19 comments on “If Something Causes Chest Pains, It’s A Bad Idea

    • I can’t wait till hawaiian blob releases a piece on how this chick works for the evil food processing industry, or is a paid shill of “pharma” 😀

  1. I know personally two people who have followed the Atkins diet. They lost some weight but turned into the most miserable curmudgeonly people you could wish to meet.

    I also know of a friend of mine who told me one of his company directors also turned into a bad-tempered old bastard after following the Atkins diet.

    I think there’s more than a grain of truth in the vid posted by Newt.

  2. As has been often stated here & elsewhere, if you want to lose weight, burn more calories than you take in-duh! To put it another way, cut down what you eat, and do more.

    • Chest pains after gobbling down a fried burger?

      Let it cool down first would be my advice.

      It’s probably as simple as that, but the real issue is that Paleo-Game Cult members won’t stop doing something that causes them chest pains if it’s part of the paleo diet. (This also means we can’t trust any of their self reporting on their “successes” with the paleo diet because they could have chest pains 24/7, but will still declare the paleo diet a “success”.) A normal person would stop doing the thing they think is causing the chest pains and maybe see a doctor if they think it’s necessary. A member of the Paleo-Game Cult/a mentally ill person keeps on doing the thing that causes chest pains and only asks Hawaiian Fat Blob about it.

  3. Literally this is one of the nastiest things I’ve read about in a long time. WTF is wrong with people? I know in some gravies you are using the pan drippings, but you don’t just gulp down.

  4. “If Something Causes Chest Pains, It’s A Bad Idea”

    Yeah, most especially if that something involves scraping “fat/grease/stuff” off the pan and consuming it for its “fullness factor”. That just *might* be a bad idea in the first place.

  5. He’s probably just got heartburn from downing too much grease on an empty stomach. I mean, I eat a fairly high-fat diet, but not in big fucking gobs straight from the pan. How about making a nice sauce from the drippings and using a little of that over the meat? You know, the way European peoples have been cooking for hundreds of years?

    • This is the Paleo-Game Cult we’re talking about. They don’t do reasonable things like making sauces from some of the pan drippings. They gulp down fat and grease straight.

      This is why these people get regarded as mentally ill and a cult. They don’t do things like say, “I think we should lower the amount of carbs in our diet.” Most people may disagree with such a statement, but they wouldn’t regard the speaker of that statement to be in a cult or mentally ill. The Paleo-Game Cult goes far beyond that into total kook territory.

  6. I tried a low-carb diet and experienced moderate chest pains. I saw my doctor, and it was just a bit of heartburn. He gave a dozen Prilosec samples, and it hasn’t been a problem since.

    In the meantime, I’ve lost 30 pounds.

    • Whats your bmi?
      What’s your waist circumference.
      What’s your shoulder circumference?
      How long ago did you have 30 pounds more than you do today?

  7. Dude, why did you make your text light grey against a white background? I can hardly read your blog now. It’s pretty much illegible unless I highlight the text.

  8. When I open it with Chrome, it’s as you say, but with Firefox the colours are all wrong, not sure why that is.

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