15 comments on “The Pyramid Scheme Problem In Trying To Sell “Game”

  1. Correction, deangelo makes 40million A YEAR, not total. I don’t know what his total earnings from game products are. He started 10 years ago, and it took him to get up to 40 million a year.

    He’s now scamming business owners by selling new-agey courses on cleaning your chakra to earn more money. His business guru name is “Eben Pagan”.

    He’s just as successful at selling the idea of being a millionaire to business owners so I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes similar or bigger profits in the business guru niche. That’s why I’m guessing he might be up to half a billion in total earnings.

  2. Also, your pyramid analogy is very appropriate. Even though it’s not a classical pyramid in the strict sense, it does resemble one.

    -> DeAngelo created the initial 20 gurus who all make about 1/10 of what he earns.

    -> Those 20 gurus then spawned a 1000 further mini-gurus who barely scrape by

    -> Eventually free rehashers like Roissy popped up, threatening the existence of the mini-gurus

    But yes, the only guys getting rich off of this scam are DeAngelo and his original 20. The rest are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table… Especially since free scammer rehashers like Roissy are a free substitute to the mini-gurus…

    • The rest are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table… Especially since free scammer rehashers like Roissy are a free substitute to the mini-gurus…

      And on top of being unable to make money off the game scam, most of these guys are unemployed or marginally employed.

      • And further, it’s considered cool to be an unemployed loser in this community. It’s not about getting laid, it’s about proving you can get laid despite being a loser.

        They’d rather be a loser and get one drunk UG ever 2 years, than be succesful and get laid every night.

        • Send that email through to you Alek, let me know if you didn’t get it for whatever reason.

      • It’s only a problem if money is handed over for it.
        Because these people do not guarantee results and they do not have a refund policy and there is a very good probability the kind of girls these routines work on, while having the attractiveness necessary to get gamed …
        probably have some diseases and STDs as extras. Maybe mental problems too, from their feminist studies and being pumped and dumped.

        If you’re the last person standing in your relationship cohort, it’s much easier to have your pick as you have saved your resources rather than trying multiple times and wasting money.
        Not only that, it’s a lot easier to get away with the saying
        “I’d rather date younger, since I have no dating experience I don’t want to be with a woman that has so much baggage – after all, no 20 year old is running out to make 70-year-old-middle-class men husbands. I want the chance at a great romance, and that doesn’t happen when the person I’m interested in has been around the block”.

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  4. Pick up artist nonsense is just too many steps to have a playful interaction with women when it just comes naturally on it’s own.

    • Women turned it into a science, not an art, when so many of their reactions are based around groupthink and approval by other women.
      Not to mention the fact that even Susan Walsh seems to have the opinion that women prefer a good approach to a good man.

    • Both perspectives are wrong.

      a) It doesn’t come natural (flirting with women and having a great time naturally)

      b) It’s not learnable or a science either (pickup bullshit)

      The reason is because women are completely irrational and random when it comes to this. Not only are women not constant from one woman to another, the exact same woman responds differently to the exact same approach based on the day of the month and completely random factors.

      My perspective is that this evolved so that women build false scarcity. Men believe that women have a higher value because they have to approach 10 women before they get one.

      What they don’t get is that it’s completely random. The men get an ego boost “Yeah, I got her by doing and saying xyz”, but in truth, you just happened to be at right place and the right time. That’s it.

      • It isn’t a science of guarantees, it is probability based. On the other hand, if you have to game her to get her… you’ll have to game her to keep her… and at anytime she can say you fooled her and deep-six your reputation if she so chooses – game is a crapshoot in many ways, and there are better things to do with your time.
        Offhand I will say a man with clothes that scream “money”, will probably be more successful than a homeless bum.
        Of that, I can be sure.
        Maybe that isn’t even game – it’s just grooming.
        But I can say, that same homeless bum with clothes that scream “money” will probably get a different reaction.

  5. Offhand I will say a man with clothes that scream “money”, will probably be more successful than a homeless bum.
    Of that, I can be sure.
    Maybe that isn’t even game – it’s just grooming.

    Yep, that’s not game. In fact, the whole idea of “game” is changing and adjusting what you SAY and DO around women. The truth is, those things are very random.

    In fact, in the game community there’s a DISLIKE for using external factors like a fancy car, good clothes, expensive watches etc.

    They hate everything that’s proven and objective, like having more money, being more muscular etc…

    • Well, there’s the idea of building “an emotional connection”,
      and since women only touch for long periods, those they are close to, that works too.
      but the biggest kicker is that women want what other women want.
      No matter how true it is that it’s bad for her.
      It’s a fair statement to make that a woman with plenty of female friends, has had plenty of relationships in the past.
      Because the girls “so-called” “easy-to-get-along-with” are absolutely masters at misdirection, blame-avoidance and “you made it out to be more than it really was – I can’t help it if you thought we were in a relationship – you are such a nice guy, let’s just be friends”

  6. Is there any proof that David D is actually making X million a year? All I know is that he suddenly came out as “Eben Pagan” and claimed that since he’s raking it in as “David D”, he now has the right to spread his wisdom on how to build a business as well.

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