15 comments on “I Only Get Accused Of Being Part Of Conspiracies

  1. There is no conspiracy that makes women hate you, or me.

    What there is – 40-50 years of bogus factoids and HERstory revisions that have effectively vilified men like you and I in the eyes of women – hence, they find us revolting.

    This is not part of a conspiracy, it is just happening – mostly it comes from academics with degrees in soft sciences. They are not engaged in a conspiracy, they are just stupid and wrong.

    Although, lately, I have been trying to figure out who would profit from a gender war. It is interesting to find that some of these academics were former presidents of NOW, and are currently making a mint off of books about misandry.

    • Profit long term or short term? In the short term feminist professors, and women in general profit. In the long term men “profit” by learning the harsh truth about women, but I don’t think that is what you are talking about.

  2. What Richard Said.

    Feminism was all about freeing women to act on their natural instincts, no conspiracy required. Yes, they’re horrible to guys they don’t find attractive and slutty to guys they do. That’s who they are.

    Seeing how they act now, you can see why those instincts were repressed in the first place.

    • Hit the nail on the head.
      And there is a second part to what you say.

      They make it impossible/difficult for older men to seek relationships with younger women of legal age …
      so that the older women can have a cohort of sex-starved men to lean on and bleed off when they finish riding the cock carousel.
      (And these older women don’t necessarily have to be attractive; they just get around to thinking that their one-night stands are relationships and ignore guys interested in them for the long haul – that is one of the reasons behind the idea of “man drought”.
      The other is for their advancing years those same women have ridiculous demands for the men they choose to be in a relationship with, but
      no standards at all for the men they have sex with.)
      Hence it is no coincidence why people who get married where they are both in their 30s … are usually more likely to divorce.
      Simple reason being she is getting married because of baby rabies or the desire to cash out after having ridden the cock carousel.
      The guy is usually a decent fellow getting taken for the ride of his life that will see him lose his savings, physical and mental health.

  3. The reptilian overlords are displeased with your denial of your true power.
    You could rule the world if you just kiss the hand that holds the ring of power!

  4. @Coastal – I would say that what women are doing is not entirely their natural instincts – i.e. putting their children into the trunk – then driving the car into a river – molesting children, cutting off penises etc…

    I doubt that portion of their behavior is natural…

    The rest of what they are doing – yes – natural…

  5. I was joking about the reptilians, of course.

    The real reason you are drawing so much hate is because you represent a man who is willing not to have sex.

    This is the one and only tool that will bring feminism to it’s knees,and no one wants to hear it!

    Good for you!

    I’m 3 years celibate, and the women are worried.

    The men also keep asking when I’m going to get a woman!

    I’m not doing it to destroy feminism,I do it to keep out of the misandrist court system, to keep myself and my finances free.

    Anything else is slavery.

    A man does not have to be a slave to his sexuality,if it’s being held hostage,do not negotiate!
    Common sense yall.

  6. They are not engaged in a conspiracy, they are just stupid and wrong.

    Stupid and MEAN. Not stupid and wrong. Never attribute to stupidity what can be explained by malice.

  7. Those invested in inferior arguments love conspiracy theories, as they accord them a classic red-herring pretext for the purpose of diverting argument.

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  10. Hey The Black Pill,
    I know what you mean, If you are convicted of a crime you can just tell the judge that conspiracies don’t exist. Do you think that’ll work? If the judge tries to say otherwise you can start blabbing on and on about how the judge believes in aliens. Will that do the trick?
    Great Job!

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