24 comments on “Gamers Are Sterile

  1. If there weren’t laws to protect women, I could have impregnated lots of different women in my lifetime. Not quite sure how avoiding paying out of my ass for child support makes me sterile.

    Game works. Stop being a little baby and see for yourself.

    • You gamers base your self worth on a philosophy based on evo-psych bullshit where success means producing children. You gamers claim that getting laid is the same thing, but it’s not. If you don’t reproduce you’re a failure according to your own evo-psych bullshit.

      This must have hit too close to home for you since you’re bringing out the shaming language.

    • There are only two quantities of value females consider in mate choice, genetic benefits(indicated in physical attractiveness), and direct benefits(indicated in investment strategies with respect to material resources, and paternal investment).

      So, the onus is upon the ‘game’ community to unify agreement with either of these quantities(beyond a circular argument).

      And there are obvious reasons why physical traits are an obvious confounder of ‘seduction’ competencies(ie. because relative deviations in physical characters can reliably signal developmental incompetence, from which sensory biases become fixed by evolutionary success).

      In order to advance a similar argument(unified in a broad evolutionary synthesis) for vague(independent) seduction competencies(ie. ‘game’), you would have to show their basis in evolutionary success beyond a circular argument(ie. how did female bias for these seduction systems *evolve* – what advantages did they confer *before* they became correlated with male reproductive success).

      Until gamers can show this, they are leaning on naive premises(and, dare I say, unmitigated bullshit).

      Game is popularly interpreted as justified ‘confidence'(given the ‘congruence’ apology that is regularly appealed to when game techniques/methods are demonstratedly falsified).

      The parsimonious interpretation is that ‘confidence’ is a
      dependent variable, adapted from justified expectations
      (with a basis in some history of prior outcomes).

      In other words: confidence is the subjective consequence
      of an ‘expected value’ – derived of an obligate heuristic motif.

      But, correlation does not imply causation.

      It doesn’t just spontaneously organize within an empirical
      vacuum, and thus cannot be trivially acquired outside of

      So, what gamers(and their apologists) are truly observing
      (but not intelligent enough to infer), is not that women
      are attracted to ‘confidence’ per se(as an independent

      But, rather that the men who tend to be successful with
      women in the first place(for whatever reason), also have a
      high confidence(justified expectation) of future(continued) success.

      Also, evolution doesn’t really give a fuck how you rationalize your justifications for not reproducing – thus, in evolutionary terms, you are no different then the males you presume dominance over.

      Which brings me to the whole spurious ‘alpha-male’ meme.

      Male dominance implies subordinate status concessions – which no longer describes how mate availability is distributed in large, co-operative, and ecologically prosperous populations.

      So implicating dominance mediated mate access is nothing more than spurious self-promotion spun by imbecilic gamers.

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  2. Isn’t Mystery, as an example …
    separated from his wife?
    Can’t be healthy for his daughter.

    If it’s “Game”, it’s only really proving that “Game” allows you to “get” her, and not “keep” her.
    But on the flip side of it, women initiate most of the divorces,
    so even “Game” isn’t enough to some of them from leaving.

    Anyone want to run “Game” on the off-chance, that as a man, you will be divorced and lose half your assets and pay alimony?

    Ideally, “Gamers” would prefer it if they were allowed to have their fun without worry.
    Which is why the “men that are not wanted” are told to “step up and take the woman I don’t want to be with anymore, or you are not a man”.

    I think “Gamers” have earned the right to be surrounded by the women that want them,
    since those women, once so-“infected”,
    will be an emotional, mental, and physical liability to any man looking for an honest relationship.

    “Gamers” need omegas … more than omegas need Gamers.

    • Oh yeah …
      this also ties into the idea,
      that the man a typical woman MARRIES … is NOT the man they are ATTRACTED to.
      That’s why those women have a laundry list of things they want.
      If it was true love,
      everything else “don’t mean a thing”.

  3. You’ve got it wrong. evo-psych says that the reason we *like* sex is because it is necessary for reproduction, it doesn’t say that we *should* have sex only for reproduction. It’s a descriptive, not a normative claim.

    Take this example. Humans like the taste of sugar, because sugar is a quick, cheap source of energy and carbohydrates, which were hard to come by 50-100,000 years ago on the african savannah. that doesn’t mean the “goal” of human life is to eat as much sugar as possible. nor is this theory refuted by pointing out that people eat artificial sweeteners that have no carbohydrates.

    similarly, people like sex because it is necessary for reproduction. that doesn’t mean sex is the “goal” of life, what ever that means. it sure is fun, though. and the fact that people take measures to avoid reproducing when they have sex doesn’t say anything, certainly not that they’ve “failed” at achieving the “goal.”

    • One issue.

      You need calories every day to function optimally.

      You don’t need to have sex every day to reproduce. In fact women have and like sex on all days in the month, but they are only capable of reproduction during 2-4 days a month.

      If sex was all based around reproduction, then it would only be pleasurable during fertile days. Women would only crave or enjoy it on fertile days, but that’s not the case.

      • Women can get pregnant at any time, but it’s most likely during and slightly before and after ovulation. and indeed, as evo-psych would predict, women are horniest during ovulation.

        Secondly, you need to read some evolutionary biology. natural selection is not omnipotent. if it were, rabbits would have wings so that they could better escape predators. making women only like sex when they’re ovulating, and then not like sex at all, not even a little bit, during the rest of the month would require too much neural engineering to be worth it. the only benefit that would be gained by such an adaptation would be that women would be less likely to spend time and energy having sex when they’re not likely to get pregnant. such a benefit would be extremely marginal.

        • Secondly, you need to read some evolutionary biology.

          I have for 10 years.

          natural selection is not omnipotent. if it were, rabbits would have wings so that they could better escape predators. making women only like sex when they’re ovulating

          You don’t get it dude. You really don’t.

          We as humans EVOLVED INTO liking sex, it’s not by accident. It was a purposeful evolution. It’s not an accidental spillover from the liking sex for reproduction. We ACTUALLY purposefully evolved non-reproductive sex, or sex as a social activity.

          making women only like sex when they’re ovulating, and then not like sex at all, not even a little bit, during the rest of the month would require too much neural engineering to be worth it

          Every single mammal on planet earth only likes sex during ovulation… Except for bonobo monkeys (they’re just like us), and us. That’s it. Just us two.


          IT ACTUALLY TOOK “engineering” to get us to like it during NON-reproductive times. You have so much wrong in that statement it’s embarassing. It doesn’t take “engineering” to get a species to only like sex precisely when ovulating. It’s the exact reverse, lol.

          Not at all. We PRECISELY evolved to in fact like it during non-reproductive times. Seniors in the USA are some of the most sexually active people on planet earth, and they have a 0.00000000% chance of reproduction.

          And no other living being on planet earth (except humans and bonobos) fucks after reproductive years are gone.

          Read this

          Sex at dawn

          It’s a great book on the evolution of sexuality.

        • Also,where did you study evo biology?

          I am curious, because you are making appalling errors in inference(again, with respect to teleological reasoning – you keep on doing it, over and over again).

    • Yes, and evolutionary systems don’t bother splitting hairs of human rationality – a loser, is a loser in the game of reproductive sucess, no matter the justification.

      But, it becomes obvious that your conclusions follow a form of fallacious(ie. when applied to evolutionary systems which progress through blind empirical outcomes) teleological reasoning – which is to say that adapted behaviors and biological functions do not evolve to satisfy arbitrary goals and requirements(as your conclusions suppose), but rather they evolve from a prior history of successful outcomes(often in a distant evolutionary past).

  4. I once looked into pua and it said a lot of advice that i knew would turn me weird and the other 1% was stuff i already did on my own successfully.

    • PUA is mostly about separating men from their money.
      It’s not easy to get girls who already have pigeonholed you, to see you as a human being.
      That’s why, most successful PUAs, have usually moved from whichever town/county they were originally from.
      They’re free to re-invent themselves where the local girls have not yet gotten the Relation Aggression Train, running.

  5. AlekNovy:
    “Every single mammal on planet earth only likes sex during ovulation… Except for bonobo monkeys (they’re just like us), and us. That’s it. Just us two.”

    This is wrong. there are innumerable examples of nonhuman animal species engaging in all kinds of sexual behavior when there is 0 chance of reproduction: masturbation, oral sex, homosexual behavior, female birds that have sex immediately after they lay their eggs. your statement is dead wrong.

    • AlekNovy said:
      “Every single mammal on planet earth only likes sex during ovulation”

      James responds
      “female birds that have sex immediately after they lay their eggs”

      James… do you know what a mammal is?

  6. and this shouldn’t be a surprise. there’s an obvious reason why animals would enjoy genital stimulation: it’s necessary for reproduction. the fact that some animals have found ways to stimulate their genitals without reproducing is no different from the fact that we’ve found ways to get the taste of sugar without the calories.

    to think that an animal’s enjoyment of genital stimulation would “shut off” when genital stimulation wouldn’t aid reproduction is like expecting our taste for sugar to “shut off” when we’ve had enough calories. if that were the case, america wouldn’t be such a lard-ass country.

  7. and this shouldn’t be a surprise. there’s an obvious reason why animals would enjoy genital stimulation: it’s necessary for reproduction.

    Let me put it differently and bluntly for you.

    We and bonobos and very few others (uncomfirmed) are the few who PUT PENIS INTO VAGINA AND CUM, even if there’s no reproductive sense to it

    You’re going off topic

    -> The original topic was that ONLY fucking during ovulation is the DEFAULT in nature

    -> That means if somebody fucks OUT of ovulation, they had to SPECIFICALLY evolve that ability to fuck out of ovulation it’s not an accidental “spillover”

    -> Any animal on planet earth can over-eat more than they need if put into an artificial enviroment. In fact, animals when given unrestricted calories in labs get FAT… No animal needs to evolve into an over-eater. However, animals ONLY fuck in non-ovulation times if they SPECIFICALLY evolved to fuck for pleasure.

    is like expecting our taste for sugar to “shut off” when we’ve had enough calories

    What does that have to do with your original claim though?

    When people over-eat sugar it’s not because they need calories, so it’s NOT related to hunger, right? In fact it has NOTHING to do with needing calories right?

    By your OWN ANALOGY when people have sex during non-reproductive days it has NOTHING to do with reproduction. Therefore it can’t be impacted by the need for calories.

  8. Now, where gamer theory may be useful, is in instructing otherwise unhindered males against displaying/communicating/signalling loser vibes(anomalous signals which deviate from normal with respect to Koinophilia), which may work to confound positive fitness indicators.

    But, this will prove determinate to only a very small group of maladapted males, who are in every other respect, attractive to women(rendering the premise of ‘gamer’ self-determination, as false).

    • Honestly, I don’t have an opinion on it. While I think listening to a show on how to get women is a waste if time, Leykis isn’t slowing the progress of the MRM like gamers are.

  9. Without some kind of reproductive payoff, game can’t claim to deliver evolutionary benefits.
    It seems that even arch-saints of game have few if any children.

    If gamers’ main concern was evolutionary success they might do better to join a fundamental religion and get enter into a traditional marriage.

    After all, the average married Muslim is much more of an evolutionary success than Mystery.

    No, gaming is just a hobby and means to hedonism: an expensive hedonism with a tough learning curve. Getting started in the discipline is probably a lot more masochistic.

    Without the evolutionary payoff, it’s hard to justify spending a lot of time on seduction.

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