7 comments on “Game Malware

  1. Once in a while the universe comes right and identifies a charlatan for what he is… beachmuscles got some cleanup to do…

  2. Sounds like his e-frame wasn’t strong enough. He needs to AMOG the malware, then DHV his anti- virus software before f-closing his firewall.

    In related news, another mPUA screws up basic stuff. Hey, it’s almost as if ability to bang skanks doesn’t translate to achieving some kind of overall Ubermann status after all.

  3. Not surprised here.

    Money grabbing twits – use any unethical standards necessary to get your money.

    “It’s your money, and I WANT IT NOW!!!”

  4. oh but his manly alpha essence will drive away the viruses because alphas are just the greatest thing ever, they don’t need to be intelligent or cautious because everything just works out for them all the time

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