15 comments on “Another Conspiracy Theory About Me…This Time On Stormfront

  1. These people hate Jews so much they are unable to see that DSK is a victim and it does not matter what shape, size, colour, or creed he is. I do not hate the Jews, but I do not like leftists, and DSK is a leftist. Using the same logic, I should assume that he is guilty because he is a leftist, and that he does not deserve support and sympathy. It’s amazing isn’t it?

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  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    This blog is bullshit. More Jew trolls probably being paid by Homeland Security to psychologically abuse Working White Men and Women. They don’t want us to find mates and form families. I hope Thinking White People do not swallow the pill.

    Crazy how much time and money the Jews foist upon trying to genocide The White Race.

    • We don’t care about your mates or families. What we want is for you to get a job instead of keep exploiting your husband cousin for all his productivity and livelyhood while you sit your lard ass at home watching duck dinasty.

    • If the Jews are trying to prevent (white) men from being scammed by (white) women, then I thank them. In fact, I’m going to find the nearest Jew and thank them for liberating me from having to get involved with single mothers like Viking Bitch. (Viking Bitch is a white nationalist because she’s a single mother and is having trouble finding men willing to give her money.)

      • just think, she and Don-0-van could use each other. She could have her husband and Don-0-van his “beard.”

        Hopefully she doesn’t have any sons though. I wouldn’t want an innocent boy to get molested by a high profile nazi, er androphile race realist…

        • Wouldn’t that be acting like their Fürher? Or was it Himmler the one roaming the streets of Berlin with a thirst for young Aryan man butt?

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