Not “Whining” But Speaking Truth To Power

I have been accused of “whining” a lot.  What I’m doing is not “whining”, but speaking truth to power.  Anytime someone speaks truth to power, the first defense is to accuse that person of “whining”.  With Mens Rights, the accusation used to deflect the real issues is about not getting laid.  (Even Roissy has sort of admitted this is the case.)

In modern society women have all the power so speaking truth to power is about speaking truth to (and about) women.  This is why anyone who speaks the truth about women is labelled as “not being able to get laid”.  Women and their mangina lackeys fear the truth so much that they try to drown you out with “you’re just pissed you can’t get laid”.  Whenever someone says, “you’re whining”, that is what is really going on.  It’s that simple.