22 comments on “Talking About Men Raping Women Is Making False Accusations

  1. I was gonna comment on that paragraph too, it’s what stuck out for me. I was going to point out something else though.

    every time you say something on the internet some random dude threatens to rape you

    SERIOUSLY? Wtf? In what delusional reality does one get threatened *every time* they post something on the internet.

    Seriously? Not even paranoid schizophrenics who complain about being stalked by the KGB, MI-5 and Aliens (all at once) go this far. Like every single time she says something, a troll comes out and threatens to rape her? Seriously, that’s delusional.

    I’m just talking the frequency alone, not even taking into account severity… i.e.

    a) On the internet everyone has that happen, it’s the freaking internet. Let’s say I (for example) post a comment on a metallica video, and an Iron Maiden fan says she’ll kill me for saying metallica is better. ITS NOT REAL, HELLO. That girl is not actually threatening me, it’s the internet. She doesn’t actually plan on killing me. It’s a youtube troll.

    These people (femi-crowd) are either RETARDED or using the most idiotic form of manipulation possible.

    b) They make it up… Lots of times they exaggerate. Some troll says “I’mma fuck ya hard you bitch and make you moan aaaaaaaaahahahrrrrrrrrrr”… And she goes “I was threatened with rape omg!!! call the FBI! call the KGB! Call the president!!”

    So, first of all, none of them is getting threats any more than what every internet citizen deals with, it’s called internet rudeness/trolling. And secondly, they make it up and exaggerate it to make themselves even more victimey.

    Progression of exaggeration

    –> First they take something that happens once every 1000 comments
    ====> and make it “every single time I go on the internet and say anything.

    –> Then they take this obvious internet-trolling
    ====> And pretend it’s an actual serious threat

    • I was exaggerating for effect. No, it doesn’t literally happen every time. But it does happen a lot more than it should happen, which is, you know, never. You guys are really, really literal-minded.

      • Doesn’t that prove WN’s original point though – that feminists have to exaggerate female problems to feel like women are victimz…

        Like basic online rudeness gets exaggerated and morphed into “cyberstalking, rape and death threats!!!!”

        Should never happen? What, Internet trolling and rude people?

        Well there should also rain kittens and be eternal love and lollipops all around. 

        See the point? Women don’t lead perfect problem-free lives = omg tragedy!!!!

        That was kind of WNs point. Imagine if guys went and whined any time a random woman was rude to him. Imagine if guys made a drama out of the the sorts of occurances these women have to turn into mind-dramas. 

  2. Any time *you hear about* a supposed rape it turns out to be false? Perhaps; but rapes do happen. If some regular woman gets raped by some non-famous thug or douchebag, you would not likely hear about it in the national press. A woman who actually did get raped or attacked would have a real problem. Just because false accusations happen and are a problem, that doesn’t mean no woman ever gets raped ever in America. Sure, some women who don’t have real problems complain like they do. You want to protest against that – well, that’s one thing. But I think it’s pretty unreasonable to say that no woman, anywhere, ever, has any legitimate problem. Granted, you didn’t quite say that but you almost suggest it in your last sentence. True, you did say “almost all the time” and not “all the time” so perhaps you recognize that. Look, W&N it *was* wrong for you to be false accused the way that you were. But women out there who didn’t do anything wrong to anyone don’t deserve to be attacked. And that does happen sometimes. It may not be in the national press and you may not hear about it, but go dig around in local news in various places and you’ll see it does happen.

    • One of the reasons WN seems to not care is because no women came in his defense.

      Further, feminist blogs are mocking and ridiculing him rather than admit a guy got screwed over and falsely accused.

      From his perspective all he has ever seen from all women is just negativity.

      • That’s right. I could not find a single woman who would come to my defense. Even my own mother said that I must have “done something” than got “misinterpreted”.

        It became clear to me that there were women who knew the accusations against me were false, but they picked team woman over the truth. There is no other group on the planet that does that. There is no team man, team white, team black, team homosexual, team Muslim, nor a team Jew (despite the BS of anti-semites).

        The only women who aren’t evil liars are those women who have proven themselves to be MRAs. The number of women who are true MRAs is in the single digits (and I can only find them online, never IRL).

        • I’ll throw in my two cents:

          Women who throw about false rape accusations cause a great deal of harm for women who are GENUINELY raped.

          It’s like the story of the boy who cried wolf.

    • If some men are unduly sceptical about rape, then that’s on women not men. It was women who decided to get behind each and every woman claiming rape, no matter how absurd the claim.

      How else to explain a case where a man is charged we rape even though he’s taking money out of an ATM on the other side of town? In CSI that would be the point where they decide they need to go back and look again at the evidence, Yet in reality Team Women insisted that this guy and the rest of his team mates in the Duke Lacrosse side was guilty, guilty, guilty long after the accuser was exposed as loon.

      Once they’ve shown that they have no qualms about trying to railroad obviously innocent men, how much benefit of the doubt do we have to give them?

      • Even CSI can’t save a guy if the power of politics has decided that he has to be guilty to make a point for a DA seeking re-election through a vote.

        Elected officials become people who want to hold on to the post, regardless of the truth or “innocent before being proven guilty”

    • @someone
      I notice that nowhere in your statement about women making false rape accusations,
      did you think that a man’s life would be terribly affected by that.
      Or that the woman would need to be punished, and things set right once again.

      Once again, conclusive proof that women are indifferent to what consequences their actions have upon others.

    • P Ray says:
      November 15, 2011 at 9:36 pm

      I notice that nowhere in your statement about women making false rape accusations,
      did you think that a man’s life would be terribly affected by that.
      Or that the woman would need to be punished, and things set right once again.

      Once again, conclusive proof that women are indifferent to what consequences their actions have upon others.

  3. You mind if we talk about rape and false claims for a minute?

    First, don’t bother reading Futrelle. He tries to reduce anyone he disagrees with to caricature, and ten minutes on FRS will convince any thinking person that these issues are way too complex for that. Yep, I go overboard sometimes — too often, in fact. But at least I appreciate that FRS only tells one part of the “rape” story. I am frankly amazed that Futrelle hasn’t grown weary of that cherry picking shtick by now. It’s too easy for someone like him, and the absence of any nod to the fact that some of the issues mens righters discuss are, by any objective measure, important makes him look like a classic misandrist. (Or if he has done that, I have never noticed.)

    Second, rape is a serious problem, especially in the inner city. Rape and unsatisfactory sex where nobody can tell what the hell happened is a problem on campus where drinking is involved. It doesn’t serve anyone’s interest if we don’t acknowledge this, and talk about what can be done about it.

    Thrid, the problem with feminist Web sites when it comes to rape is that they are almost all run by extremists (e.g., Futrelle cites Amanda Marcotte’s site at the top of his list of “antidotes” to my blog and others — that pretty much tells you all you need to know about Futrelle). Contrast those people, who seem to blog out of some emotional craving to demonstrate the moral and intellectual failings of anyone they disagree with, with somebody like Brett Sokolow. I formerly accused Brett of being the rotten core of the sexual grievance industry. I now believe I was wrong. He runs the company that advises colleges on sex policies and he is a true believer feminist. But Brett also understands the necessity to maintain that balance between punishing rapists and making sure the innocent aren’t punished with them. I personally think he places too much weight on one side of that balance, but I’ve come to respect the man, even though I strongly disagree with some of the things he teaches. I’ll be blogging about him soon.

    In contrast, the extremist feminist bloggers wouldn’t be caught dead even discussing that crucial balance. Or they’d insist that the balance is so heavily shifted in favor of protecting the accused (without knowing what the hell they are talking about–each seems to parrot what the other says) that only one side of the balance is worth discussing. Most legal scholars are, at the very least, wary that the pendulum is shifting back too far in favor of punishing rapists. You’d never know that if you waste your time reading those blogs.

    These issues are way too complex to reduce to sound bytes — for example, a lot of men’s righters instinctively believe that “the rape shield laws are bad.” I’ve heard some men’s righters say that without even understanding what rape shield laws are (they think they have something to do with anonymity). They are not bad — everyone who studies this stuff agrees that they were needed to reflect changing societal conventions and the fact that we shouldn’t be punishing women for having sex outside of marriage. Sometimes they’ve been applied in fantastically stupid ways. Another one: “it can’t be rape if she voluntarily drank herself to oblivion.” Can we please get off that? It’s ridiculous — even contract law has evolved beyond that. If you see she can’t make a rational decision about whether to have sex, you need to back off. But, as Brett Sokolow recently explained, impairment is not incapacity. Being tipsy does not make you incapable of making a rational decision to have sex.

    False Rape Society only tells one side of the story, and anyone who doesn’t understand that is getting a warped view of reality. What gets people’s blood boiling are stories of callous lies (I once had well in excess of 100,000 unique visitors over two days for one of those stories). But the problem goes way beyond the fact that some women lie about rape. It’s often a systemic failure, typically brought on by corruption or negligence or political zealotry. The women who DO lie about rape are typically pathetic creatures, and a lot of them have never heard of “feminism” or “patriarchy” or the like. Many are mentally unbalanced. The fact is, classic “chivalry” is the worst enemy of presumptively innocent men accused of sex crimes. And my own pet peeve — a reckless news media — has hurt a hell of a lot of innocent men.

    Balance. Nuance. These are tough, complex issues, and we do them a disservice if we treat them like the feminist blogs do. Does my blog go overboard sometimes? You bet we do, and we aren’t proud of it. But we are a hell of a lot more balanced than David Futrelle and Amanda Marcotte.

  4. Rape has become a target of jokes thanks to the Feminist rape hysteria. Now, some will say rape is no laughing matter, but it is. And while I do not make rape jokes, I cannot do much about it…

  5. Feminists aren’t even serious about stopping real rape. They blow up these cases like Duke and DSK to make white men seem like the most likely to rape. They can’t stand to think that minorities are the most likely to rape them. If they do get raped by one then it’s okay. Just look at the case of that relief worker in Haiti. She seemed more pleased than anything that she was raped by a black man.

    • That’s a good point. In the case of the feminist raped in Haiti we have to ask if she was really raped. As you noted, she seemed like she wanted to be raped likely as an excuse to attack white men. Can that really be considered rape when the supposed victim refuses to hold the supposed perpetrator responsible to blame uninvolved third parties?

      This is just another example that proves me correct.

  6. Mr. Harlan:
    You are doing a fine job at the FRS,
    That said, there are a couple of things you seem to not want to hear nor have published in your comment section.
    The fact that FRS’ give police more unconstitutional power, and the fact that they enjoy that and will resist giving it up.
    The fact that VAWA pays out millions of dollars into the court system, and that judges often get a piece of that pie and have been corrupted by the funds.
    The fact that the main impetus for FRA’s comes from the fact that the police and judges and the court system enable and encourage it.

    That said:of course there are good police officers,but cops do not have opinions,they enforce the law as given to them, and they Must please the DA’s and the PA’s and judges, that is the final judge of how well they do their job:how many prosecutions can they enable, by ANY means.

    When I was served the cop said ” I have seen these things misused” but he did not say he was against them.
    “If a law was made against planting trees the cops would be out in force on Arbor day”
    BTW, my last 4 comments never made your site,I may have been banned, or maybe it’s your spam filter, but it sure looks like a banning,the most offensive thing I said was what I’ve posted here.

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