24 comments on “Women Don’t Have Actual Problems

  1. women call their peers nasty names, backstab their friends, ignore their friends especially male friends in favor of some other distraction.

    Than when they get a fraction of the same mistreatment such as light internet trolling the same women act like a helpless little girl.

    Women can dish it out but can’t take it

  2. Also manipulative women are the most likely to be conned out money by men using the same tactics that the same manipulative women would have used.

    • Remember that a woman complaining about a cheater …
      is also usually the same woman that had the opportunity to be with a nice guy but rejected him.
      Hard to sympathise with a crook that gets cheated – eventhough you’ll never hear about the men she turned down or indirectly ruined through relational aggression.

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  5. Yeah, I guess people sending women death threats (for example, Kathy Sierra) over the Internet *just for being women* isn’t a problem. I guess it also doesn’t matter that that “Register-Her” site is being used to destroy women’s reputations (and potentially make it harder for them to get a job), just because some MRAs don’t agree with certain women.

    We should totally just accept the fact that women can’t voice their opinions without being told to shut up!

    • I guess it also doesn’t matter that that “Register-Her” site is being used to destroy women’s reputations

      All that site does is list factual information about what certain women have done.

      If that information ruins their reputations, they should have considered it before performing those actions, no?

      (and potentially make it harder for them to get a job)

      Wow… how selfish. Ever thought about those women’s victims? Nah, you don’t care that a woman molested some children, you just worry that the information of her doing so might make job-getting harder.

      You are despicable.

      just because some MRAs don’t agree with certain women.

      There is no “women who’s opinions we disagree with” category on register-her. It mostly lists female criminals, and only if they have been convicted in court.

      The bigot category is the only non-court-category, and that one simply lists things those women have said or done. If they don’t like the world to know what they have said or done, maybe thought about it before doing it?

      women can’t voice their opinions without being told to shut up!

      That’s a complete and utter lie. You do realize that mathematically your sentence above translates to:

      -> Whenever women say anything, they’re told to shut up – i.e. 100% of the time

      In reality, it’s more like

      -> An especially nasty man-hating bigot after spewing hate for hours a day for years, might see some random internet troll on youtube once a month tell her “oh shut up bitch” -> minute by minute that translates to less than 0.0000000001% of the time for something like less than 0.01% of the female population.

      So you only exaggerated by a factor of several million?

    • It is good that there is a database of female bigots so that all of us can see and have a point of reference. If we are lucky it might force other entitled princesses from opening their mouths in this way…

    • Arielle Shander, you should know that the information on Register-Her.com is thoroughly researched.
      Women don’t just voice their opinions. Many turn their feelings into facts, and from feelings into law.
      Feelings are a lousy way to run a country.

  6. The problem here is being lumped in as ALL WOMEN. If you are an “attractive woman” you don’t have any problems (and by attractive I mean the very tiny handful of women who are deemed better than everyone else because they weigh 80 lbs, have dd implants, fake tan and the all the rest with no room for “imperfections.”)

    The rest of us who don’t live up to the impossible standard are treated like animals. Called ugly, stupid, worthless, trash, etc just because we are women and don’t look a certain way. Or, just because we are women–this includes all women–we are called evil, whorish, dumb, only belong in the kitchen, are only here to bear children….the list goes on.

    And, not all women manipulate, troll the internet, have men do their bidding (although some of the “attractive” ones do, which is wrong and stupid and obnoxious)

    Why are ALL women to blame? Why doesn’t the ALPHA male have any blame here??

    Just curious…any thoughts?

    • Probably because the woman CHOOSES that the alpha male gets no blame. As an example, imagine the amount of women that would run to the defence of a football star who gets hit with a groping lawsuit.
      And that women regardless of their looks can claim sexual harassment, discrimination or “feeling unsafe” (whether the claim proceeds or not, the person said to have done the offence has their reputation ruined).

      Men don’t bother insulting women that don’t meet their standard; we’d be wasting our time, and women do a fair job of that on their own via relational aggression.

      Besides that, women can always get a relationship or sex when they want it,
      of how they look – the fattest woman in the world, Pauline Potter, had her ex-husband Alex, return to her because “he missed the sex”.

      Again … women choose that the alpha male gets no blame, since blaming the alpha male will get her relational aggression from other women, and also throws away her chance at the alpha male … no matter how slim it actually was.

  7. Hmmm…i guess I can agree with some of your points–especially the sexual harassment. It’s disgusting that women claim false harassment and they should be punished. (Personally, I am not attracted to the alpha male macho football idiot, but I digress…)

    However, I disagree with the women can get a relationship or sex regardless of looks. Not in this society! It’s ALL about looks.

    I, as an ordinary looking woman, cannot keep the attention of a man when engaging in an intelligent conversation if my gorgeous friend is in the room. I am not taken seriously, but she is doted upon and treated as if she is royalty and the smarted woman in the world just because she meets our society’s standard of beauty.

    In addition i know of plenty average or below average (in the looks department) men who expect to only date women who look like Megan Fox.

    If you put an equally unattractive man and woman in a setting where they needed to find a mate, my bet is the male would find one and the woman wouldn’t.

    Also, the fattest man in the world, Manuel Uribe, (he may have died so maybe there is another one now) was married.

    Also I have heard many comments against women just walking by and men saying negative comments about her looks (ie fat ass, butterface, those types of things.)

    Anyway, thanks for responding. I find this website to be very interesting and thought-provoking.

    • It’s all relative.

      Whenever women face up to this point they have to bring up stunning women as a reference point.

      But that’s not the topic. If you compare the ordinary woman to the ordinary man, she has it 100x easier.

      She thinks she doesn’t have it easy because she “only” gets asked out or flirted with like 5 times a year. She compares herself to the stunning chick who gets asked out 5 times a month and goes “sigh”.

      How would you prefer NEVER EVER EVER? An ordinary woman’s 5 offers a year seems like infinity to the ordinary man who will NEVER EVER EVER in his entire life EVER have a woman show interest in him first. And the only way he can find interested women is by being rejected say 10times for every one yes.

      Also, do note, when we say “even an ordinary woman can have sex or a date whenever she wants” – obviously that isn’t broken down to “every second of every minute of every hour” lol!

      “Whenever” – within a period of time. And as for sex? There were studies on this. Women walking up to me. And asking for sex NEVER EVER EVER get turned down.

      So when it comes to sex you literally can just run up to a guy, ask for it and get it.

      You can get dates almost as easy (most men will say yes to most women if the woman does the asking out).

      So when you say it’s not easy as an ordinary woman, what you really mean is that it’s not fairy tale easy… In other words if you want to have a date every day, you’d need to do a little work…

      And those “Megan fox only” guys? The truth about them is that they would say yes to a plain Jane asking them out. When they insist on Megan fox, what they really mean is “if I’m expected to do all the work and effort, I won’t do that much work for an ordinary woman”.

    • “If you put an equally unattractive man and woman in a setting where they needed to find a mate, my bet is the male would find one and the woman wouldn’t.”

      Any woman can get a mate by just asking a guy (attractive or not) to have sex with her. Men can’t really do the same thing to women, there’s a lot of effort involved and it usually takes time (or money). It’s usually men who show up with flowers and chocolates. Your claim is just unrealistic.

      “I, as an ordinary looking woman, cannot keep the attention of a man when engaging in an intelligent conversation if my gorgeous friend is in the room.”

      All of your supposed gripes are merely complaints about not being able to manipulate men better than some of your peers, particularly hot women.
      This goes back to white and nerdy’s point #2:
      “2. Failed attempts at defrauding, stealing from, or otherwise attempting to enslave men.”

      • That’s the trick most women play when faced with this obvious truth. They bring up hotter women.

        It follows the insane logic of “Oh, hotter women are MORE privileged than I am, therefore, let’s pretend I don’t have privileges at all”


  8. I guess I wasn’t entirely clear. All I mean with that comment was that somehow we are treated as subhuman if we don’t look a certain way. By having a conversation I didn’t mean a conversation as a possible romantic connection just ANY conversation. I don’t want to defraud, manipulate anyone.

    Have a good night, gentlemen.

    • When you want true equality you need only look to see how men treat other men. No different then you when they are near a hot women. Does that mean that they are treating other men as subhuman? hhhmmm.

    • YOU personally may not want to defraud or manipulate anyone …
      but many men have been burned by women in their lives.

      So, just as many women absorb that line “All men are rapists … they only want one thing” (which is kind of stupid, without that one thing, the human race would not be able to continue – thus proving that feminism has some genocidal/self-suicide undertones)
      So have many men come to understand that if they are “suddenly” attractive to women,
      they have something the women want.

      Understandably, the men are as wary as a woman is to a stranger asking for directions on a lonely street.

    • As oldman said…

      What you define as “subhuman” is simply neutral.

      Ordinary women ONLY get treated the same way the ordinary man does. In other words, when you meet guys, they treat you the same way they’d treat another man, no better, no worse.

      The reason it feels “subhuman” to you, is because you’re using super-hot-women as a reference point, the kinds of women everyone treats nicer.

      But that’s not a male thing. When I became buff (I went from a chubby body to a ripped athletic body and lean face), all of a sudden, women everywhere started being SOOOOOOOOOO much nicer to me. And I’m not talking in the romantic context… just random store clerks, regular interactions in the day… When I became “handsome” or “buff”, all of a sudden women started treating me more humanely and nicely.

      But again, the error you’re commiting is…

      -> Comparing how men treat hot women to how women treat ordinary women
      -> Not how the average man gets treated vs the average woman

  9. I will just say a few last things.

    Alek and Rpay, I do see your points. I guess my argument wasn’t much of an argument. lol

    I also wanted to point out that not ALL women are evil, rotten man-hating beings. And, yes they do have problems–possibly the same problems men have. Problems, nonetheless.

  10. Demirogue: Most neither know of what real isolation is or felt the pain of loneliness.

    Shorter version of The Black Pill: Women don’t have real problems, unlike me, who can’t seem to get a date to the prom. They don’t know true pain!

    Because your pain is so much more profound than everyone else’s? What are you, 13? Gonna write us some maudlin poetry about how deep you are and how no one understands you and how you don’t follow society’s rules? Guess what, dumbasses, almost everyone feels that way and we have the bad teenage poetry to prove it. Once you’re adults you’ll figure that out. Or not.

    If you two are adults, then perhaps you should consider stopping the navel-gazing long enough to notice that there is a whole world of miserable people out there. Lots of them are women and lots of them are actually very cool people, which you would know if you quit being arrogant, misanthropic little pricks long enough to give them a chance. Some of them aren’t cool people, them’s the breaks. Women don’t have problems? Only men do? Women don’t have feelings, only men do? Non-“alpha” women never get treated like crap? Women in first world countries shouldn’t complain, only selfish, anti-social male teenagers with crappy blogs and a childish, one-dimensional view of the world get to do that? Nice to know. Let me know when this magical universe where having a vagina means you don’t have feelings or problems becomes a reality, because I’d like to live in this world of sunshine and rainbows. That would be awesome. When the universe tries to screw me I’ll just point at my crotch and say “Take that motherf&$%er! What are you gonna do!? Make me male? Bwahaha!” and everything will be fine. Maybe rainbows will shoot out, who knows.

    More seriously, I know lots of guys like you. Most in fact, because alpha males are pretty rare and don’t hang out in my circles. The cool ones, which is most of them, don’t turn into misogynist little creeps who blame everyone else for a situation most of us would empathize with if they didn’t act like such asses about it. And I know lots of women like you too, some of whom are in very bad situations specifically because they were born 2’s or 3’s and not 7’s or 8’s, yet unlike you they have the extra burden of pregnancy to worry about. Which, if you think about, isn’t really that much fun when you’re poor, whether you’re male or female. Yes, some people suck. Other people are not so sucky. You’ll have a better chance of meeting the good people if you don’t turn into one of the sucky ones… or reject them out of hand because you have issues with their gender and as a result refuse to recognize their humanity, much less see them as equals. Or, because of their gender, dismiss their feelings as inconsequential. Notice what I’m doing here… I’m actually validating your anger at society- I share it, as do many, many people. There is a reason South Park is popular and it is not because we are all shiny happy people. So probably most of us do, to some extent. What I’m not validating is your dismissal of a person’s opinions because of their gender. That’s utter bullshit and no matter how old you are you should know that. And no, I don’t care if you think women do it or are meaner or some crap. I see men do it all the time, every day in fact- now, for example- and I don’t do it in return because I understand that it’s bs no matter who does it. Consequently I can see it when women do it too. It’s called fairness, you both should try it sometime.

    • Maybe you ignore the men who treat you fairly.
      More men treat women fairly, than women treat men fairly.
      This is why it’s easier for the local bike to get a date than the man who gets a drink thrown in his face by an oversensitive/mental woman (Having seen that myself, it was amazing to note that NOT A ONE of those women wanted to speak to that guy to find out the truth).
      Kinder, gentler sex? Or just better at hiding the nastier side?

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