20 comments on “You’re Creepy, But Do Something For Me

  1. women really are that stupid so yea she’s probably a woman irl

    who else would be bitter enough to camp your forums if they disagreed with you about something? not a man that’s for sure

  2. For the record, I know how nested comments work. I only asked because all of the “Reply” buttons mysteriously vanished at once (including ones that shouldn’t have) and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem. I guess it was just my browser.

    This just proves how much White and Nerdy hates women – he would rather let his website stay broken than fix a problem that a woman brings to his attention.

    • Karen,

      Hey, you dumb bitch, the problem may lie with the software or the website! Did you ever think of that? W&N might have NOTHING to do with the posting problems. Maybe you need to be smarter than the website, hehehe…


    • Karen, pardon my French, but FUCK YOU.

      You come in here to White and Nerdy’s blog uninvited, insult him and compare him to a mass murderer, then think you can ask him to do something for you?

      What the FUCK is wrong with you?

      Cunts like you think you’re entitled to favors from men irregardless of how they treat them. If we were standing in the same room, I would SPIT in your face.

      If getting laid entails putting up with your selfish ass, I’d rather die a virgin.

    • BTW, W&N, feel free to delete the duplicate comment. I thought my first one hadn’t gone through.

    • Karen, I wonder whether you really do understand how nested comments work. Can you provide the source code to verify that you truly do “understand”?
      And W&N doesn’t run the WordPress company, he uses their software. Like you do.
      You might as well ask any person using Office ’97 to “reprogram it so that it’s Office 2010”. Microsoft would certainly like a word with you if you succeed in that endeavour. You could make MILLIONS!
      Maybe since you “understand” how nested comments work, you can deliver the necessary code to affect that change.

  3. Off-topic, but I just want to thank you W&N for writing a great blog.

    I’m a 26-year old virgin and every woman I’ve ever known, save for my mother, hates my guts. I’ve had three of my cunt co-workers accuse me of sexual harassment in the past year, though my boss dismissed them fortunately. I don’t even work on the same floor as those cunts! They just did it because they think I’m “creepy” and want to get me fired.

    I’ve only been reading your blog and other MRA/MGTOW sites for a couple of months, but I’ve learned so much about how feminism has ruined the lives of me and other men like me. Karen just got me SO MAD that I had to de-lurk and say something.

    I especially applaud you for taking on those “gamer” frauds. Women have every fucking advantage in the world! Why should I have to bend over backwards to get access to some cunt’s sticky hole?

    Anyway, thanks for fighting the good fight man. I’m behind you 100%.

    • Welcome to the art of men protecting themselves from the violence women are so good at.
      Kinder, gentler sex?
      Maybe you get that if you are a “man who is wanted”.
      The experiences of the remaining men…
      don’t paint that picture at all.

    • Hi Shotaro.

      I’m hoping you will share your experiences with the other members here, including steps you have taken to protect yourself from future attacks. If you have not taken steps, might I suggest having a video recording pen on you at all times, that you turn on whenever you have any conversation with a female.

      You also might want to drop by mgtowforums.com

      Everyone is welcome to share their stories.

    • The sisterhood demands drama, unfortunately.
      And most women aren’t strong enough to resist that.
      It’s sad, but it is a choice they make for themselves.
      The good men need to protect themselves from the harm that women seeking drama can do.

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  6. “Karen thinks that she/he/it can hide behind a system used to hide your real IP address”

    Was obvious troll not obvious? I highly doubted that any female would use Tor or any anonymizing service in the first place.

    • Obviously I knew something was up or I wouldn’t have been checking IP addresses like that. Although a girl could have her boyfriend or some guy she promises sex to without delivering setup such a thing on their computer.

      What I decided when I wrote this post was that it didn’t matter if it was a troll or not. Lots of women go around attacking men and expecting men to do things for them. Lots of guys have to deal with false sexual harassment accusations. We know there’s an epidemic of frivolous divorce and false rape accusations so why wouldn’t there be an epidemic of false sexual harassment accusations? I have met men in real life who have gone through the same things I have. Bardamu thinks I going to delete the posts I wrote like a coward. It’s not to happen because the principles that I wrote about are correct even if the examples I used ended up being wrong. I stand behind what I wrote.

  7. Karen I see many many many cats in your future. And you know what? When you drop dead they will eat you.

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