What Would You Do If A Woman Showed Interest In You?

I have been asked the question, “What would you do if a woman showed interest in you?”  Putting aside how that will probably never happen, I wouldn’t trust her.  It would be strange that after being treated like a leper by women for my entire life since puberty, that one woman would suddenly think different.  Chances are she’s up to no good.  I found a link about a woman who married a man who is a good man and a good provider, but fucks other men who are the actual fathers of her children that shows that I would be right.  This cunt’s own words show how evil she is.

Nature wants us to mate with strong, virile men who can beat the shit out of the other men, have strong immune systems and produce the highest quality DNA sperm. But these types of testosterone driven men rarely, if ever, make good long-term partners.

My husband is a sensitive caring man with soft features. The men who fathered my children are much better looking, more masculine, and healthier than my hubby. If you were to ever meet my husband, you would agree that he is not the ideal man to mate with, but he would be a good dad.

It’s clear that this cunt doesn’t consider her husband to be a man.

Yes, he is one of the nicest and most emotionally available men I’ve ever known. If he were a woman he would be my best friend. He is a great husband. I would venture to say that most women would never even think about cheating on him. I do not expect him to be a stallion in bed like my lovers, but he is ok. When we have sex (these days about once a month or so), I don’t mind it.

She also won’t let him have sex with other women.  Only she gets the privledge of sex with others.

An open relationship with my husband? No way. One of the main reasons I married him is his ability to provide me and my children with the resources we need. I don’t want to share my husband’s time and money with other women. That is out of the question.

Here comes the reason why I’m using this example.

I seriously doubt my husband has ever been unfaithful. It is not the way he is. He was a virgin until we started dating. He was 36 when I took his virginity. He has never been the player type and I can tell he embraces being married and “off-limits.”

What this cunt did was find a well off virgin to steal from.  She has comitted paternity fraud and is a thief.  She is a criminal but more evil.  The man this cunt victimized thinks he has a family.  He doesn’t.  He has another man’s children and a criminal cunt and whore in the house he pays for.

As I said at the beginning I doubt that any woman will actually ever show interest in me, but if it does happen I know the truth.  Since I know the truth, I will not let what happend to the above cunt’s husband happen to me.