13 comments on “Herman Cain Makes David Futrelle Piss In His Pants

        • What’s even more eyeopening to watch is how the leftist go after a black man who can think for himself. Really funny watching left wing blacks attack another black man for making it all the while the rest of the liberal establishment looks the other way. And what’s really funny is that Futrelle and his ilk show that they are the real racists merely by their words and actions or lack of them. Can’t have a guy who came from nothing to running for President that doesn’t tow the standard all white men keep blacks down mantra now can we you bunch of leftist scum. You and the rest of the leftist keep believing those lies Futrelle that you spew because it won’t be whitey that shows you what’s up. It’s going to be those you keep down that will.

  1. Somebody help me here: does this guy even have a point?

    As far as I can tell, he seems to be saying the some MRAs are supporting a guy who’s stood up to feminist smears. And? This is a shocker because….

    Actually, there’s a certain irony here. Futurelle’s stupid post is the perfect summation of just why this case has driven so many men to say ‘no more’. Just like Cain’s accusers, he clearly believes that simply to accuse people of being heretics against the true faith of Feminism is argument enough to condemn them. Logic, evidence and reason are merely tools of the Patriarchy – in the New Girl Order, to be accused is to be guilty.

    At last we have a public figure prepared to stand up and tell the Feminist Inquisition to shove it.

  2. I do not understand the point of manboobz’s article. What is the argument? He brings up DSK and Assange but these two men are poster boys for victims of Feminist governance. This is because DSK’s case is now officially declared BS, and Assange’s case stinks to high heavens, and exposes the problems with an expanded definition of rape. Manboobz is shooting himself in a foot.

    • This is why several people have advanced the theory that Futrelle is really a MRA pretending to be a feminist. I’m not fully convinced, but if he isn’t a MRA, Futrelle is shooting himself in the foot on a regular basis. Take note of his “boob roll”. Why does he have a blog roll of MRA blogs? And why is it above the blog roll of feminist blogs? I wouldn’t have a blog roll of feminist blogs here, and I certainly wouldn’t put it above my main blog roll. Add this to how Futrelle seems to repeatedly shoot himself in the foot in the manner described in the post, and you have to wonder.

      There’s also the other obvious theory which is that he’s simply an idiot like all other manginas.

  3. I’ve had a quick read of the Futrelle blog. I’m not particularly gripped by the articles. It seems to be tongue-in-cheek at best.

  4. Dear White and Nerdy,

    Do you hate all feminists (i.e. group all feminist movements together)? How do you feel about feminists who also identify as masculinists and who vehemently criticize misandry? See for example http://www.feministcritics.org/blog/.

    In short, do men’s rights and women’s rights have to be mutually exclusive?

    • Yes I hate all feminists. I even include many so called “anti-feminists” when I say that I hate all feminists. Feminism is about advancing a female agenda which is not in the interest of most men. The particulars that one group of feminists believe in vs. another group is immaterial as a result. Many “anti-feminists” are promoting a female agenda so they are feminists, and the differences between them and self identified feminists are also immaterial.

      As a sexually unattractive man (and a 33 year old virgin) anything pro-female is dangerous to my property, my freedom, and even my life. If they thought that they could get away with it, everyone who is pro-female would men like myself into concentration camps.

      Womens rights is a misnomer. Feminists talking about “womens rights” are like the Nazis talking about “German rights” or “Aryan rights”.

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