36 comments on “I’m No Longer The Roissysphere Gamer’s Devil

  1. Alek Novy is my hero. He is easily one of the sharpest, clearest, most authentic, most intellectually honest, and most interesting minds in the mano-sphere. He is clean where so many are dirty.

    It is amusing to me how some people get so antagonized by his abrasive style – even back when I disagreed with him I found it entertaining, authentic, and colorful. At least it’s interesting and highly individual. If I have to read one more bland post by a guy like Freedome Twenty Five I will go nuts. Such a bunch of tender little flowers that they can’t handle a little bit of strong medicine. It’s funny how anything highly individual and genuinely authentic is felt to be disturbing in today’s world.

    At least he says exactly what he thinks. At least he is crystal clear. At least he does not fudge and hedge. Those are rare qualities in today’s world, where everyone likes the inflated windbag style of a roissy – whose pompous style alone should set the alarm bells ringing that this guy might be selling snake oil . Roissy forms so perfect a contrast to Alek that I feel compelled to emphasize it – roissy writes to seduce, Alek writes to get at the facts. Consequently, roissy is popular with the masses – how could it be otherwise?

    • I’ll give you this. Freedom 25 is a stupid cunt. Go visit the reviews on Amazon for his gay little advice book and see the reviews.

  2. They (with some exceptions like PMAFT ) are insane and are willing entertain any paranoid delusion about anyone they percieve to be their enemies.

    This can’t be emphasized enough, Black Pill. Ferdinand Bardamu wrote a lengthy response on his blog stating that he judges the credibility of a bloggers position NOt by the logic and evidence presented, but by the “verisimilitude” (his words) of the blogger. Bardamu explained that if the writers “seemed” to be “the real thing” then he accepts the persons positions as likely true.

    I found that mindblowingly incredible. For them, personality is the criterion of truth. It is a cult of personality, a strong need for a “leader”, a desire to escape the necessity of using their own critical thinking skills and just be “followers” – and they admit this freely!

    So for them it is perfectly OK to believe anything about anyone based on their subjective impressions of his “personality” – personality is their criterion of truth.

    It is just a radically different approach towards truth and reality than the one a rational man might adopt – I submit it is the characteristic mental attitude of the cult follower.

    • Seems like a rare moment of honesty to me. Forget all that talk about nailing HB10s, half these guys’ output seems to revolve around how they’re the Coolest Kids Evah!

      Against that background, considerations of truth and reality will always take a back seat to who’s really in with the in crowd and who’s, like, a total loser.

      Still, just because they admit they decide what to support by whether or not the writer seems cool, that doesn’t mean that their output on ‘Game’ isn’t worthy of serious study. No, siree, Jack. And if you don’t agree they’ll call you a big time super-loser to infinity plus one.

    • I would say that the people who go nuts over “anti-game” realise that …
      the more men refuse both to game OR reward playettes,
      the more angry single sluts needing welfare exist, the fewer men around that a player can situationally “show up”(fewer lame-o posedowns). Meaning that women will have to make better choices.
      And women making better choices … would make it harder to be gamed (at least of the type consisting of unsubstantiated conversational butter) – since they would be more aware that a safety net is less certain.

  3. Kevin,

    Yeah, I like Alek too. He cracks me up! As a writer, yeah, he’s abrasive and in your face; even with me, he’s been that way. At least he’s entertaining, and you know where he stands. BTW, I’ve NEVER read anything on his blog that would even hint of forming an alliance with Denise Romano or Lady Raine…


  4. More typical character assassination by the dipshits in the Roissysphere. Their attempt to insinuate Game into the heart of the MRM, by saying “it is build by men for men” is jackassery of the highest order. I guess by the same logic, “Feministist Men for Pedastalling Goddesses” should be part of the MRM, if it was “built by men for men”.

    • it is build by men for men” is jackassery of the highest order. I guess by the same logic, “Feministist Men for Pedastalling Goddesses” should be part of the MRM, if it was “built by men for men”.

      Hey me, stop posting! Prove that you’re not me! Heck, you just gave an analogy that I would have given almost word-for-word!!! THAT IS PROOF YOU ARE ME!!!!!

      Oh wait, but I’m not me, I’m really barbarossa, who is himself a sockpuppet of Fidelbogen, who was actually a creation of the puhate.com people, who are themselves simulated people run by a computer simulation coded by omega 😀

  5. Why are you against game/Roissy?

    Are you saying you don’t believe it is correct or you think it is immoral? One must be completely delusional to think that game’s effectiveness is not real. We all remember back in Highschool when all the pretty girls went after the assholes and not the smart, nice guys.

    Game is just giving women what they want, no worse than a woman losing weight and using make up to attract a guy.

    • The slight bit of difference there is that women don’t develop health problems from reasonably losing weight, or using makeup.
      Of course, women get into relationships with players of their own free will. Many of their mental problems get worse too.
      Of course … players got really good only when they had their hearts smashed by a woman they cared about.

      The problem that few want to talk about … is that even gamers are scared of directly holding women accountable for their bad choices – only the MRAs/MGTOWs do that. By not dating them, or even shaming them(shaming happens less because men do not want their employment prospects tarnished by a slut hurling false accusations or saying they “feel bullied/scared/demeaned” to HR).

      I see PUAs and MGTOWs as delaying marriage for unsuitable women (but remember even some MGTOW men marry too).
      Which is fine, since women are free to make their (poor) choices. The people telling men to man up are the players — who want others to take their leavings and all the attendant risks of divorce(a slut out of the way is also one less cockblock), and the sluts — who don’t want to be compared against chaste women so that they have a fallback guy they can divorce.

      When the pretty girls go after assholes, it’s a good time to remember not to give them a chance later in life.
      The time they create hoops for men to jump through, is when they DON’T consider the man worthy, or worth any consideration.

  6. I know this might surprise some people, but I’m absolutely and positively excited about this latest level of paranoia and delusion even though I’m the primary target*. Why?

    Let me remind you, I have been de-programming guys from the game cult for a looong time. I know all the patterns and stages that a guy leaving the cult goes through right before they leave the cult. What I’m seeing above is one of the last stages of violent revulsion right before having an anti-game epiphany.

    I’ll respond to individual things below.

    • Does the average gamer who has never heard of Roissy get this paranoid, Alek? From what you said before I got the impression that such paranoia was limited to the Paleo-Game Cult and other Roissysphere gamers.

      • Well we had this discussion before, so I’ll just reconfirm what I said. The average gamer (that’s 99% of the game community) is about 100x less insane than the roissysphere.

        The average gamer in the overall community is a bit more into new-agey fads than the average citizen, but not by much. There are no racists in the community for example, but bashing blacks seems to be a daily occurance in the roissysphere.

        The roissysphere is the fringe of the fringe of the fringe of the community. This is why I wasn’t all that anti-game for many years after leaving the cult. I saw it as a thing that robs men of a few years and such, but I wasn’t that passionatelly against it. In fact, I kept quieit about my dislike of it for a few years.

        It was only after I saw the roissyite religion invading the MRA that I got involved. In fact, as you know, I for a moment made the same mistake that you made. I forgot that roissy-ites are NOT representative of the community at large. For a moment I equated the two and forgot the difference.

        • Thanks. That’s what I thought, Alek. Have you ever de-programmed a Roissyite gamer? It seems like they would be a tougher nut to crack if not impossible to de-program.

        • Thanks. That’s what I thought, Alek. Have you ever de-programmed a Roissyite gamer? It seems like they would be a tougher nut to crack if not impossible to de-program.

          Depends on how you define a roissy-ite gamer. If you define it as “someone who follows roissy religiously and blogs about it” – then no, I haven’t.

          I did deconvert several people who kinda-were into roissy. You can see some of the comments during the end of the elam-frost debate. A few people were deconverted during that debate, and several thanked me privately for waking them up.

          A few guys at seduction-myth also thanked me for seeing the light, but I’m nto sure if they came from roissy-ite land or general gamer-land.

        • I wonder if its possible to deprogram a true Roissyite gamer. Their fanaticism borders on paranoid schizophrenia. I’m not talking about otherwise reasonable men like PMAFT who are on the fringes of the Roissysphere and are against the paleo diet and conspiracy theory.

          Can a real Roissyite gamer be deprogrammed since his insanity goes far beyond game?

  7. Before you defend AlekNovy as an MRA, you should know that he has repeatedly attempted to join forces with Denise Romano and Lady Raine in order to get Roissy and KrauserPUA shut down.

    The funny thing here in PUA-land conspiracy nut paranoia is that I don’t even know who KrauserPUA is, at least not off the top of my head. The name denise romano sounds familiar as having been mentioned somewhere in the manosphere.

    The funny thing is, these guys sound SO convinced I have aligned with this denise romano chick that I had to actually check wtf they’re talking about. Maybe (like with the lady raine case) it’s someone I have talked to in the past about something and they blew out of proportion? I do have good memory, but it’s possible gamers have better memory than I do.

    So I went and googled “denise romano alek novy” on google. The only results that come up is gamers talking about “alek novy – denise romano” conspiracy. Isn’t that funny? The only mentions of those two names on the entire internet are by gamers themselves, lol.

    Maybe I called my friend, the CEO of google to scrub any mention of aleknovy and denise romano talking together?

  8. Even Paul Elam grudgingly accepts the need for game

    Actually, that’s a blatant lie. I talk to Elam personally.

    If you look clearly at AlekNovy, he’s basically trying to tear down one of the largest communities created by men for men, the PUA & game community

    Do they not see the cognitive dissonance here? Let me show you the irrational delusional inconsistency here…

    -1-> Gamers believe in the myth of the alpha. This myth states that if you’re alpha enough you literally are immune to anything – you never get FRAs, family courts treat you fairly (the judge even sucks your dick), women go out of their way to fuck you, the world does your bidding (bla bla bla) – you have absolute control and lord over “betas”

    -2-> Gamers see themselves as a collection of ultra-alphas

    -3-> Gamers say that anyone against their cult is a massive beta, technically that qualifies me as a “massive beta”

    -4-> The entire community of anti-gamers (7500 people on puahate.com alone) are all sockpuppets, aleknovy literally voices 50 puppets all at once (that evil genius he)

    So… Do you see the conclusion here? A SINGLE one guy, a single “beta” is threatening a community of ultra-powerful alphas.

    Gamers are amazing at cognitive dissonance. As john @ lifestylejourney puts it… “Being and staying a gamer requires an amazing ability of dealing with cognitive dissonance”. I’m actually paraphrasing.

    Or maybe I’m not? I guess John is also me, yep, probably. The 7500 people at puahte.com are also all me.

  9. Not only that, but he’s spent over 3 or 4 years attacking a large community run by men, again what self respecting MRA would ever spend so many years attacking a community of men?

    3-4 years? I discovered Roissy 2 years ago, and only started attacking them about 6-12 months ago when I was inspired by Barbarossa’s anti-game videos.

    Maybe I’m also Barbarossa? That’s right, I’m really a guy in the USA, and I use proxies from europe to look european. Or wait, maybe BlackPill (omega) is Barbarossa and I’m really omega!?!?!?!? This is getting a bit confusing, I can’t keep track of the conspiracy.

    OH BUT WAIT? MAYBE I’M FIDELBOGEN TOO? BECAUSE FIDELBOGEN – the greatest counter-feminist in the history of MRA also came out against game. In fact, we’ve been corresponding privately since he revelaed he’s writing a treatise against game and how it’s hurting the MRA and needs to be expunged off of the MRA and he has been consulting me on it.

    So let me get this straight… I hired one actor to play Fidelbogen and another actor to play Barbarossa? Man I’m good!!! So I pretended to be the greatest counter-feminist thinker of all times, and did that act for 5 years, so I (me fidelbogen) can then come out and bash game… Wow…

    How is that I have all this time to invest in being 5000 people at once, AND hire professional actors all at the same time? Maybe I inherited money from my grandpa rockafeller? That must be it. With these nuts everything comes back to Rockafellah eventually. I guess I’m rockafellah’s love child he had with a eastern european princess or something… lol.

  10. Also if you look at his earlier post here, he admits he runs multiple sites to make it look like some sort of movement against game, when it is in fact just him & about 3 or 4 people

    Is he

    a) retarded
    b) lying on purpose?
    c) drunk?

    If he’s lying, then it’s a pretty bad lie, because what he’s referencing is just a scroll away, and anyone can see that what he’s mis-representing is light-years away from what I said.

    What I did talk about was this:

    a) I used to sell game professionally years ago. Back then I built up several businesses (and websites) selling and producing game products and seminars and made ventures with many leading game gurus. Back in those days I believed in game. I even inheritted from an old business partner the biggest game forum in my part of the world (still own it).

    b) When I left game, I left gradually. Nobody becomes an anti-gamer overnight. You just think it’s a harmless thing you “maybe” wasted “some” time on at first and you rationalize all the years you wasted on it. So I never deleted the gamer websites and forum I own.

    c) Because I don’t want to be a hypocrite, the more I became an anti-gamer, the more I ranted against game on the forum, over a year, I converted most of the people on the forum. It’s now mostly an ex-gamer forum. We still house all the PUAs too (we give them a pua corner sub-forum and we mock them lol).

    d) I feel bad about making money from sites that are basically a collection of gamer theories and bullshit, but I’m too greedy to delete them (they still pull revenue despite me not having touched them in years). I will eventually come around to hiring someone to replace the content on them with rational dating advice and warnings against game.

    Mr. Gamer Paranoia read ABCD to mean “Alek spent several years building up a network to attack game” 😀 I bet Rockafellah helped me too? Oh, and I also probably built PuaFraud, PuaHate, LifeStyleJourney, Revolution31 and all the other anti-game communities and sites? I’m also 10,000 people simultaneously… and I manage to simulate dozens of people all talking at the same time.

  11. If you look at deansdales blog, you can see harry & aleknovy spamming the crap out of his blog, with their inane anti-game rants

    I’ve visited dalrock’s blog once that I remember, it was back when he was vomitting his bullshit on the paul debate. That’s the only time I recall commenting there. I don’t know who deansdale is. I’m guessing somebody whom I noticed traffic from on my blog and commented on at at one point or another?

    I googled “deansdale aleknovy”

    I’ve seen the exact same arguements & rants copy & pasted on dalrocks blog & in the paul elam debate

    So let me get this straight… Everyone who disagrees with the gamer cult is aleknovy using a sock-puppet account, but he’s so careless as to copy-paste the same comments everywhere because he’s too lazy.

    That’s not very effective sock-puppeting is it? Or maybe he doesn’t mean it literally, but he means “all their arguments sound almost the same”?

    In that case, maybe that has to do with the fact that there’s just one truth? All ex-gamers sound the same coz we all followed the same journey and awoke from the cult in similar ways.

    Does this dork believe that all 10,000 people on anti-game communities and forums are all fake? Because they all have the same thing to say about their ex-cult.

    Funny how me, barbarossa, omega, and fidelbogen all say the exact same thing. So at the very worst, there’s 4 of us running 10,000 sockpuppets?

    Under the pseudonyms of George & Paragon on Dalrocks blog

    & Harry & Alek Novy in the paul elam debate, & Harry & Alek Novy at deansdales

    I’m actually flattered by this, considering that Paragon is 10x more intelligent than I am, and he actually has the patience to calmly and politely talk to these retards without losing his cool 😀 I could never do that.

    So yea, PMAFT if you wanted evidence of Aleknov’s sockpuppetting there it is …


    Gamer: I believe that A is B

    Gamer: Therefore, you have evidence that B is A


    Omg, that level of retardation can only be reached by someone with the intellectual depravity of a gamer. Not even the average scientologist can be this retarded 😀

    Then again, as the guy at seductionmyth points out, a lot of game is based on this “logic” and “arguing from authority”. I say that X is Y, and therefore Y is better than Z, and since Z is x, then there I have proven that you need to do Z or ELSE.

    With that fucking logic you can’t even get past elementary school. Sometimes I wonder if these guys aren’t just delusional but also snorting cocaine. Its just impossible for a sober human brain to be this fucked up.

  12. Alek,

    I followed the link to PMAFT’s post, and I followed the links there to LR’s blog. What’s up with you and Lady Raine? What do you have to say in response to the points others have raised WRT Lady Raine? I don’t know what to make of that…


    • “You and lady raine”?

      The extent of “me and lady raine” goes to a grand total of exchanging 3 comments with her.

      Unlike gamers I have a life and am not up on the latest dramas. I did

    • Comment got cut-off midway coz I was on the cellphone, here’s the full comment.


      “You and lady raine”?

      The extent of “me and lady raine” goes to a grand total of exchanging 3 comments with her on bashing roissy. I found her post by googling for criticism of roissy, and hers was the best-ranked in google so I decided to get a backlink from her site to my Roissy post.

      Knowing that it’s a feminist blog, I have to be more diplomatic to not get deleted. It worked. I get dozens of hits to my roissy-post coming from that comment.

      Unlike gamers I have a life and am not up on the latest dramas and conspiracy theories. So my knowledge of lady-raine was limited to one single-post of her criticizing Roissy. I wasn’t up on any previous conspiracies or dramas nor did I care. That’s it.

      Gamers assume that everyone spends all day analyzing enemies of game like they do, so if I posted on a blog, I must have read every single thing that person ever wrote or know every spat between every gamer blogger in the roissy-sphere.

      I don’t, and I haven’t. I just land on a blog-post, comment on that post, and that’s that.

      For example I’ve commented once in my entire life (I think) on dalrock, and have never read anything else that guy has written, but gamers assume I must have read every single thing he’s written or that I hang out at gamer blogs and follow the latest game news. I don’t. I open roissy’s blog once a month, but that’s it.

      I know it’s really hard for gamer-hermits to believe a man has a life, since most of them don’t, but the extent of my blog-involvement is reading your blog, men-factor, omega’s and that’s it. Once a month I’ll follow a link to somewhere else or feminist-critics, but that’s it. I am too busy to be following manosphere drama.

      p.s. => The second “opinion” comment is something I was playing around with on feminist blogs to see what reactions I can get out of feminists.

      I was trying to get a feel for their psychology and if it’s possible to communicate the same thing in “feminist-speak” and get them to agree that unattractive men need help. Oddly enough, my experiment resulted in many feminists for their first time in their life not bashing unattractive men.

      Here’s an example:

      The exact same comment I posted at lady-raine’s. I posted it on several dozen websites as an experiment to test how the feminazis respond. If you’ll notice the dates, they are before lady-raine’s. So not only was it not written for lady-raine, it was written as a general test that I copy-pasted on many feminazi blogs to see what happens.

      If you want the full story on that experiment I was doing, see this:


      This is me arguing with a feminist and explaining how that exact same comment is the exact same thing they would call “misogynistic” if it’s written in less diplomatic language. Read the debate between me and that femmie on there. I pointed out how when she read my MRA-lingo explanation of why men shouldn’t boost the ego of random bitches, she sees it as “misogynistic”, but when written diplomatically, she likes it 😀 Even though I’m saying the exact same thing.

      Feel free to google the comment, and you will see I posted the EXACT comment on several dozen femmie blogs as a test over a few months.

      • Alek,

        Thanks for clearing things up. What you say makes sense. I wanted to ask you directly, rather than jumping to the various and sundry (not to mention wrong) conclusions other drew at the PMAFT thread.

        Now, as for my reading, I’m in between. While I didn’t follow the Roissy/LR brouhaha blow by blow, I followed it enough to know what was going on. My take on the matter echoes Ferdinand Bardamu’s-mainly that Roissy was an IDIOT in how he handled LR. Roissy should have just ignored her.

        For regular reading, your blog is a must-see, as is Alcuin; I stop by your blog and Alcuin’s every day to see what you all have to say. You guys always have something interesting and relevant to say. As for Dalrock, I’ll check him out if he has something interesting posted; the same goes for Susan Walsh and The Spearhead. Basically, I scroll EW’s list of links, see if something catches my eye, then check it out. There are only a handful of blogs on my ‘must read’ list.

        Speaking of having a life, I have to get back to living mine. I’m going to sign off, shower up, and get ready for bed…


      • If you have time, read the whole debate. In it I conclusively proved that “creepy” is a bullshit term invented by women to demonize guys they’re not attracted to, and I also completely ripped apart the bullshit about “sexual harassment” and how it’s a total and utter scam. This is how it all started actually. When I ripped that femmie to shreds and prove sex-harassment is a scam here:


        1) I ripped sex-harassment to shreds and suggested anti-game as a solution for men who are tired of dealing with bitchy women

        2) The femmie on there whined that “anti-game” is misogynistic.

        3) I then rewrote it in new-agey femmie-terms and showed how the exact same suggestion that men like, women like when written in nice, soft words and I even got some feminazis to agree with it, even though they’d ban me for the anti-game (don’t boost random bitches’ egos) article… even though they say the exact same shit.

        4) I then copy-pasted the soft-lingo version on several dozen feminazi blogs to test my theory (including lady-raine’s), and I was right, I could get even utterly man-hating feminazis to agree with it, if it was simply phrased differently. The point of my experiment was to see if I can get feminazis to admit that sexually unsuccesful guys are not evil and just how much of their irrational hate can be reframed.

        *-I don’t remember where I initially came up with the experiment, it might not have been on this post. I just know I posted and refined it and experimented with it to see what happens. You can google it and see for yourself.

        • AlekNovy wrote:
          The extent of “me and lady raine” goes to a grand total of exchanging 3 comments with her on bashing roissy. I found her post by googling for criticism of roissy,

          Figures – she’s a piece of work, but it also follows that you might not be bothered knowing the ugly details of all of his personal feuds. Some of the guys on the PMAFT have jumped to conclusions about you that go way beyond the evidence shown.

          I’d like to know a bit more about the gaming sites you own – urls, etc. Also a lot of pro-gaming blogs have written about overall female psychology even when it didn’t directly have to do with getting laid (i.e. rationalization hamster). Maybe you could weigh in here too.

          I ripped sex-harassment to shreds and suggested anti-game as a solution for men who are tired of dealing with bitchy women

          99.99% of sex-harassment is about ‘protecting’ women from the attentions of unattractive men. The SNL skit on it said it all.

    • Hey are you another one of my “sock puppets”? I don’t remember creating you. You know ME it would help if you didn’t use the same words as me, the gamers are onto you… I mean me. It’s pretty obvious you’re me since you referred to the gamer cult as a “cult” and as we know, nobody on planet earth has ever figured out they’re a cult (except the 7500 people at pua hate, but I digress).

      So me… Be a more efficient sock puppet mmmkay? The gamers are onto us, I mean onto me. Thanks me.

      • Come now, Alek. You don’t remember creating me? I am wounded. Deeply. But you do have 7500 or so of us to maintain, so I guess it’s understandable…

        I forgive you, me. 🙂

    • If only because it gets her more attention and maybe nights out and the chance to trade up.
      Then again, for the most part PUAs hit it and quit it, with any luck keeping such women out of circulation so that they don’t get a chance to build up their years to create the conditions for divorce theft.
      Women who complain about being played, sounds a lot like a thief complaining they were stolen from. Hard to be sympathetic.

      • Then again, for the most part PUAs hit it and quit it

        Not really… that’s their fantasy, but in real life, most PUAs spend years hitting on every chick in sight and getting a ton of numbers that go nowhere.

        When they do finally get laid with one chick, they ussually get into a hardcore relationship with her. So anyone who studies PUAs for more than a few months, as an outside observer quickly sees that the pua frame is the best way to get a guy to worship and invest a ton of effort into a pussy, while still thinking he’s a “playa”.

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