18 comments on “Women Support Lorena Bobbitt

  1. I bet Sharon Osbourne is one of those women that Arielle is going to claim she has never heard of and does not speak for feminists.
    When the feminists are insane and popular, you will have many females say there is no way they support them; however the persons’ continually growing bank balance speaks otherwise.
    As usual… follow the money and you find the truth.
    And there’s a great deal of money to be made by supporting feminism. Especially this kind.

    I notice Arielle never addressed my point that she had her eyes out for,and her opinions made up by, purely looking at the status of top men.

    Thanks for posting this up, W&N. The evil cannot go unchallenged if civilisation is to continue.

  2. OK then. And if they support mutilation then I support Sharia law and stoning these cunts to death when they cheat. Turn about is fair play, right? Or do these feminist not believe in equality?

    • I wonder which ancient/modern law or culture cutting off the man’s penis comes from.
      It seems that it’s celebrated by many women of the current generation, everywhere.
      It also seems to be one thing many women agree on.
      What was that again? NAWALT? Looking more like AWALT, to me.

      • That’s what bizarre about it. I remember reading a few years ago about women who would go to either the Carribean or Africa to watch teenage boys get circumcised. I tend to be neutral on circumcision because I tend to think it distracts from other mens rights issues while providing a hiding place for people who are against mens rights, but knowing that women would actually watch males get circumcised as a spectacle is beyond the pale. This just proves that women everywhere have a desire to injure and destroy male genitalia. I can’t think of another explination.

  3. I am starting to think that women view it as this:

    If you do not worship the ground women walk on, and never scold them for any wrong doing, then you are NOT a misogynist.

    If you do scorn, criticize, or want them to be held accountable for their actions – you are a misogynist.

    Their attitude shows how spoiled rotten they are.

    • I am starting to think that women view it as this:

      If you do not worship the ground women walk on, and never scold them for any wrong doing, then you are NOT a misogynist.

      If you do scorn, criticize, or want them to be held accountable for their actions – you are a misogynist.

      Their attitude shows how spoiled rotten they are.

      This is exactly how women view it. The reason women hate me so much is because I hold women accountable for their actions.

      • I read what Arielle wrote here:

        “As far as I know, the average feminist doesn’t support any of those women you mentioned.”

        Well, I do remember when Lorena Bobbitt committed that act of grotesque mutiliation. Arielle is in denial, too lazy to research it, or just plain lying if she thinks women didn’t support it. There were. The news surrounding it was immense, and there was even a group of feminists in New Hampshire that were celebriting it, among others. The caustic call of “Now, do you get it?” was expressed specifically by feminists. There are people that still excuse Bobbitt to this day, despite the lack of evidence that John Wayne Bobbitt was allegedly abusive.

        The scathing jokes and the accompaning laughter about Catherine Becker’s recent nauseating crime (Kim Tram was one in 2005) is very telling. Not only are men disposable to Ameriskanks (Mark Winkler), but our sexuality is of cheap value to them and brutal violence against us is always justified. Granted, while this type of sexual sadism is rare, the reaction that women out there are expressing is indicative of how they think of us.

        Would men joke in the same fashion if a woman had been dismembered sexually? Think about it.

        I still don’t think all US women hate men, a very unhealthy amount simply don’t really love or respect us. Most of them, by my account. We are second class citizens to them, in more than one way. I do think there are is a significant percentage that thrive on hating men—clearly, as you have said when hold them accountable (as well as point out the wealth of hypocrisy), that hatred towards men starts to appear. They do not want to have the truth exposed, even though the gaggle of feminist forums and blogs teem with that hate ever so near the surface. Who knows what they would be really saying if they were speaking freely without possible lurkers.

        Women don’t hate men when they are alphas that they throw affections and attention towards, or the ones that they can manipulate for utility purposes. If neither, it seems Ameriskanks perceive us as useless and as one even stated brazenly, “not fully human.”

        • They don’t see most men as fully human…
          because they spend their lives chasing alpha and using “tools” to get there.
          The “tools” being, of course, the “men they want favours from”, but “do not want to be seen in public with, for anything but the briefest social interaction”.

    • It’s possible he might read my blog. I get a serious amount of hits each day. Although, what Sharon Osbourne said has been covered elsewhere so he didn’t need to read about it here.

  4. I think it’s brave and awesome what Lorena did! It might sound mean but what better way to get back at a guy for fooling around!! Nothing else seems to stop men. This certainly would!! When will guys learn and stop thinking with their penis!?!

    • I wish men did speaking as a man myself. Pussy worship makes me sick and I’d love nothing more than to see the fall out when men don’t give a shit about sex anymore. Because I know what exactly would happen.

      • Which is why they don’t give it out freely(to whites at least). I myself, long ago, learned to accept life without it. No “incel” here. I just imagine sex with most women today as being smelly, putrid, diseased, unsanitary, flithy & disgusting since most of them have wayyy to high an opinion of themselves, & thus their hygiene obviously. We should drill that home(the lack of hygiene theme) to the population of undersexed white male “nerds”(read: intelligent people)…..send it out to all corners of the “omegasphere”/”betasphere” that 99.9% of wymyn are smelly/fishy/disgusting/filthy/deseased/trashy hoes. Go on Youtube, IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, here, AVFm, lastFM, Google+, MySpace, DailyMotion, you get my drift(everywhere) & spread the word like they spread diseases & unwanted welfare babies….

    • What about the woman who did the same thing, except actually destroying the man’s penis entirely, for the heinous crime of asking for a divorce? Was that justified?
      If I was married and asked my husband for a divorce, would it be completely within his rights to amputate my breasts or sew up my bits? Can you imagine a room full of hundreds of men pissing themselves with laughter while the male presenter mimes breast tissue and labia flopping around a waste disposal? Does that image suddenly seem sick to you now?
      Women cheat just as much as men do, maybe even more since they often get with someone else immediately after a relationship. Should we be seeing a spate of mutilated vaginas or amputated breasts? Considering the amount of women obsessed with vaginas, some even referring to each other as vaginas, I would think is entirely fair to say women should stop thinking with their vaginas.

  5. It does sound a little drastic. But if the guy has repeatedly cheated on a woman this will Definitely stop them! It seems nothing else will. Is there a pill to Lower a man’s testosterone level?? I know there’s one to Increase it.

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