27 comments on “Conspiracy Theorists Will Turn On The MRM

  1. Over at PMAFT a gamer is saying that all non-gamers are sock puppets. The delusions keep growing.

    I mean to believe such an illusion was somewhat easier years ago when game critics only numbered in the dozens. Right now however there are over 10.000 anti-gamers between just pua hate, sedmyth, lifestylejoirney… PUAHATE alone has 7.5k anti-gamers (im estimating the other 2.5k for the commenters on the hundreds of anti-game blogs around, since mos havent even heard of puahate). The vast majority of them are ex-gamers.

    How fucking delusional do you have to be in order to believe there are TEN THOUSAND simulated people all posting and conversing simultaneously?

    Seriously, in the past buying into game only required that you be desperate. Today it requires being on heroine.

  2. The MRM is already a conspiracy. Just ask the feminists. MRA’s are an organization of men attempting to roll back the clock and re-establish traditional values that kept women barefoot and pregnant. MRA’s want to re-establish the male-domination of women that has existed since the fall of the Goddess several millenia ago when men first learned how to rape and to use rape to instill fear in women in order to control them. The MRM is the oldest conspiracy of them all. It is older the the Rockefellers, the illuminati, and even the Jews.


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  4. Oh, thank GOD someone sees the truth of this! I have sympathy for the MRM, but honest to God, I cannot take them seriously when they bring up Aaron Russo or Alex Jones, or Jews! It’s ridiculous and none of them true. Feminism is indeed a hateful ideology, but branding it a conspiracy theory won’t fix it. When MRAs say they’re done with women and would rather have sex with sexbots, they’re doing exactly what the feminists want: a separation of the genders.

    When they aren’t yelling about the NWO or the Rockefellers, they’re saying how much they hate women. While it is true modern women are brats and feminists even more so, they tend to exclude themselves as part of the problem.

    Conspiracy theorists will bring the end of the MRM. They are just like feminists: spewing misinformation and using pathos to make their arguments more valid. Sad to say that this is the fate of our world.

    • When MRAs say they’re done with women and would rather have sex with sexbots, they’re doing exactly what the feminists want: a separation of the genders.

      Since women hate me for being unattractive to them, what else am I supposed to do? Women would have me thrown in a concentration camp if they could. I don’t want to end up in jail, homeless, and/or dead so I do the rational thing and avoid women.

      All women everywhere are dependent on men so giving women what they want will just force them back into living in grass huts. It’s not a victory for feminism unless they have a death wish.

      When they aren’t yelling about the NWO or the Rockefellers, they’re saying how much they hate women. While it is true modern women are brats and feminists even more so, they tend to exclude themselves as part of the problem.

      They exclude everyone who they think is not part of the conspiracy. That’s the problem because they don’t hold women accountable. They don’t talk about how they hate women. They talk about how women are the victims of brainwashing absolving women of any responsibility for their actions.

      • I hear your concerns. But there is no need to give up hope.

        Women are responsible, and women alone. No big conspiracies, no Jews, nothing. Just women. That’s probably why feminism is so strong: the attention is diverted away from it to ridiculous NWO conspiracies. I can’t tell you how many people on YouTube think the Rockefellers or the Jews started the Women’s Movement.

        I really don’t think they know a thing about history. Feminism was not started by Gloria Steinem and her ilk. It existed before her time.

        • Hope for what? Feminism is running everything. The so called MRM is completely run by kooks. Women will always support feminism because they hate the 80% of the male population they find unattractive.

          The only hope is that there will be a revolt by angry young men.

        • Not to mention men by and large hate each other.I think the ghosts might be the most correct men. Avoid men and women in general unless they share your values, work, have activities, women if you so dresire. No children, no marriage.

          Men in the west were the only ones capable of stopping feminism from being exported to every corner of the world. They failed, and now every man on earth will be feminized. Islam was the last, best, hope of inspiring a reveral of feminism, now even Saudi Arabia and Egypt has proto-feminists infesting its institutions. It will be slow, it will be so slow you won’t even notice its happening, until it does.

        • YBM, I came to the same conclusion about the ghosts. A long time ago I was reading Happy Bachelors or one of the other forums where ghosts are found. One time they were talking about Paul Elam and other MRAs. I was surprised by their negative opinions on Elam and being a MRA. Now, I get it.

          It’s also no surprise to me that the ghosts are the group of anti-feminists most likely on average to be rational and least likely on average to believe in conspiracy theory.

        • “men by and large hate each other”

          I don’t know about that. Women hate each other a lot more than men do. It’s common for men to unite around a shared goal. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to undercut each other because…well, who knows why they do it?

          “Women hate the 80% of the male population they find unattractive.”

          Yes, but they need us. They need us a lot more than we need them.

        • Yes, but they need us. They need us a lot more than we need them.

          That’s true. That’s also the only reason why we’re not sitting in concentration camps for unattractive men right now.

        • I agree with peterman, and not just out of anecdotal experience, but also from the research.

          We as men tend to only see our in-fighting, so it seems like we’re the more fight-y ones… In truth women hate each other more than men hate other men.

        • Yes, there’s a lot if infighting among women, but not when it comes to men. As soon as a man is involved it’s all team woman. That’s how you have things like all women hating me and the rest of the 80% of the male population that they find unattractive.

          Unfortunately, female infighting is completely useless to us.

    • I agree women hate other women even more than men hate women and do agree they infight more. The problem is that while women may infight way, way more often, but on critical topics will form a consensus, usually when it comes to preserving female power.

      For example look at female friends. They may tear each other apart behind each others’ backs, but if a male stranger approaches them and mocks one of them, even if he’s attractive, they will put a united front.

      Men on the other hand will do way less infighting on a daily basis and may cooperate more often, but once access to pussy is at stake they fall apart. Men infight less often but usually at the most critical points and on the most critical topics.

      On a minor level: Look at male friends. They may be the best of friends and never badmouth each other behind each others’ backs, but the moment a semi-hot chick comes over and makes fun of one of them, the rest of them will all fall over themselves laughing at her joke. They’ll often even mock each other just for scraps of her approval.

      • The best part of that is when you stand up for the other guys, the girl then accuses you of being gay.
        I’ve done it back to them though, it totally takes the wind out of their sails.

        Men need to argue against women, like women.
        and date women, like women.

        After all, if a woman can date multiple men simultaneously with the approval of society that “she is trying to find a good man”
        I don’t see why men can’t do the same.
        After all, men and women are equal, that’s what women keep telling us, right?

        • So they shame your masculinity for sticking up for other guys? It’s funny how these nonmasculine things women always shame us for always happen to be things that dilute female power, especially pussy power. Take for example the nationwide shaming of Japanese men going on for refusing to deal with their women anymore.

  5. @TheBlackPill It’s a sad world, eh? I have lost all faith in humanity. This is the first blog ever that isn’t run by conspiracy nuts. Though I have found a few (brent) that managed to spew their NWO bullshit.

    Feminism indeed has been the virus of humanity. Everybody hates each other. Well, all I know that it won’t end well for humanity.

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