9 comments on “Gamers Try To Redefine “Getting Laid”

  1. If he has mind blowing sex all the time…
    when is he doing his work?
    The thing about a huge majority of these gamers is that they’re business, psychology, sports or management majors.
    RooshV says he has a qualification in the biological sciences… but if that’s the case why didn’t he continue?
    JT Tran says he worked for NASA, but there’s a discrepancy in the period that he worked there.
    As for Gunwitch? Who knows.

    Some of the people telling men and women that being a virgin is wrong…
    are the men and women wanting consequence-free sex,
    and no judgement of their actions in the past (while they freely judge others).

    In a weird and twisted way… the couples that you see getting divorced today may have been EXTREMELY insensitive and intolerant towards (not-relationship successful) single guys and EXTREMELY forgiving towards slutty girls.
    So it may be payback for some people.

  2. How about this one:

    You aren’t really getting laid unless you’ve passed her three tests, escalated smoothly, negged her, had some LMR, pumped her ‘attraction’ up to x, push/pulled, elicited comfort and used NLP to get her tingly…

    Have I missed anything?

  3. This is a pretty cool blog! I believe game does exist, and is simply a way of guys learning good social skills and putting forth their own individual assets in an attractive and positive frame. I do, however, agree that a lot of the PUA stuff is bunk and will only attract shallow women in its turn; there are also other aspects of certain game that’s ugly and ridiculous to me, like taunting women or making sure to withhold a given number of actions of affection so she’ll keep working hard for more; bs and offensive. Yeah, some women sadly respond to that, but it’s not a healthy or unilaterally useful suggestion. The basic rule of universal game is that men should have assertiveness and confidence; this is beneficial in life and relationships, and important all the way around. But this blog makes many good and valid points, especially about the disrespect many virgins of both sexes have gotten. Well-done.

  4. these PUA types are all the same. None of them hold “real” jobs, and all of them have a very, very overblown opinion of themselves.

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