12 comments on “The Rigid Orthodoxy Of The Red Pill

  1. Game and White Nationalism are inconsistent. Game is an individualistic strategy with little or no regard to the long term. White Nationalism is a collectivist strategy that aims to secure a long-term future for White children. Gamers aren’t noted for having children, or wanting them, or preferring “lovers” or children of their own race, let alone for wanting to restore social structures that would let all men of their own race do well in the reproduction stakes, thus preserving the race. White Nationalist sentiments such as “because the beauty of the White Aryan women must not perish from the earth” are contemptible from the viewpoint of gamers, and the ideal Gamer lifestyle is one that many White Nationalists would see as unworthy of Whites. Kevin MacDonald (not strictly a White Nationalist but an evolutionary psychologist with a sympathetic interest in the future for Whites) has written an evolutionary argument suggesting that Whites are particularly well suited to monogamy, and has said that there was nothing wrong with un-“liberated” sexual morality criticized by the “culture of critique,” a view that if accepted leads to condemnation for rakes and cads.

    Ferdinand Bardamu has thrown Whites under the bus. There’s no reason for anyone who believes “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children” to waste any sympathy on him or anyone like him.

    • Why is it that the White Nationalists are the ones claiming women get “fooled” into dealing with PUAs?
      Women know full well what they are getting into when they begin a relationship with a guy who isn’t honest with them.
      To take away their agency as the authors of their own misery, is to say that they are not capable of being responsible for their own actions.
      In this day and age, such thinking is positively … misogynist!
      Women, as strong and independent beings, are perfectly capable of owning their poor decisions and taking responsibility for them.

      “White Nationalists” are also conservatives … in the sense of “that man done her wrong, you be the man to fix it” nonsense.

  2. White Nationalism is an extreme manifestation of the anti-multiculturalist agenda.

    To quote Lawrence Auster, the guiding principle of modern liberalism is anti-discrimination. The anti-discrimination paradigm consists of three things – Feminism, Multiculturalism, and Gay Marriage in descending order. White Nationalism (challenge to #2) while highly deplorable from the anti-discrimination point of view, is of no threat to Feminism (#1) aka the State Ideology.

    You can still criticise multiculturalism and gay marriage in some Western countries, but Feminist criticism in the public sphere has a complete blackout in the West except for America, because in America there is still Freedom of Speech.

  3. How about we forget about “pills” entirely? The notion that the universe and everything it can be truly understood by taking one pill rather than another is stupid and juvenile. So is the notion that everyone who disagrees with you about anything has simply taken the wrong pill. There are no freakin’ pills. There is only reality, which, while not always easy to understand, is not hidden behind some all encompassing, conspiracy driven illusion either. What I find really amusing is that folks who make a big deal out of proclaiming their independence of mind and immunity from group think all use the same metaphor. And these same folks typically denigrate pop culture as trash, but then turn around and get their central idea from a comic book like Hollywood movie!

    • Which is just a tool to convey their paradigm to the masses. The “pill metaphor” is merely a convenient vehicle.

  4. BP,

    I, Eman (Desperate Houseboy), and others like us talk about taking the red pill. That said, we’re NOT players; we’re not PUAs. We don’t do the Paleo diet, whatever that is; I don’t even KNOW what that is! Some believe in conspiracy theories, while others do not. Some of us are white, while others are not (e.g. Eman). Whether we’re white or not, many of us ‘red pill takers’ agree with Fred Reed: if a culture is going to make it so ONEROUS for a man to marry and have a family, then it does not deserve to survive-end of story. We may think that’s tragic, but what can we do? We can only respond to the conditions we’re given.

    No, to us, taking the red pill merely means NOT buying into society’s bullshit or lies; it means not having to pursue wife, family, house with the white, picket fence, etc. to be considered a valued person. Many of us are MGTOW; we live our lives in a way that suits US, not society. Unfortunately, MGTOW is not a long term, cultural survival strategy. Again, if the culture is going to make it so punitive and onerous to have a family, then it deserves to die. For us to partake in the culture, there has to be some REASON to do so; that reason no longer exists.

    In closing, I think you have the matter of the red pill totally wrong. Taking the red pill means merely seeing things as they ARE, not as we’ve been told or wish they were. The latter is the blue pill, takers of which are your white knights, manginas, etc. Taking the red pill merely means seeing the culture as it is, i.e. misandric. Hope this clears things up.


    • MM, I agree with everything you said, but there’s a big problem. Just as message boards have gotten invaded and colonized by gamers, paleo dieters, and conspiracy theorists, so has the entire red pill idea. There’s more of them than you, and in effect they outvoted you.

  5. A variety of people choose to reject the P-C version of the truth and replace it with whatever makes sense to them. I don’t know anybody that that entire list would apply to.

    It sounds like you’re being deliberately ignorant here.

    • A variety of people choose to reject the P-C version of the truth and replace it with whatever makes sense to them.

      “Whatever makes sense to them” means that they have replaced the PC delusion with an alternative delusion. Alternative delusions aren’t better than the PC delusion, and they aren’t reality either. The black pill is about reality.

      I don’t know anybody that that entire list would apply to.

      You can’t swing a dead cat in the manosphere without hitting lots of people that list applies to especially since it’s a short list.

  6. White Nationalism (Whether this should be included in the list is debatable)

    It is unfair to include it on the list, because the people who have the first 5 is much much much larger than the group of people who those 5+ the 6th.

    • It is unfair to include it on the list, because the people who have the first 5 is much much much larger than the group of people who those 5+ the 6th.

      While I’m not sure I agree with this, I think you are right from a practical perspective. There is a lot of crypto-white nationalism among red pills, but it takes too much explanation to include white nationalism in this description. Even someone like Hawaiian Mangina supports white nationalism despite him not being white, but explaining something like that takes too long.

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