven guilty, and all.

    (Although it is easy to see that the court of public opinion found Kahn guilty rather quickly. I.e. “Shitsux”.)

    • All true enough, but it does kind of emphasise how certain people have approached these two cases in completely different ways. The same people who’ve been drilling down into the specifics of the Casey Anthony case have been shocked – shocked – to find people running background checks on DSK’s accuser. Past behaviour as a guide to current credibility? What madness is this?

      Apparently, a set of suspicious circumstances is not proof of guilt, unless it is.

    • Lettuce you’re completely missing the point. Nobody is saying that it’s wrong for the burden of proof to be so high for women.

      What we’re saying is that the burden of proof shouldn’t be so LOW for MEN. It’s ok that Casey got away with it-because better 10 guilty people go free than one innocent go in prison.

      The problem is that this doesn’t seem to apply to men. For men the standard is “guilty until proven innocent”. For men society says “better that 10 innocent men go to jail than one guilty guy go free”.

    • Men are found guilty even if they are innocent because it helps fundraisers for many so-called “social awareness” bodies, where the female directors receive extravagant sums of money through donations and government grants, the studies being based around lies or deliberate misrepresentation.

      If you want to know where the justice went, you need to follow the money.

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