30 comments on “Hookers Provide Something Tangible Unlike Gamers

    • It really is like a severance package if you think about it. You’re paying her to not give you crap after the sex.

  1. Further, even just fucking directly asking women for what you want gets much much much better results than gamers do. See this:


    Gamers get by far the most insanely low results on the planet. They actually get worse results then just asking for it.


    I’m writing a piece called “Game for MRAs”… It’s basically an explanation of shit gamers want to drop if they want to be MRAs. Since they refuse to drop “game” as a concept, I’ll go into SPECIFIC shit and techniques in game that are COMPLETELY incompatible with MRA… So if they refuse to drop “game”, they should at least drop THESE game concepts if they want to be an MRA.

    Further, I will explain what they should do instead. And the “instead” shit, will actually be something that even anti-gamers will love. An alternative to game, that actually destroys pussy power at the same time.

    • One for gamers to drop would definitely be “pickup that is not a pickup” along “putting down other men without talking about one’s own advantages”
      To return a woman’s take on it(and referencing what they say to nice guys), pickup artists may tell lies… but the women choose to believe them. Because:
      1. Women are always right.
      2. Even if they are wrong, men are not allowed to say it.
      3. If a man says it, he must be corrected and his reputation tarnished so that he never advances.

      Of course, such ideas are inconsistent with the thinking that women “need to be rescued from badboys” and “always trust the guy they’re with”.

      So what’s my conclusion regarding many women?
      They want to make all the mistakes with the wrong men,
      while the right man gets the scraps along with compensating for all the previous bad behaviour done by the wrong men…
      and the right man must have no expectation of such a woman, because “her presence is a gift to you” and
      “nice guys (that women want to use unreservedly) do not judge” (unspoken: I’ll destroy your reputation if you have any expectations of me that I cannot meet due to my own bad behaviour and inability to accept responsibility for my decisions) and
      “you have a problematic attitude” (nevermind the fact that she went after that attitude in all her previous failed relationships) and
      “men should never have expectations” (despite the fact that she previously CHOSE men whose expectations she could never meet, earlier, and never criticised them) along with
      “women never want to be abused” (unless it’s by a guy they want to be with, see “US journalist stages own rape to cure PTSD caused by Haitian rape”(Mac McClelland))

      it’s the same old story:
      They want to be free to slut around,
      with the men having no say to reject the sluts,
      and having no choice to date outside their age cohort,
      while the man is held responsible for the womans’ upkeep despite female liberation
      and yet women are the ones being oppressed when they can’t find a man to be with,
      despite the fact that the laws which women advocate for to grant them unfair advantages in relationships,
      make only the men who are ignorant, can afford to lose them, or are the super-alphas of teflon who are excused their abuses… being the ones who approach them.

      The next few years are going to be very… interesting.

      • Why not just read David X. He is fully compatible with MRAs. His two rules

        1. Don’t listen to what she says
        2. Your the most important person in the relationship.

        • Assman, I actually used to do business with David X – we had a joint venture. Me and my partner used to sell and market his stuff.

        • Assman, btw, while david-x is much better than gamers, do note that he believes in pursuing and persisting. He STILL rewards bitchy behaviour by sleeping with women who have acted like shit to him.

          Game = If a chick acts like a bitch do technique A and trick B to get her to not act like a bitch so much

          David X = Walk up to chicks asking for sex, and if they act like bitches, just keep asking and asking and asking and asking and asking until they either fuck you or tell you to fuck off and die and call the cops on you.

          Anti-Game = If a chick acts like a bitch, PUNISH and write her off, for good. NEVER sleep with or do anything with bitchy matriarchal chicks. Refuse to deal with chicks who don’t love men and act they way you think women should act.

        • That David X idea of asking and asking…
          sounds a lot like Mr. Gunwitch – “make the ho say no”.

        • The idea of anti-game sounds good, but only seems to work well when it comes to 2 kinds of situations:
          1. where the female pool is constantly replenished so that the ‘bitches” cannot stay on to pollute
          2. where your expertise and non-anchoredness allow you to move when you have the idea that the pool is already polluted.
          The bitchy women with degrees from the Estrogen Ghetto, in a time of economic hardship they will try to put themselves in positions to “educate younger women” and do “consciousness-raising”.
          If you don’t supplicate to them, prepare either to be relationally aggressed against or your opportunities limited (if mutual friends are shared).
          This is why the men with technical skills need to have mobility too: you do not know how many bitches go into HR and try to sabotage careers – this is also another reason why many companies failed: because HR doesn’t know jack about hiring well, so only choose their “friends”… often giving the incompetent but charismatic MBA-only-without-first-degree joker a job, while a person with a B.Sc is passed over.
          Try to keep as much of your skills freelance. And also learn some ubiquitously-in-demand skills like cooking.

        • “Assman, btw, while david-x is much better than gamers, do note that he believes in pursuing and persisting…if they act like bitches, just keep asking and asking and asking and asking and asking until they either fuck you or tell you to fuck off and die and call the cops on you.”

          Alex your full of shit.

          If you want to find out more about David X just watch this:

          or this (pay attention at the 2 minute mark and 5:54)

  2. I agree with Dali in the above post. Just consider how much you often spend just dating women before they actually spread their legs for you. And I do not mean how much you spend on women, this goes for going Dutch as well. Going around making x number of approaches costs time, money, and nerves. Majority of girls out there are not going to fuck you like a pro anyway.

    The scammer in question and his fictitious study play on classic prejudices men have against going to prostitutes. All I see however is guys being distressed by the women they have ‘won’, searching for comfort in a brothel. They say it helps.

    • Or better yet, where is the guarantee that the chick you have won will provide you with anything you cannot buy?

      • No the hookers won’t deliver!

        Hookers are mostly shit. I have been to many hookers and I would much much rather have a girlfriend. There are many reasons why.

        1) They tend to be both older and uglier than my girlfriends
        2) They don’t kiss or if they do they avoid it whenever possible
        3) They are clock watchers and often ask question like “have you cum yet”
        4) Their technique is piss poor and the sex is usually quite bad.

        Now there are exceptions. Some hookers are very good. But the majority suck and the service is bad. Bait and switch is common. I have probably had sex with at least 10 hookers and I would say 1 out of ten has been good. You really need review boards to find the good ones.

        • Assman, I’m pretty sure that when WN titled the post, by hookers he meant medium and higher-class ones – not 20$ crack-whores which you seem to be talking about.

        • @AlekNovy:I am talking $120/hh / 200/h hookers which is >90% of the market. There are even higher class hookers but they are even more expensive >$300. But even the so-called high class hookers are usually older. The younger ones tend to have poor service. If you don’t believe me than just go to any of the review boards. I also think guys on the review boards as bad as their reviews tend to be actually have pretty low expectations because most have never had a decent girlfriend.

        • most have never had a decent girlfriend

          Most guys never will have a decent girlfriend since most women are incapable of being a decent girlfriend now.

      • The funny thing that you don’t seem to understand, Assman, is that for me as I look at the world, I am starting to observe that there are genuinely only 3 kinds of women (2 for most of reality, as the remaining 0.1% is so small – but maybe this is because, as a “man who is not wanted” it really means that the majority of women “won’t want me until they have the previous experience/circumstances of abuse, disease, children out of wedlock, poverty, mental problems or STDs… which makes me not want them – I am NOT the fallback guy.):

        1. women who REALLY appreciate the guy they’re with and respect the relationship enough not to sabotage it with unreasonable behaviour/demands along with taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions (0.1%)

        2. women who are hookers except that they don’t give sex (75% or more)

        3. women who are hookers and DO give sex (wouldn’t know for sure about what kind of experience though, sex in marriage only for me, thanks) (the remainder)

        Now, by hooking, I mean that SHE knows the relationship is transitory, and you are going to be milked for whatever she needs at the moment.
        You have no recourse for asking for reciprocation in such a neo-Victorian environment.

        • And since I’m a believer in “no. of sexual relationships” equality… she’d better be a total virgin and not a “technical virgin”.
          Which is why I laugh at many women who turn up for weddings in white. Such hypocrisy…!

  3. I have to disagree. I play a lot of games but I think I provide quite a bit of tangible benefit and certainly more than a hooker. I have a job, pay my taxes, support my family, cut the grass, keep my vehicles in good working order, and in my spare time, play a few games.

    Perhaps you are just talking about the WoW players.

    • The word “gamer” completely flew right by you. Perhaps I should have capitalized it as “Gamer” to denote what Pick-Up Artists call “Game.” It has nothing to do with video games.

  4. The part where he talks about in the “old days” women didn’t look nice because they didn’t dress pretty, bathe regularly, wear makeup, or wear perfume is pretty awful. Makeup and perfume have been used by humans for about 5000 years and bathing isn’t exactly a new concept. Ancient Romans built bathhouses that people would visit daily and even “barbarians” such as Norsemen during the Viking Era would bath regularly.

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