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  1. A man who knows too much about women, and “is not wanted” is shunned by:
    men who don’t want to be associated with him and thus miss the chance for sex (eventhough those men are probably gonna get squeezed down the line, har-de-har-har)
    women who don’t want their fallback guys to get any wiser.

    A man who knows too much about women, and is wanted:
    Faces no problems whatsoever. Because he’s “misunderstood” “some evil woman in the past hurt him terribly” and “you are not him so don’t you DARE compare yourself to him”.

    Women can talk in the face until they’re blue (they probably should, many do the exact things spoken throughout this blog)… doesn’t change the truth and that more men are waking up, either to:
    1. Not take Mr. Alpha’s leftovers or
    2. Making sure Mr. Alpha’s leftovers don’t get their claws in his assets.

    The better women can avoid this situation, by not choosing a guy they have nothing but sex with in common… and appreciating the guy they’re with.
    Given that most women require the approval of other women to be with whichever guy they’re with…
    I think the better women are a minority.

    • “A man should never base his self-image on what women think of him in any case, because women’s concerns are too materialistic and self-centered. (“He that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife,” as St. Paul put it.) The men who have accomplished the greatest things for our civilization have not, by and large, resembled the heroes of women’s romance fiction; indeed, they have been disproportionately celibate. Once a man realizes what triggers female attraction, and understands that women’s judgments of men are largely rationalizations of this attraction (or its absence), he will not be inclined to overvalue their opinion of him.”

      – F. Roger Devlin, “The Feminine Sexual Counter-Revolution and its Limitations”

      • Men don’t overvalue a woman’s opinion of him.
        They are fully aware that said woman doing any form of character assassination is more likely to be believed by others who don’t know him personally.
        I would certainly like to know of more men that are visible in the public eye like actors, who have stood up and said if you want men to be more invested in society, you need to treat them fairly.
        Even Obama is a mangina.

  2. Even more prevalent is the false accusation of domestic violence.
    In Wayne county Michigan alone, an area less than 20 square miles,
    More than half of the personal protection orders where reversed upon the man contesting it in court.

    This illustrates how corrupting and insidious unconstitutional extra-judicial prosecutions are to the “fairer sex.”

    To say the judges are corrupt would be redundant.

    • Corruption follows from laziness.
      Why deal with the political fallout that comes with probing whether the men actually were violent?
      You then get labelled a judge who “hates men”.

      It’s a crap situation, but you can lay the blame on the politics of polemics… feminism got where it is today by casting all men as animals.
      And too many men are willing to get into fights to defend female honour, but are too scared to speak up for their fellow man.

      The false rape society, improved electronic systems of late, and meticulous note-keeping will ensure that these drama-addicts are made to pay for their dose of drama.

      • Nuts.
        Why deal with the political fallout that comes with probing whether the men actually were violent?
        You then get labelled a judge who “hates men”.

        Should read
        Why deal with the political fallout that comes with probing whether the men actually were violent?
        You then get labelled a judge who “hates women”.

  3. I know one guy IRL who was taken to court for a trumped up harassment/DV charge from and ex and won. He was amazed how skewed up and unfair the court system is and thanks his lucky stars to have gotten off. He realized from that point on that women and the government as a whole have become the scourge of society now. He had to prove his innocence and the female judge made it absolutely as difficult as she could for him through the whole process.

    This guy isn’t some nerdy geek, he’s a bodybuilder. And society, in fact women have lost one more notch of the social contract because of his experience. In other words, he point blank said that he will never ever place himself in a position to be accused of anything in regards to any woman. Nor would he ever assist, help out, or endanger himself in any way if a woman he doesn’t know (hasn’t proved herself) is in trouble.

    Men are seeing the light but unfortunately they’re having to come close to losing their freedom and their balls to do so.

    • Men lose their balls in increments. Not standing up when they grow up means they reach adulthood as moral eunuchs or expedient assholes.
      Men who stand up for other men are rare. Maybe men should work on cultivating the kind of friendships you see for people in warzones, where you never have to question who has your back.

      The men most successful with women, growing up you observe that they in no way say the female has done something wrong at any time.
      They behave the way women behave to punish men: silent treatment, backturn, cutting off contact and resources.

      The “men not wanted by women” would do well to follow this paradigm of correction.
      Because a woman who doesn’t appreciate you will use any interaction with her to make sure you realise how little you matter to her… so that she can get a higher “price” for herself.

  4. a feminist is someone who thinks they understand women

    an anti-feminist is someone who actually understands women

    • Who cares? The principle of what I wrote is correct. There are many “Karens” and “Shintaros” out there.

      Plus I’m not sure what Bardamu was trying to prove with an anime name. I don’t watch anime and I have never met a male virgin who has.

      If he wants to say that I “started” this by linking to his masturbation post then why was he attacking me before that post? ( http://ephemeralnotebook.tumblr.com/post/7713158970/what-are-some-bloggers-in-the-sphere-who-you-think ) I wasn’t going to bring it up because I don’t care about such pathetic attacks, but it does prove that Bardamu was full of shit when he said that he trolled me only because I linked to his masturbation post. It’s not like he was ignoring me.

      • He said I have a Feminist way of thinking for seeing ‘Karen’s’ trolling right away. His spin does not make any sense. I will repeat it again, he has feelings of inadequacy to come trolling here, your post must have really struck a nerve.

        Also notice that in that tumblr post you link he lumps alt-right and manosphere together, that is he actually wrote ‘alt-right/manosphere’ instead of ‘alt-right and manosphere’. And of course he says that people like you give MRAs a bad name. You might not give the best image to the movement in certain circles, but what do we make of someone who lumps alt-right and manosphere together?

        Thanks heavens Bardamu is alone in this. Imagine if this was more common, that Marx worshiper Schwyzer would have a field day calling us ‘crypto-fascists’.

        • Bardamu has massive feelings of inadequacy. Even though I’m sure his blog gets more hits than mine, he can’t stand the popularity of my blog. If he saw the hit stats of my blog, I’m sure he would slit his throat.

          Your point on how he lumps the alt-right & the manosphere is very astute. That is an issue I have noticed beyond Bardamu, but haven’t had the time to comment on. Mens rights is not just alt-right. It has a broad spectrum of political perspectives. The alt-right people, the white nationalists/supremacists, the conspiracy theorists, the traditionalists, the Jews run everything crowd, etc. are all trying to use and subvert mens rights to increase their legitimacy. What they are doing isn’t that much different than what the gamers are trying to do to mens rights. It’s logical to assume they would be afraid of a mens rights that doesn’t include them because it would guarantee that they stay marginal. This explains Bardamu’s behavior since he has placed himself at the alt-right nexus. In the end who is going to be listened to more? The virgin or the person who is allied with internet skinheads, conspiracy theory, and other people calling for genocide like that Diaboli person?

      • Granted, I don’t lurk that much on that blog in particular, but Bardamu has stooped to new lows. If that’s the quality of his writings than I’m glad I never linked to it. It’s childish. And promoting this type of in-fighting accomplishes nothing positive for MGTOW. I’m not kidding about this, but it’s like he’s sliding into manboobz-like mode in order to placate himself. Futrelle and him should go bowling.

        It seems like he’s trying to pat himself on the back and re-assure his ego that he’s somehow superior. Let me guess that he probably doesn’t think any things (such as false charges of harassment or DV) will ever effect him.

        For Bardamu’s sake, he should hope it never happens.

        • What Bardamu did was equivalent to leaving poop on my doorstep. I would ask why did he do it, but it’s clear he suffers from several strange pathologies like his obsession with nerds.

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  6. THis kind of thing is incredibly common. II’m a beta sucker (used to be married) and I’ve had false accusations as well usually as part of some sort of work power struggle. This is the bitchy girl’s go to move.

    There is an epidemic of this crap going on. THanks for pointing it out.

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