24 comments on “The Experience Of Richard Jewell

  1. I do not believe that the regular readers of this website think in those terms. However, it is very very amusing to watch some of those individuals out there thinking that they are being safe from having their lives destroyed by women, because they think they have game, or something of the kind.

  2. My last long-term relationship was with a fairly radical feminist, and I dated her for a year and a half. (It was several years ago.) Looking back, with what I know now, I feel very lucky she didn’t do anything of the false accusation or the “oops pregnancy” variety.

    She still beat on me once, but I was too forgiving/naive to end it then and there.

    • Damn you have some patience. Even in my blue pill days, if a chick raised her hand on me, this would be the end of any contact with her. Thankfully that never happened…

      • It was wrong for me to stay with her. I should have broke up with her immediately. She never hit me again but she did abuse me verbally and had a disturbing tendency to reveal my deep, dark secrets to her friends and co-workers. I had to threaten to send naked pictures of her to her entire family to get her to stop.

  3. This truly is heartbreaking. One of the posters mentioned this man would have had a normal family life a generation ago, and it has been ruined by misandric forces. He saves lives at the risk of his own, and what is his reward? They demonized this man because he had no high status, wasn’t a hit with da womyns, was white, heterosexual, “boring,” and single. And nothing else. But the Gods forbid no one go after him because he might turn out to be a serial killer, a pedo, a mad bomber, a fascist hatemonger, or something like that so he had to be hounded like prey.

    He was a prime target. I am not surprised when there have been men like this who live lives of quiet desperation, probably turning to an addiction cover up endless pain they never deserved.

    The story of Richard Jewel is a perfect example of why men owe nothing to a culture that beats them down no matter what. And yet, the media, politicians, feminists, and white knights still are askance as to why “men are still angry” and don’t place any faith in the system and Ameriskanks. To them, we might as well be less than second class citizens they can exploit and punish before they throw us away.

    This is disgusting.

  4. Sociopathic Revelation wrote:
    They demonized this man because he had no high status, wasn’t a hit with da womyns, was white, heterosexual, “boring,” and single.

    I suspect that the stress due to the negative media attention may have contributed to his early death in 2007. I consider his treatment nothing less than high treason against the men who have sacrificed to build and maintain our civilization.

  5. I wrote about Richard Jewell – his first name is the same as mine, and his last name RHYMES perfectly with my last name – and – I was a security guard at that time.

    So, naturally, my friends gave my guff about it 🙂


    I hope that the article on the spearhead pointed out that the bomber went on to kill one other person, and injure 5 others before being caught – all because of the media’s and law enforcement’s “odd and deranged” obsession with a man who committed no legal crimes – but – he did own porn…

    Talk about midevalism.

  6. Dudes, you won’t believe this. I just watched a docummentary on serial killers and I almost laughed my ass off when something came up.

    – Get this, every single one of the top serial killers was a popular, charismatic and well-liked individual in his community (and with women of course)


    When they were discussing this one guy, the psychologist is going on like “Yeah, and he had a wife, and a family and 7 children so HE PULLED A GREAT FACED”


    Apparently the presupposition is that a serial killer has to be a non-married evil loner, therefore, if he has children and a wife, it means he’s “pulling a faced”.

    Holy shit wtf? Anyone catch the mental clusterfuck there? Apparently all these serial killers are charismatic, charming and popular as A FACADE 😀 – i mean truly deep inside they’re meant to be introverted loners right? 😀

    Like these fuckers who are talking about the serial killers are disputing themselves. If every serial killer is charismatic and popular then how can that be the “one off”? Lol. It’s obviously the rule. They can’t all be one-offs.


    I quote from the docummentary… This in relation the guy who was pulling a face by having a wife and children “but then his wife left him, so we caught him”.

    I’M NOT KIDDING. His wife left him, so all of a sudden (after 26 murders) it was ok to even think of him as a serial killer, and then we immediatelly knew it was him. 😀 But when he was married he was killing left and right without any suspecting him 😀 😀 😀 😀

        • Yes, the man here in reno (sparks) who killed Brianna Dennison – was married (or at least had a girlfriend).

          This is another misconception about our society – at least our modern society.

          Feminism or other forces have made it so that men who have no GF/WIFE are to be considered defective, strange, odd, menacing, creepy etc…

          In fact, I almost did a write-up about my neighbor – whom I consider to be a ticking time-bomb because of his wife…

          Something I see way to damned often these days.

        • I think it’s down to blue pill men a lot. Women are good don’t you know? Women do no wrong. So if you do not have a women than a part of you is missing, you are defective.

          And then you listen to the same guy tell you how his GF is giving him hard time.

    • These experts are so good, but once a serial killer has a relationship, they’re thrown off…

      Like I said earlier, if 25% of all women going to college get raped, that means the 75% are dating a rapist, proving that women love criminals. I note with happiness that the sex-positive feminists are now clashing with the liberal/so-/trad-con feminists.

      Because they can’t find a pattern to criminality, experts are bent on trying to reassure the public that lawbreakers are “a breed apart” and can be distinguished. These experts on an art (psychology, which clearly isn’t a science), have to earn their bread by telling lies, like the tea-leaf readers. Imagine the panic that would happen when the truth comes out that that is not so. The idea of pre-crime is so comforting, if that’s the case, why is there law and due process in societies?

      False rape accusations and other slanderous behaviour actually start to resemble witch-hunts, which is what labelling people serial killers without proof is all about. Plus it feeds women’s need for drama without any actual proof.

  7. AlekNovy wrote:
    Holy shit wtf? Anyone catch the mental clusterfuck there? Apparently all these serial killers are charismatic, charming and popular as A FACADE 😀 – i mean truly deep inside they’re meant to be introverted loners right? 😀

    Even Dahmer (single, living in a small apartment, and working for a chocolate factory) was adept at radiating an aura of superficial charm. Heck, he managed to convince a bunch of cops to give him back a boy who had just fled from his place stark naked and covered in blood. Yet these supposed experts never seem to be quite able to wrap their heads around the charisma that psychopaths/sociopaths can exude.

    It’s almost as if there’s a blind spot in the human psyche that biases them to despise and pick on the ‘weak’ (quiet loners with few or no social connections)in favor of the ‘strong’ (charming, charismatic, and popular). The Richard Jewell incident has not increased my faith in human nature.

    • No, it fits just fine. The wiminz will talk until the cows come home about the supposed relationship between sexual unattractiveness and homicidal insanity, even though it doesn’t actually exist, but they never want to talk about one of the best predictors of future criminality. I( mean, murders bad and all that, but that’s no reason to let it get in the way of mummy’s fun, right?

  8. But thou, contracted to thine own bright eyes,
    Feed’st thy light’s flame with self-substantial fuel,

    Thou art thy mother’s glass, and she in thee
    Calls back the lovely April of her prime:
    So thou through windows of thine age shall see

    Despite of wrinkles this thy golden time.
    But if thou live, remember’d not to be,
    Die single, and thine image dies with thee.

    • That I may be known by my works
      That I may be known by my honor
      In death as in life
      Legacies are made from vigor and righteousness
      not seed
      To arms my brothers, and recall
      that fortune favors the bold

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