16 comments on “This Is How Desperate A Lot Of Guys Are To Get Laid

  1. fucking hell you weren’t joking when you said she was ugly lol.

    You can guarantee that if this was a man everyone would be saying how much of a disgusting old pervert he was, preying on younger women…


  2. Do the math… that’s a new guy every 3.65 days, roughly 2 new guys each week. And for little to no effort at all.

    A man would have to either devote all of his time wooing women or spend a small fortune to get close to those numbers.

  3. That Bone should have been left in the ground.
    And women say there is a man shortage? Nope, just a lot of men that cannot live up to a woman’s unrealistic expectations (they’re the women wanting equality, but expect a man to be superior to them in every way).

    I actually think the men Ms. Bone says “cannot keep up with her” may be those who already have other prospects. So the easiest way for her to feel better about herself is to denigrate those men.

    Beer goggles? More like beer blindness required to explore that dank and musty cave.

  4. Well, OVM, what was she like? Does she pee a little when she comes? Are you still tortured by the thought of all the guys who have plowed her since you had your turn?

  5. I don’t think of myself as having impossibly high standards, but yeah that’s pretty disgusting

    people who call themselves alphas really are just nothing more than pussy whipped manginas

  6. It’s funny how women claim there’s a double standard in that sluts are shamed. This old hag is being positively lauded. I don’t know who’s worse: her or the weirdos who root her.

    • Sluts are not shamed at all accept for by those who see the hypocrisy of it, and those same people are looked upon as being “judgmental” by pointing out the Empress Wears No Clothes. The idea that sluts are shamed and demonized is a crock promulgated by feminists (slutwalk). In reality, there are women who justify it, including with the notion that men supposedly are promiscuous too, even if your alleged average Joe would have a very much more difficult time getting a pick up in a bar and sleeping with a woman than an average Jane would by picking up a man—all she has to do is say yes and spread her legs, essentially.

      The Gods forbid if you want to have a woman that actually has standards, and reject women that sleep with a hundred men, are abusive, aren’t physically attractive, or want to drain your time, money, and emotions because you should be a “real man” and have to take it.

      And, of course, the sluts from slutwalk can “reclaim” the word slut yet will
      castigate men they consider out of their own league. If you’re not a perceived alpha, a male feminist, a man that every other women is going after, or similar high status, you’d still be a gentleman no matter how much women mistreat and abuse you, and you’d better abide by a code of conduct that the select few of men (and rest of the women) don’t have to uphold and continue to support them.

      Slutwalks aren’t about rape as much as selfishness, myopia, a license to be a spoiled brat, and attention whoring for those who think men are not kissing their asses enough.

  7. Unbelivable is all I have to say. I for one do not kiss any womans ass and if she appears to have been with a lot of men I do not do anything at all with her. Then I got ridiculed for not doing anything those times I was with those whores by my “friends” at the time. This was back in college. Are good womed out there, who knows. All I know is that a lot of the guys I hung out with back in highschool and college are married. Do I want that lifestyle? I can not say for sure as I do enjoy my singledom and when I get horny I have my porn collection. Porn sure as heck beats screwing an ugly 62 year old hag!

    • College is where the “players” teach the nice guys that the nice guys must pay for the “player’s mistakes”. In other words, telling you that you only deserve a worn out disease ridden bed hopping emotional expedient liar as your life partner.

      THEY can keep HER.
      ‘Cause if she never respected me enough to keep her legs closed for me, the person she gets married to and has children with,
      There’s no way that I, the person who is very likely to be paying for the children, the family health (including diseases picked up through her sexual adventures and passed on to me and her children), and the divorce which is almost sure to happen (since she is so experienced), will want to be with her.

      Virginity testing should be legal the world over, because so many women need to know what they stand to lose when they give sex to men they have no intention of marrying.

      I predict that in future it may make a comeback, as women realise they are the most disadvantaged when the men do not want to commit.
      Cue the bleats of women talking about “patriarchal oppression” in outlawing such tests, despite the fact that it was the whining of women that caused those tests to be outlawed in the first place…

  8. Men want free sex. They don’t think they need to invest time and money in courtship anymore. That’s how she can get laid so often, by just giving her shit away with no strings attached and not even the cost of a basic cup of coffee out of pocket of these men. Also I noticed this pass Labor Day that the parking lots to the nude bars were packed with men throw their money at smell of sex. LOL I shake my head and happily remain single than with either type of these low lifes.

    • You mean “the men she finds attractive” she gives sex to for free.
      The more money you are paying to sustain a relationship or be with a woman…
      the less she respects you, for the reason that as an example, if you are not the first guy she was with, she has learned to use her body to get ahead and her feelings are likely a show.
      There is a reason why many marriages do not work out, I would actually say more women than men have “sexual experience not limited to their current partner” at any given time… since women give it away for free to men they find attractive, who do not necessarily stick around …
      since most women only find a few men attractive, vs. most men finding most women attractive.
      Yay feminism and female herd behaviour!

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