18 comments on “I Support Herman Cain For President

  1. Notice that Herman Cain is made out to be guilty until proven innocent…
    while they have no words against the woman who claims to be the mother of Justin Bieber’s child – at that age, it makes her a rapist.
    So we can clearly see that feminists have no problem making an accusation of being a rapist, against a man, BUT NOT A WOMAN.
    So much for men and women are equal.

  2. If Cain becomes president, we might actually see an end to the incessant pandering to women by the mindless political class. It’s about time that a politician stood up and declared that women have responsibilities in life and are not entitled to a free ride. Cain might actually do that.

    The liberal lamestream media and their allies will do their best to discredit Cain and try to guarantee another four years of feckless Obama non-leadership. In a sense, it would be good if the economy really tanked in a big way in the next twelve months. It would make a Cain victory more likely.

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  4. Man is this manbooz character illiterate or what, here’s what he says in response to your post

    Notice that in white and nerdy’s version of the controversy, Cain has “pointed out” that he’s being falsely accused. Actually, what Cain has done is to deny that he harassed anyone

    Mmm, actually Cain did point-blank use the phrase “I’ve been false accused”. The amount of blindspots this Futrelle guy has in trying to make MRAs always wrong is just amazing.

    • Do you think he’ll apologize to you WN if I link him to 50 stories on CNN,NBC,FOX (etc) that are title “Cain: I was falsely accused”?

      • I don’t think he will. Futurelle and the boobs at his blog have at least a hundred other things they should apologize to me for that they haven’t at all. I don’t think he will.

  5. Try finding a non fuck mra’s post at manboobz because it can’t be done!

    These loopy morons from that site will paint you as a women hating bigot just because you’re anti feminist even if you can point out women being screwed over by feminisim.

    I Doubt any morons from that dumb site will say sorry to White&Nerdy.

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  7. Everyone running for most offices is either a liberal feminist or a conservative feminist

    And why not. Most “conservatives” nowadays are either liberal-lites, classical liberals or libertarians. Bunch of CINOs (conservative in name only). Screw both parties and the entire political class. They’re all liberal.

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