17 comments on “How Long Until Taxi Drivers Refuse Service To All Women?

  1. The law of unintended consequences is feminazis worst enemy. 

    Feminazis give women the power to yell rape for any random reason?

    Unintended consequence: Cab drivers start rejecting female passengers altogether

    The feminazis then pass a law saying that a cab driver is obligated by law to stop for a woman and deem it illegal to discriminate against women.

    Unintended consequence: Men drop out of the cab business together and cabs all but disappear. 

    • The thing is that feminazis take male sacrifice for granted. A feminazi sees a man doing some work and just assumes its something “men just do” coz they’re men. 

      For example, a feminazi (or women in general) sees that men do all the work in dating by approaching, asking out women, getting rejected – and she actually thinks that’s just something guys do and will always do. 

      This is how she thinks she can teach women to mock, humiliate, ridicule and abuse men on a random basis, and it doesn’t even CROSS her mind that men will actually stop asking women out if women do that. It’s just something women take for granted. 

      A famous example was in a Canadian province where feminists passed a law. The salaries of construction workers were to never exceed salaries of cleaning ladies. 

      Unintended consequence: All the men quit and constructions couldn’t continue in the province for a while. 

      The feminazis were so idiotic as to think that men do high risk jobs just for the sake of it. They thought they could legislate away the rewards system, and men would continue sacrificing for society. 

  2. ^ That is pretty interesting about the feminists wanting the same pay for the construction workers and cleaning women. What provience was this in and how long ago was this? I would like to read more about this if there is any more information on it.

  3. While it is feminazis who bring this female instinct to an extreme – everyday females are led by it too.

    Everyday females today are wondering and whining “where have the men gone” – wondering why they don’t get approached, asked out or pursued any more.

    They took it for granted – they thought they could humiliate, mistreat and demonize men for approaching and showing interest, yet they thought men would continue approaching and pursuing regardless.

    Women just take privilege for granted and dont seem to understand reward and punishment. They thought they could remove rewards for certain male behaviors, yet still have men performing those behaviors.

    • Women take it for granted because they feel entitled to male labour.
      “Work” is something men do, because they like working.
      Some are even stupid enough to think their Management Information Systems diploma … is the equivalent to a Computer Science degree.

  4. Prediction: Once this ball gets rolling, feminists will demand a subsidized “woman-only” cab service, similar to what they have on college campuses.

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  6. The funny thing is – young women have always tried to “duck” out of paying.

    When I was a security guard, I remember more than a few cab drivers would tell me that some young women just got out of the cab and ran off. The cab driver would report what building they wanted to be driven to – in hopes of finding out who they were to file a proper report, but usually it did little good.

    All the cab drivers I spoke to (after the first incident occurred), claimed that young women were the group most likely to “stiff” them.

    I guess now, instead of running off, they threaten a false rape accusation.

    • Young women are also the ones getting many free dinners from men they don’t want to be seen with in their social circle (hence why they ask for the whole romance treatment and expensive restaurants : they are – less likely to run into friends – less likely to come up against competition – find a benchmark for their “value”).
      It also makes a great case for them to break things up in a scene where everybody else does not know the couple, and the shaming is much more effective.
      Thinking about people dynamics really lets you know why they choose certain venues to meet.

  7. The most blatant example of hypocrisy on this page is on the part of the commenters. You talk about “women in general” and say what accusations they make, what they take for granted and what causality they are unable to see. How are you any better than the feminist columnists (“feminazis” as you call them) spreading the idea that males are the ones who rape.

    False reporting, against taxi drivers in particular, is a serious problem but the women responsible for it are in a very small minority. The most dangerous group of people is one who thinks that all the people in another group are the same.

      • How do you tell a real accusation from a false one? You look at each person’s credibility. Butthurt complaints about the other gender destroying the world leaves you with very little.

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