17 comments on “Scams Are Everywhere

  1. Probably the biggest scams are that you can always trust relationship advice from a woman…
    or that a relationship with another person in the same pool of friends is going to be different.
    Most women prefer the approval of other women over a good man.
    Most women give you advice from the perspective of “the man they already want”. That is to say, when she tells you to “worship your girlfriend, buy things for her”…
    that’s what she wants from her badboy boyfriend…
    A good man changing himself in this way – will not get the girl anyway – because the girl wants those qualities in her badboy… NOT in the good man.
    Also remember this: listen carefully to women talking about men who are dating, and observe some of them saying “He’s too good for her!” Yet those are the same women who never considered the guy dateable UNTIL he got together with a girl “who he is too good for”.

  2. “It’s easy to say that desperate men who have been scammed should have known better.”
    And yet women are the ones saying that they know relationships better than anyone else.
    But their advice is only geared towards the men they already find attractive.

    As usual… when a legally recognised relationship fails, it’s the “last-resort” man’s fault, and he pays for it… eventhough women say they are relationship experts. I would say… if the person is an relationship expert, they should know how to fix it… since they got into it in the first place.

    As usual… men have responsibilities, women have choices.

  3. There was time when virginity was considered a virtue, this is how degenerate we got in our materialistic modernity.

    • Virginity is considered a virtue by men (there are exceptions, read below).
      It isn’t a virtue for most women… since they think they can shortcut their way to a “top man” by giving up the goods.

      Because a “top man” by definition has many other girls lined up for him.
      What makes it even funnier is that after the girl gets pumped and dumped,
      she tries claiming “relationship compensation” from every other guy she didn’t notice previously, but wants as a fallback (through guilt-tripping, withholding affection and basically pulling all the disrespect that she’d NEVER DARE to show that “top man”), while saying “A man I am with must have no expectations for my behaviour, because such men are oppressors of women” (ignoring the fact that the “top man” she WANTED, didn’t need to justify his expectations for her behaviour).

      The two types of people that say virgins must be laughed at are:
      1. Men looking for sex without consequences and
      2. Women looking to maintain their value despite their cock-carousel-hopping ways. While getting the “last-resort” man to pay for it (together with the consequences of her own bad decision of trying to tame a “top-man”).

      And no, there’s not a double standard when players are celebrated…
      because women CHOOSE to have sex with them… and it takes SKILL or detachment (just the way most women approach their relationships which are not their first)… so the thief gets out-thieved by another thief. Hard to be sympathetic.
      Remember that players got so good at turning off their feelings, after a woman they really liked smashed their hearts.

      as the saying goes:

      What do you call a key that opens many locks?
      A master key.

      What do you call a lock that can be opened by many keys?
      A shitty lock.

        • The idea that because she went through bad relationships in the past and just accepted the bad treatment, you have to compensate her for that “bad treatment from the guys previously” that she was too afraid of actually saying something to.

          In other words… the level of respect a girl shows you, is directly proportional to a low amount of demands from her.
          A girl who really wanted you… WOULD NOT BE A BURDEN TO YOU!

          Of course, you as a man are not entitled to ask for any such “relationship compensation”, to be treated better based on your previous bad experience at the hands of women…
          because, that’s just patriarchal oppression.
          And as we all know, all men have sex on tap at all hours of the day.

  4. Just throwing this one out there:

    If ‘game’ doesn’t exist, does this also mean that you cannot teach somebody to be (for example) a better salesman?

    • Game does not work simply because it is a form of supplicating to women and putting them on a pedestal, now lets see if that transfers over to sales – if you put the customer on a pedestal and supplicate to him, does this hurt your success as a salesmen? I would say it probably does.

      So yeah, game does not work, but that does not mean you cannot teach someone to be better with women – you can teach him, but the teaching involves refusing to supplicate and refusing to put women on pedestals – i.e rejecting game tactics – and cultivating a mindset of indifference and not trying to *get* anything from girls.

      Adopting this attitude will make any man smoother and more natural and better with women – will it suddenly make him get laid like a stud? No, of course not, but it will allow him to hook up with those girls that like him naturally by removing the off-putting vibes that come from trying to *get* girl and being needy.

      • Hi Kassel. I understood that ‘game’ was about NOT putting women on pedestals because that doesn’t get any results. My understanding of ‘game’ is the concept that success with women is something teachable.

        The reason I compared it to sales is because you’ll get some people who have a natural flair for selling but you can also teach a non-salesman how to give a sales pitch.

        Looks like you agree with the idea that success with women is teachable (like giving good sales pitches is teachable).

        • In a way you can learn to be good with women, in a way you cant. Women like guys who do their own thing and are their own men, so you can teach a guy to stop doing what society tells him to do and to stop doing game or any other kind of manipulation, and do his own thing.

          But doing your own thing and being your own man is different for every person so you cant *teach* it, it just means following the dictates of your own values without reference to whether others like you or not. With each guy it will be something different.

          There are no specific behaviors that are attractive to women because we see women liking jerks, liking kind, funny guys, liking aloof guys, liking socially outgoing guys, liking silent strong types, liking talkative and witty types, some girls like thugs, some girls like emo hipsters – in other words no single set of behaviors is on its own attractive, what is attractive is that each guy does his own thing without caring what others think, and this state of mind gets communicated through his emotions and actions.

          So you can *teach* guys to just stop giving a shit and do their own thing, but thats about it – u cant *teach* anything more than that, like a set of behaviors.

  5. I stumbled on “askmen” a long time ago.

    Perhaps I read all the wrong articles, but I noticed that most of them were written by women.

    In fact, as I recall, the one article the pissed me off the most was a woman telling men how to handle themselves in relationships.

    The site should be called “askwomen”.

    • One of the biggest things about women dictating how men should approach and behave around women is that men’s needs are pretty much second rate, even if that. It’s invariably egocentric and if you are a man that values his own wants and needs, you won’t see a lot of that covered. Plus, you will have problems with women because if you stick to your guns and stand up for yourself, they will call you selfish even though this is typical projection on their part. I honestly think that American women (by in large) either don’t care or don’t understand what men truly need. They are so hung up on themselves and believe the men are here to serve them no matter what, that it takes a back seat to anything they desire. No wonder more men are getting fed up (alongside of legal and social misandry that goes on).

      • I don’t think women think men’s needs are second rate…
        because they don’t even think men are people.
        Because thinking that men are people…
        means that they have some responsibility over how a man feels, by their behaviour towards him.

        So to excuse their own bad behaviour…
        men have no feelings, and men are not people.

  6. Just asking:

    In your world, does anybody ever love another person? Or is everything in life all about a battle between men and women?

    • In your world,
      is the man you’re with the man you love,
      or the man you’re with because the man you love isn’t stable enough to be the man you’re with?

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