9 comments on “Gamers Are Not Immune From Misandry

  1. Alphas will only be free of misandry when the “men who are not wanted” take their leavings, or other alphas want the girl that the first alpha dumped.
    Accusations, like thoughts, you can only have one in your head at a time.
    And when a girl is occupied with another man, it’s very unlikely she’s going to be pressing rape charges against the guy she chose to have sex with, but who dumped her.

    If a pretty girl is in circulation looking for a guy, she is miserable… because very often she has not gone without offers. In other words: either her standards are too high for the type of man she’s after, or the men who approach her know what kind of person she is and won’t invest too much in her.

    Welcome to combat dating, ladies. I hope you enjoy it; rejecting everyday men only to focus on those that other women want…
    leaves the men you rejected to do other things with their time and educate themselves on how you think.

  2. “Gamers aren’t alphas”

    Exactly right, they’re not. They just like to think they are because some guru has told them that ‘if you think alpha you will be alpha’.

    PUAs are selling this magical product they call ‘alpha’, something totally intangible, which can supposedly cure all of their problems… even misandry /false rape claims/divorce.

    • If they allowed for the possibility of failure, they wouldn’t be “alpha” now would they, because “alpha” believes that consequences only happen to other people.

    • Even after something bad happens to them, gamers still don’t figure it out. The author of the mormon men blog is a case in point. Game didn’t prevent him from getting divorced, but he’s still doing the exact same thing even after his divorce. He learned nothing despite experiencing misandry first hand.

  3. a lot of PUAs are basically just dumb kids, not that it excuses them from not seeing what’s going on around them. it’s just a matter of time before they get burned

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