19 comments on “New Name For The Blog: The Black Pill

    • The problem of feminism/women, of misandry, is pervasive. It permeates everything from the law to culture to employment and the economy, even religion. Because this problem is so pervasive and systemic, a personal solution to these problems is impossible. It can’t be solved with game, even if game existed, or dating tips like the gamers and others think. The whole system needs to be purged of its misandry.

      • OK, I buy that. But – any ideas on how to go about removing the male-hatred?

        So far, the only thing I have come up with – is to make silly videos/posts that point out how absurd the factoids and various other “beliefs” of that system are…

        Few people watch or read them though – and those that do – are “like-minded”, so I’d have to say in all honesty – I am having a NIL effect…

        ASIDE (you mentioned religion)

        Here is a FACT for you too – I was gonna make a video about it:

        If you watch any popular TV/movies that have a wedding in it, you’ll see a priest apparently holding a bible, and reading from it. The Problem: The words spoken during a wedding “do you (name) take (name) to be your awfully wedded (robber)” – these words do not appear anywhere in the bible.

        So – why is it that even during real-life weddings (I have been to about a dozen), there is always a priest holding open a bible, and deceptively appearing to be reading from it?

  1. I liked the old name. Too bad you really didn’t write anything particularly inflammatory or stimulating that addressed the issue of Omega Virgins.


    If you’re reading this, you might want to start utilizing wordpress codes. I love your comments over Dalrock, but I think they won’t be read well by some people because it’s not clear where you’re quoting and where you’re talking etc… etc… Try the following codes…

    <em>This will make the text italic</em> produces:

    This will make the text italic

    <strong>This will make the text bold</strong> produces:

    This will make the text bold

    <blockquote>This is used to create a quoted text, when quoting someone</blockquote> produces:

    This is used to create a quoted text, when quoting someone

  3. Delurking to say the “black pill” gravatar looks more like an alarmingly giant black dildo. I think the proportions are wrong. Try again, maybe?

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