Disprovable By Simple Empirical Observation

I found this on another blog.

As to Game, the idea that women are attracted to strong, intelligent, confident, respectable ‘Alpha’ types is absurd on the face of it— it’s disprovable by simple empirical observation. It’s the thugs, louts, bums and losers who have stables of willing women and scores of children by different moms—not any ‘Alpha’ types. Women, in our culture, feel no love for men; and I’m tempted to suspect this whole ‘alpha’ stuff was invented by the Game Theorists as a rationalization itself: Men, with Game, can pretend that women desire them because of their supposed sexual alpha-appeal. The Anglobitches lose quite a bit of their own sexual appeal once men realize that the opposite is actually true.

Game is a diversion (at best); not a solution to anything. The solution is to realize that Anglo-American women—who’ve been claiming that they don’t need men anyway—are useless as part of any solution. We can work with men in our culture, the women are better left to the degenerate males they prefer. Teaching men that we don’t need them at all is the first step to saving our culture.

Other than game being a “diversion” (since game doesn’t exist), I agree with what is said here.  All I have to do is go anywhere and look to see that this is true.  The best men, by whatever objective metric you wish to use (as in a metric not defined by women), are the ones unable to get any women to save their lives (except maybe when women need a chump to pay their bills or as a mark to steal from in divorce).  The worst men are drowning in female attention.

He’s also right that men don’t need women.  If you’re a man reading this, and you think you need a woman, you have effectively been brainwashed.