Roissy Has Done More To Delay The Progress Of Mens Rights Than Anyone

I have come to the conclusion that Roissy has done more to delay real progress in the cause of mens rights than anyone.  Before two years ago, none of the gamers knew anything about the MRM.  Roissy is the one who brought them here because he was the one who talked about both game bullshit and a bit about mens rights.  Since then the gamers have been wasting our time, time that could have been used for doing real work to promote mens rights and/or MGTOW.

The gamers are no allies of the MRM.  They passive agressively start fights all the while claiming to be allies of mens rights.  Just look at In Mala Fide for the past week.  It has been a constant attack on mens rights.  (I’m not surprised that In Mala Fide ended up this way.  Everyone writing there is a useless turd.)  Gamers think that mens rights is a euphemism for sexual loser.  This is an ally?  Bullshit.

The gamer invasion of the MRM has led to other scams invading the MRM such as the paleo fad diet.  Had it not been for the gamers this had never would have happened.  This means Roissy is indirectly responsible for these other scams invading the MRM.  This all adds up.  Roissy is responsible for game scammers invading the MRM and all the related scams that hitched a ride with the game scam.  No one else has damaged the MRM as much as Roissy.

We’re Going To Leave. We Mean It This Time

Paul Elam has decided to waste his time debating a gamer.  I would have written that as a comment over at AVfM, but Paul Elam’s explaining that he can put the game issue to bed as far as AVfM is concerned after the debate told me it was pointless.  Regardless of that, what will happen when the debate is over is that both sides will declare victory.  Only a handful of people might be convinced one way or another.

The problem with Paul Elam’s reasoning about this debate is that the gamers aren’t going away unfortunately.  They keep threatening to leave the MRM alone.  What the gamer said in the link above about Paul Elam easily reads like, “If you don’t start listening to us gamers, we’re going to leave.  Seriously we’re going to leave.  We’re going to leave anytime now.  Come on.  Start listening to us or else we’re going to leave soon.   Really we’re going to leave.”  I wish they would leave.  They think we’re a bunch of angry losers.  Fine, then go away, gamers.  We want you to go away.  But they won’t go away.  This is because they don’t want to let go of what they think is a captive audience to sell their scam to.

Unfortunately, the only way the gamers are leaving is at gunpoint.

To Avoid Criticism I Get Accused Of Leading A Conspiracy To Invade Blogs

A while ago I discovered the truth about Susan Walsh of Hookingupmorons and her duplictious nature.  Over time others have discovered the same thing, and they are shouting it from the rooftops at Dalrock’s blog.  I wasn’t aware of this until Ted pointed it out a couple of hours ago.

Despite my lack of involvement in that debate, because Susan Walsh and her sychophants can’t handle the truth, one of her sycophants made up a conspiracy theory that I had orchestrated a conspiracy to invade Dalrock’s blog.  It’s an amazing level of absurdity.  For this to even being to make sense, Susan Walsh and her sycophants have to believe that I have the time and resources of a major computer network to pull off such an operation.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised a gamer would believe that.  Most gamers are unable to hold down jobs that pay more than minimum wage so to them I look like a trillionaire.

The gentlemen exposing the truth about Susan Walsh have done some great work.  The desperation of her sycophants to manufacture a conspiracy theory involving me proves that they are losing.  More and more people are learning the truth about Susan Walsh, and a conspiracy theory about me isn’t going to stop that.  It’s only going to accelerate the process since people will ask questions like why would someone defending Susan Walsh need to invoke a conspiracy theory about someone who wasn’t involved in that particular debate.

I’m not angry about being written up in a conspiracy theory like this.  I’m amused, and it only proves I’m right.

How Long Until Taxi Drivers Refuse Service To All Women?

False accusations made by women, whether its false sexual harassment accusations or false rape accusations or false abuse accusations, are a growing problem.  Women everywhere are making false accusations.  One group of men that has become the victim of false accusations are taxi drivers.  For instance, taxi drivers in Newfoundland, Canada are nervous about taking on women as customers because women are making false accusations against taxi drivers to avoid paying the fare.  A taxi driver in that article said, “Rule of thumb used to be pick up young girls first, take them home, pick up couples seconds and last, pick up the guys and take them home. Now, it’s reversed.”  That’s not an isolated example.  Here are some others.

Edmonton cabbie sues passengers over false assault allegations – Edmonton – CBC News
The False Rape Society: Women tried to destroy cab driver with a false rape claim over a fare
Sweden Cab driver cleared of false rape allegations
The False Rape Society: Another Woman Falsely Cries ‘Rape’ Because She Doesn’t Have Money to Pay Fare
Topic: False rape claim lands teenager behind bars – The Fernieside Three Campaign
Taxi Driver Online: View topic – Two years jail for false rape claim and robbery
False rape claim victim wins ‘landmark’ compensation ruling – Telegraph

I predict that in the near future that taxi drivers will refuse service to women unaccompanied by men.  It’s necessary for the taxi drivers’ safety.

I’m raking in the dough with my computer vision software business.  I have half a mind now to use that money start or buy a taxi company at some point that only provides service to men and groups that have at least one man in them.  That’s where things are heading in the taxi business so why not get out in front and be one of the first?

Women Don’t Want Decent Men

I agree with all of this.

One thing that stood out in Jax’ story to me was three things:
1. In spite of the fact that her husband was a scumbag; it didn’t stop him from marrying a woman and having kids with her;
2. In spite of the fact that he was a scumbag; according to Jax, it didn’t stop a lot of other women from lining up to be his mistresses; even though they must have known he was marriied, with children, AND a scumbag;
3. In spite of the fact that he was a scumbag; that evidently hasn’t stopped him from moving on to new female ‘conquests.’

Come to think of it, that describes pretty closely the lot of most scumbag-type males I know. They either have wives and girlfriends; ex-wives and girlfriends; or they stay single and have harems of girlfriends. But they’re never without willing women, and usually lots of offspring as well.

Does anyone SERIOUSLY want to argue that women really WANT decent men?

Gamers Are Sterile

I wrote this at Coastal’s blog.  I was inspired by the use of the word, sterile, to describe gamers.

Gamers are sterile both literally and figuratively.  They produce nothing like you said.  They have no results to show.  The married gamers and women who promote game are the worst about this since there is no way they could produce results.  (Married guys aren’t going to go after other women, and women aren’t going to pick up other women given that all the pro-game women are hetero.)

Gamers are literally sterile in that they aren’t having kids.  This wouldn’t be relevant except their ideas are all based on biology (or what they believe is biology) and evo-psych which in this case is all about reproduction.  All their rubbish about biology and evo-psych is meaningless because they, for the most part, aren’t reproducing.  While not wanting to get stuck paying child support is smart, they are failures according to their own philosophy.  I could beat them at their own philosophy even as a virgin by going to a place like the Rotunda Clinic in India and having children with their surrogate mothers and eggs.