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  1. Wouldn’t we have to wait till her son is older to make a fair assessment here? Isn’t SW’s daughter older, thus placing her more squarely in the SMP? Since the daughter is closer to the ‘field of battle’ (i.e. the modern SMP), wouldn’t SW, as a practical matter, have to help the daughter first? Also, since she’s a woman, wouldn’t it be more difficult for her to understand her son’s experience, let alone be able to help him in the same way she does her daughter?

    • Susan Walsh’s son is in his early or mid 20s.

      Also, since she’s a woman, wouldn’t it be more difficult for her to understand her son’s experience, let alone be able to help him in the same way she does her daughter?

      She doesn’t believe that or she wouldn’t say things like “frivolous divorce is overstated in the manosphere”. She thinks she understands the male experience enough to say a lie like that.

      Is Susan Walsh paying you to white knight for her? Your ability to ignore what is right in front of you and has been pointed out to you when it comes to her is mindboggling if that isn’t the case.

      • 1) No one, either SW or anyone else, is paying me to white knight for her.
        2) I was under the impression that her daughter was in her early 20s, with her son being in his mid-late teens.

        • Oh, and I’m not white knighting for SW or anyone else. That said, I don’t think it’s a good idea to shit on a potential ally, an ally that’s quoted in mainstream publications.

          As for the divorce question, the only thing we know for sure is that women file them at a 2-1 margin vs. men; that’s according to the Discovery Health Channel’s article, Ten Myths about Divorce. Finding a source that breaks down the REASONS cited for divorce is harder to come by. The only figure I saw was that men and women cited adultery with about the same frequency, or 24%.

  2. Women don’t give good advice to men about women/dating for 3 reasons:
    1. They don’t know,
    2. They know but are embarrassed to say it,
    3. They know and they know how effectively certain behaviours work on certain types of women, which means the guy has a shot at being in a relationship, thus depriving her of the chance to use the guy.
    To draw a horror movie analogy, most women prefer most men be clueless, so that any woman can get a favour off most men, rather than one woman alone receiving things from a man (or having to be beholden to him: it’s a lot harder for a (useful but not-attractive-to them) man to receive reciprocation from many women that he has done favours for — all will back each other up and call him a creep and perform relational aggression, than it is for one woman to hold back on a guy that she has to depend on.
    It’s the attitude of the locust vs. the facehugger.

  3. You’re right.
    It’s always team woman first and foremost,with SW it’s with a grudging nod to men.
    (due to MGTOW affecting more and more wymyn)

  4. Thanks for quoting me! Gave me a smile that walsh’s bs Is getting exposure. I wasted a lot of hours reading the site before coming to dalrocks.

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