10 comments on “Others Are Noticing The Similarity Between The Game Scam And Fad Diet Scams

  1. Yep most diet fads in the last 30 years have followed the same patterns.

    – Some bullshit about how our ancestors ran from lions and therefore they had to eat this or that. (bunch of amateur evo psych and jumps in logic)

    – An us vs. them component. This is where you’re told there’s an evil “them” or the “mainstream” that’s trying to hide this super secret knowledge from you.

    The fucking funny part is they all use the same pattern to promote opposite diets.

    – One says society is run by evil meat eaters and these meat consortiums are tryin to hide the truth from you that you need to be a vegan.

    – Another says the “establishment” is run by evil meat haters and grain corporations which are trying to hide away from you the secret, that you need to eat moRe meat

    – Another says the evil corporations are trying to get you fat by forcing you to eat fatty foods with clever, evil marketing, the secret is to stop eating fatty food and go low fat

    – another says that the secret is that carbs are evil and really evil sugar and dairy companies run the world. You need to eat MORE FAT because it’s more satiating

    I’ve never met a gamer who wasn’t ALSO a part of at least 2-3 other cults all following the same pattern.

    I’ve asked several of the paleo gamers ranting about paleo to please tell me what their weight is. I’m still waiting. Just like with “game” they don’t get any results from any of their other cult memberships either, be it food fads or what not.

    • I’ve asked several of the paleo gamers ranting about paleo to please tell me what their weight is. I’m still waiting. Just like with “game” they don’t get any results from any of their other cult memberships either, be it food fads or what not.

      Good point. I have seen gamer after gamer talk about the paleo diet “changed their life” yet they won’t tell us their weight. The paleo diet says that there’s some shadowy organization trying to keep the truth from you (usually it’s the grain industry or the food industry in general or something like that). In other words, a conspiracy, so the paleo diet is a conspiracy theory. If a diet plan is a conspiracy theory or even has a lot of ideology attached to it, it’s guaranteed to be wrong.

      This pattern applies to game too. There are plenty of examples of gamers claiming some sort of conspiratorial “they” doesn’t want you to know game. There’s one case where I can think of where some gamer/conspiracy theorist said that the Federal Reserve was trying to keep the truth about game from men.

      I’ve never met a gamer who wasn’t ALSO a part of at least 2-3 other cults all following the same pattern.

      Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech and The Fifth Horseman might be exceptions. In the case of PMAFT, he has alluded to if not outright said that his success has more to do with desperate women looking to get married after being on the dick carosel so I don’t know if he counts as a gamer. Otherwise, this is definitely the case. And all while this happens the progress of mens rights is delayed even more years.

  2. Dude, are you a fatty in addition to the other things you complain about? If so, don’t put down paleo and free weights.
    When I was in college I was on the Varsity wrestling team my 3rd and 4th year. It was 2-3 hours a day of working out and spar-fighting. Looking back, there were very few issues in regard to being a better young man that were not beneficially addressed thereby. All my “stress” was left on the mat. All my daily need to kill was drained away. I had zero belly fat. (No one one the team did- it was a fire-able offense., = clarity) I bench pressed more than my weight. 100 good push ups is what I did just before bed, for relaxation. Every night for 4 years. .You could say that I was at peace with myself.
    Was I also an hopeless omega virgin? Let us just say that guys who work hard and push themselves to win rough contact sports that can get you hurt or get you hurting the other guy -, as opposed to girly games played with pudgy fingers on a key bd. – might not feel so pessimistic about the prospect of getting their balls drained regularly into a willing babe. I had this girl signed on to do prematch “stress relief”. I did not win more matches with that program but,,, whatever.

    • Dude, are you a fatty in addition to the other things you complain about?

      No, I’m not on the paleo diet.

      You’re obviously full of shit like all the other paleo morons. You can’t even stick to talking about the paleo diet. What are you hiding about the paleo diet? Maybe that it made you fat.

  3. I also do not believe in that paleo diet crap. I *do* believe in eating healthy and exercising, which is 1.) not a secret and 2.) not really that hard to do. There is a good amount of research out there that shows that even minimal but regular exercise and eating healthily and in moderation will get you to a body mass index and weight that keeps you looking good. This Rum guy talks a lot of smack – or at least it sounds like smack. What stands out is that he associates athletic prowess with hurting other people. I don’t know if he’s into game, but one of the things that surprises me about gamers is that they often associate athletic prowess with being an aggressive asshole. Yes, physical strength and prowess are alpha traits. The idea of the great athlete who acts like a douchebag doesn’t attract women; the great athlete who acts assertively *and* mangnanimously is more akin to the alphaness that women like. Many hot girls will more likely swoon not for the star quarterback who bullies the puny nerdy kid, but the star quarterback who stands up against the bully on behalf of the small “nerdy” kid. Gamers often think that an alpha trait is to put down a beta male; a true alpha will not disparage other men but will motivate and lead them. Roissy always seems to succumb to this misunderstanding. Yes, attractive women on some very basic level are drawn to aggressive men, but they like it when the aggression is channeled and directed in constructive means, with just a hint that it could be the other way if the guy chose to let his passions fly. (Alek, you will like this observation…ever notice that when gamers start doing their mental wacking off to evolutionary physchology they are mysteriously silent about studies that suggest that things like altruism and group cooperation have evolutionary biological roots? Hmmm, what’s going on there?) Male strength and assertiveness of the types that attract women are to be found alongside, not in place of, decency…the true alpha who naturally draws hot women to him feels no need to put down or ridicule, much less hurt, other males. Why should he? If he’s truly alpha he’s a natural *leader* and leading does not mean shaming or bullying. The gamers who come on here and put down White & Nerdy suggest they’re pretty far from alpha simply by doing so. In a way it reminds me of the Chateau post when Roissy said Prince William was being beta by the way William was holding Kate Middleton’s hand. Yeah, Roissy, sure. The RAF is really known for the beta-ness of its pilots, after all. Pretty much any of those Mountbatten guys could kick Roissy’s butt and that probably even includes the 90-year-old one. The point is it would never come to that.

  4. I do not encourage violence. However; these “alpha-thugs” that I keep on hearing about – they are physically inept. They may be large, but they severely lack in physical coordination. They trip, fall, injure themselves severely, cannot hit the broad side of a barn with a punch – etc…

    In my humble opinion, women are not hooking up with men like this for “alpha” characteristics. They are hooking up with men like this, because they believe men with intellectual shortcomings will be easy to control and dominate (hence, they avoid the most awful thing of all – a male dominated household – or so they have been told).

    There is the other type that gets many women as well – the type that will put up with their crap – no matter how severe it is. Men who would not tolerate a woman’s “insanity” for so much as a second will not be selected…

    However, I guess that the two things listed above are in effect, the same thing…

    • Gamers, though, tend to care about not just who women in general hook up with (and what they believe makes the women decide to do that) but distinguish between who women in general choose and who *attractive, young, slender* women choose. You raise another distinction, though, that gamers ignore – reasonable women vs. crazy women. (I know, I know, somebody on here will inevitably claim there are no decent women or they’re all crazy or whatever, so believe that if you want. At least W&N himself doesn’t deny the possibility of decent women; he just says he’s never seen any evidence of them, but that’s another matter.) If a woman is decent (i.e., acts like a person) *and* attractive, she won’t choose “alpha-thugs” as you call them (who, by the way, usually aren’t even alpha; if they’re thugs they’re only moderately good leaders at best.) A decent and attractive woman will usually choose an athletic, fit, attractive “good guy” type, if she has her choice, and if she’s not insecure. If she’s insecure, regardless of whether she acts decent to some other people, she may indeed go for the thuggish type. What gamers discount is that physically attractive but emotionally insecure women may get excited over different guys than physically attractive but emotionally secure women, who both may get excited over different guys than non-decent acting attractive women (who are usually emotionally insecure also), etc. The hot vs. non-hot is not the only important dichotomy in terms of understanding what a girl is going to like….and on top of all that sometimes a girl likes a guy because she just….does. Gamers ignore the complexity of human interaction because it assuages their own insecurities. The prettiest of the “pretty lies” are the ones Roissy and his fellow PUAs tell themselves.

      • At least W&N himself doesn’t deny the possibility of decent women; he just says he’s never seen any evidence of them, but that’s another matter.

        There are a few decent women out there. You can find them on my blogroll. They all truly believe in mens rights which makes such women incredibly rare. Obviously I have never met such a woman in real life which is not a surprise because only the smallest handful of women are truly believe in mens rights.

  5. I don’t see anything revolutionary about the Paleo diet – with few deviations, it is more or less a lean mass gaining diet.

    Certain body-types can even mix in lots of cardio in addition to strength-training regimens, while maintaining adequate energy stores with no ill effect.

    Much of the evolutionary justifications for this diet are spurious to be sure, but depending on your goals its principles have merit (i.e. consume lots of lean animal sources to build muscle, limit refined/toxic food additives including sugar, stick to fibrous carbs and only to the point of necessity, etc.)

    I (more or less) follow such a diet intuitively, and I maintain world class levels of strength and aerobic fitness concurrently(even though I tilt the stairclimber at max intensity for an hour 5 days a week, I do not lack for energy, even while consuming very little complex carbohydrates).

    • Well put. One of the trainers at my gym suggested that kind of diet for me and I’ve been on it a year and a half. I gained more muscle when lifting when eating that way, and it feels great. What I object to about the paleo diet hoopla is just that….the hoopla and the hype associated with it, and how it gets connected to other hypes…like, uh, the trumped up pseudo-science of gamers (!)

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