19 comments on “To Avoid Criticism I Get Accused Of Leading A Conspiracy To Invade Blogs

  1. I can imagine there are huge amounts of people who stand to lose a lot of money once the “dating industry” is exposed for the shell game that it really is.
    Hooking up Smart, implies that you can hook up dumb, and hence, there are “rules”.
    But “rules” don’t mean anything to those who intend to break them.
    and many women intend to not follow through for a man who “disappoints” them.
    Hence why when there’s a breakup or he’s been stood up, there will be no reasons from her, except “I don’t know why I did that, but this is goodbye”.
    The thing about these -conservatives is that it’s always the man’s fault. It’s misandry in another guise.

  2. WN – do you know that saying “you can judge a man by the quality and number of his enemies”. I have a variation here “you can judge a man by the number of conspiracy theories in his name”.

    In other words, the very fact there’s all this crap these guys always come up with about you – means you are very influental. I’d be flattered if I were you.

    • Yes, I have heard that saying, and I think it’s also applicable as your variation is.

      I’m not sure my influence is that great. I know I don’t get anywhere near the hits that The Spearhead or IMF or A Voice for Men gets. What I’m able to do is drive fear into those who want to drive men down the path of being under the control of the vagina.

      • Well technically that’s what I mean when I say influence.

        Ratings (traffic hits) don’t measure influence. Some of the best-sold books do nothing to change society, whereas underground self-published books strike fear in entire goverments.

  3. Are you sure you are not involved in this conspiracy?

    I heard that you used ancient Eskimo igloos to travel to mars like they used to, unbury the hidden cloning machine buried deep in the martian soil, transport it back to earth, and make several dozen clones of yourself, and that is how you are launching a full scale troll-assault on her blog – using clones of yourself from martian cloning technology you obtained by traveling to mars using Ekimo Igloos…..

    Well, what do you have to say for yourself now!?

  4. WN,

    I have no problem with Susan Walsh or what she’s trying to do. In her own way, she’s trying to fix the massive MESS we have in relations between men & women. She has a daughter and a son she’s thinking about. Just my $0.02…


    • gotta agree with this after skimming some of her statements, she seems to be trying to advise women to hook up with guys who aren’t bad boys

      • I don’t disagree with your statement. But all she want is to lower the age of the princess that decides to nail a ‘nice guy’ to support her, in order to avoid the loss of her value in the ‘market’ that comes with age. Just go there and complain about the American princess, you’ll be banned instantly.

    • Susan Walsh was correctly diagnosed by PMAFT, when he pointed out a thread where she complained about male students cluttering up Student Medical Services then when challenged on this replied that, why, of course she wanted the boys to stay healthy, otherwise they’d be no use as husbands.

      That’s her whole ideology in a nutshell. Men are of importance only in so far as they provide useful services to the female of the species.

      There’s no better proof of that than her habit of banning any commentors who question the wonderfulness of the female of the species. Men are permitted to comment as long as they allow her to present herself as even-handed, but anyone who raises substantive points is immediately given the order of the boot.

  5. I put Susan Walsh in the same category as women like Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker. They are willing to stand up to feminism, and do so articulately. They also provide a much-needed wakeup call to men and women willing to listen. But ultimately, they are still female-centric. They are focused on putting women back up on the traditionalist pedestal, so women still have a pedestal to stand on when the misandry bubble pops.

    At the end of their book “The Flipside of Feminism” Venker and Schlafly still demand that men “man up” and marry despite the risks it presents to them. Schlafly has been known to call a man’s life “a dog’s life” and not worthy of those possessing the sacred vajay.

    Walsh, for her part, is hoping to support the very few “good” women still out there in their efforts to step on a pedestal. And she wants to help women in general become better liars so they can step on a pedestal.

    So I respect all three of these women, and appreciate their efforts. But I cannot say that I fully support what they’re after, because it involves making me into a pack-mule.

    A woman’s pedestal is made of men bending over. It’s time to stand up.

    • The only reason they “support men” is so that their daughters have someone to “marry up to”.
      Evidently, that means they don’t expect their daughters to either marry down … or be able to make a life on their own.
      For all their talk about how men are oppressed,
      they will not say men deserve to be paid more for their work (since they are primary breadwinners for families),
      nor will they put MRA’s or “nice guys” in contact with their daughters.
      Beware of false compliments or calculated condemnation – which is what these types of “conservative” women are very good at.

  6. Or we could ignore all of them and just date and spend time with the women who still

    1.) actually like men
    2.) don’t believe “like” = “give me your stuff”
    3.) are cute and take care of themselves

    I know a few. I once asked if I am the only one who does still. AlekNovy said he knows a few women like the above.

    I ignore bloggers I disagree with, and just hang out with decent people instead.

    But have your debate; that’s what the internet is for…if W&N wants to have this blog and allow people (like me) to comment on it, more power to him and you all.

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