21 comments on “Women Don’t Want Decent Men

  1. the only thing women want out of a decent man is his money, they’ll string along a normal mentally balanced male and make him think she’s in love until they get married or has a kid, then she takes him for everything he’s worth and runs off into the arms of another scumbag bad boy or another sucker with money

  2. Women don’t want decent men,
    while they still have something to trade with the men they feel attraction for.

    If a woman near the end of her fertile years,
    Suddenly thinks you are great…
    ask her to introduce you to her younger sister.

    See how “great” she thinks you are then.

    The easiest way to know whether you are valued – is whether the person who thinks you are so great, introduces you to others and makes it possible for you to mingle in their social circle.

    Users want your contact with others to be restricted, so that you cannot get a different perspective, maybe a better offer, or avoid disaster by blindly following them.

    • Keep in mind that a relationship is not sincere when someone only values you …
      when they are not wanted by others.

      • Not just a pre-nup but a post -nup as well and an extreamly good team of lawyers.

        It’s easier to just not even bother with marriage.

        • Never live with them then.
          Observe what living arrangements they have with their revolving-door boyfriends.
          Forget pre-nups, there is such a thing as “common law marriage”
          which you can only have by them living with you.

          There are 3 reasons why women live with men they aren’t married with:
          1. To tell other women “He is my property”
          2. To gain a better legal footing
          3. To restrict the social footprint of the man.

          Do you observe that none of these have anything to do with how much love they have for the man?
          And that couples that live together … end up not marrying, and breaking up?
          Do the right thing – don’t live together before marriage. That makes the break so much cleaner, and allows you to know whether she is serious.

          Because if she can’t trust you with your freedom … she’s not going to trust you when you’re married.

  3. The upshot is, if you’re not genuinely wanted by women, you’re not scumbaggy enough? Well congrats, you might actually be a decent human being.

    • True, I personally can’t wait for artificial wombs to arrive.
      It may help women with problems conceiving … but it’s going to free men to do some real family planning of their own.

      Add in sexbots, and you have a brave new world. Worth staying alive for.

  4. I have noticed a similar correlary: how often do you hear of chicks leaving good men? All the time. How often do you see them leaving abusive scumbags? Almost never. The lesson to be drawn is clear….

  5. No, you see, all you misogynists are Wrong because we know you decent men are future misogynists and today’s jerks will be princely saints in the future.

    Don’t question me with logic, it’s abusive.

  6. I somehow stumbled across this web site and honestly am not sure if this is reall or not!

    I think my fiance could be considered an omega male (ok.. so we’re not virgins, but whatever…)

    He is a nice guy and NOT what you’d consider an alpha male. He loves video games, isn’t into sports and generally doesn’t buy into all the social norms. I guess I don’t either.

    He is not someone who jumps from woman to woman, he’s not rich and we don’t want children.

    I don’t want anything from him but his companionship.

    Why does everyone have to generalize everybody. There are crappy women and there are crappy men! There are also awesome women and awesome men out there.

    Anyone else agree????

    • The few decent women out there …
      are too afraid of the crappy women (or what they can do socially to them), to stand up for the good men.

      So you’ll excuse us if we lump you all together; the good women are not standing up in meatspace, for the good men.

  7. with so many low life garbage women we have these days, who the hell would want them. too many LESBIANS out there now as it is adding to the problem. and even the straight women now have such an attitude problem, and are so very hard to start a normal conversation with them. SUCH LOSERS.

  8. Oh please, All men are scum, the ones who are married and seemingly perfect are cheating on their wives/ gf, guaranteed.Men are useless for anything but their contribution towards pro creating and eventually they will be extinct, there are many more women in the world than men already ( thank god!). Men use and abuse women and think nothing of it. They are the scourge of the earth and all deserve to suffer for eternity. Have a nice day:)

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