6 comments on “Talking About Men Raping Women Leads To Men Getting Raped For Real In Prison

  1. Off topic:

    Mangina Maher advocates colonisation of male space, or in his own words, ‘moderating female influence.’

    • Dan Moore can fuck off and choke on his own semen. It is RAT POISON like him and his fellow game-cult believers that destroys not only modern malehood, but modern society as a whole. To put it bluntly.

      Remember: Gamers = Feminists.

    • After reading that I’m disappointed Elam isn’t taking a harder line against game. Does he want to have to waste time arguing against the paleo diet two years from now because that’s where we’re heading if we don’t squash the gamers now.

      • I think Paul is doing it just right. He’s taking a hard enough stance to where it’s clear enough he’s not going to let this become a “pua movement” or accept even the basic claims of PUAs

        At the same time, he will not go to the distance where he’d manually blast any little gamer sentence.

        There’s no need for him to do that, as it would just make him look dogmatic and ideological.

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