36 comments on “The MDAD And Arguments Over Sexual Morality

  1. If she’s such a serious Christian, is her maidenhead still intact?
    Or is she like Alte, Sheila Gregoire, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Susan Walsh …
    have sex with men who they cannot keep in a relationship, then deceive the guy they’re with for the long term?
    Religious women are very good at saying “you have no right to judge me” … while judging men.
    Which is why they’re even worse than the irreligious ones, as a religious woman’s slander and lies carry more weight.
    “She can’t be lying, SHE’S RELIGIOUS!”

  2. If you wanna see something fun guys, have a look at this:


    It is an internal RSD memo where they discuss how to get guys… It’s pretty much cult-building techniques.

    If you don’t know who RSD is-they are one of three the most influential sources of PUA/Game theory. (the other two being mystery/deanushole)

    A lot of the Theories that Roissy blogs about are really RSD theories (roissy doesn’t have not one single  pickup theory of his own, he just retells old pua theories).

  3. Along the same lines as this topic (I think): I followed a link at another site that turned out to lead to Roissy. Reading through, hoping to find some ammunition, I saw this:

    “this predilection for drama, affect and uncertainty is primarily a female affliction, and, in small manageable doses, is actually the normal state of emotional functioning for the majority of women. Hamster spinning wackos with advanced cases of BPD like Trunk are extreme manifestations of this innate female condition, much like power hungry sociopaths are the extreme manifestation of the innate male predisposition to maximize status.”*

    Am I wrong, or is that what feminists say about men? We’re all bad, our patriachical culture makes us all likely criminals, the men who do end up hurting people are no different from anyone else, they’re just a little more extreme versions of what all men are.

    Yet another reason to think that gamers and feminists are part of an (uneasy and strange) alliance.


    • They’re in the alliance of men who give gina tingles to women who want to be supported by nice guys.
      The ONLY “good” thing to come out of this is the reality that a “piranha woman” gets occupied by a player so that a nice guy is spared her abuse.
      As more men refuse to date damaged goods, this will force a change in behaviour.
      As always, good men need to stay sharp … the “appeal for a knight in shining armour to save me from a cad(that I chose)” is something many women like to use to find “so-called” “worthy”(sucker) men.

  4. The Bible tells women to shut up and obey. She should go back to reading the Bible, if she is Christian as she claims. 🙂

  5. “That way she can attack mens rights without admitting the real reason that she is against mens rights is that she doesn’t want to give up female privledge. The gamers have given this woman a way to hide that she’s really for female supremacy by allowing her to make this a “moral” issue about pre-marital sex.”

    Actually I still think this woman, is one of the many that are still working off the 2 real goals of feminism:
    1. To give women unlimited sexual license so they can cockhop without penalty and make themselves to be the arbiters of what is an “acceptable” relationship so that
    2. Older men will find it impossible to be with younger women, as the cockhoppers of step (1) need a cohort of sex-starved men to be their slaves.

    When women corrupt the younger generation, it’s usually so that they are seen as “the devil you know”, e.g. “Hahahaha, you have no choice but to marry me, as if you are interested in younger women I will shame you and hurl false accusations against you and try to destroy your career!”

    Such weirdos have no idea that when they make it impossible for men to have decent relationships … they will have fewer men they can rely on to genuinely give a crap about them.
    But they rarely think that far ahead. Since the world economy is going into recession, you will see more sexuality on display since women are going to trade “the promise of sex” for all sorts of “real-world effects”, like expertise and money and favours.

    Always charge them … and don’t work until you’ve been halfway paid. “Half now, half later” is a sound strategy when dealing with such users.

  6. Does Bardamu have any screening criteria for his team of writers or does he just take all comers? One of his authors and a frequent commenter at his site, Ryu, is a white nationalist. I just checked out his blog and he is insane! Even by their standards!


    It’s not even coherent. This guy really should not be among normal people in society! I think he’s either headed for or has been in some type of mental facility. If Ferd is letting this guy write for him he really can’t be too sane either.

    • I believe Bardamu has a screening criteria for inmalafide. If you’re sane, are anti-game, or a non-Roissyite gamer (technically I’m being redundant since being outside of the Roissyite game bubble would be covered under sane), then you can’t become an author. On the other hand if you believe the world is run by a conspiracy of devil worshippers who are in actual contact with demons but were being messed up by Charlie Sheen ( http://www.inmalafide.com/blog/2011/03/21/charlie-sheen-vs.-the-devil/ ), then you’re guaranteed to become an author there.

      • I’m shocked not by how crazy that article was but by the fact that Bardamu and most of his readers distanced themselves from it. I guess even they have limits. Still, the fact he has that guy as a writer at all is horrifying.

    • OneSTDV is worst because he’s not just extra stupid even by game-racism-paleo cult standards, but he seriously thinks he’s some iconoclastic genius and some superior genetic specimen to boot.

      I scrolled through his blog about a month back because these gamers keep citing him like he’s some type of genius, but neither he nor his readers are exactly deep thinkers or superior genetic specimens.

      Check these examples:

      Here’s a cross-section of his “genetically superior” readership, who all suffer from self-loathing and crippling social anxiety:

      Some of his “deep” keyboard jockey insights on game and MRA:

      Here’s two hilariously cryptic drama queen posts from him announcing he’s quitting last year:

      Note the histrionic wailing from his fellow cult members in the comments.

      He elaborates on why he’s leaving in his next post. He really milks the angst while his fellow cult members urge him to battle on in comments:

      Then after all that attention whoring, he just goes right back to blogging as usual lol 😀

      PS Alek: Who was doing the hitpiece on you and BP?

        • PS Alek: Who was doing the hitpiece on you and BP?

          I have a rule to not even visit sites full of stupidity, coz I won’t be able to resist responding and I’ll waste 20 minutes of my life.

          I saw this post in my statistics as a referer, so I clicked on it, not knowin it’s a gamer site. I replied once to correct him on misquoting me and a second time I spent like 12 minutes giving a longer answer clarifying how he’s completely misrepresenting/missunderstandin our position.

          I am not finding that site again lol sorry… 12+2 minutes is over my treshold for time spent arguing idiots.

          btw, speaking of hitpieces

          Every single case I’ve seen of these people posting about me has been a series of pretty bad misquotations (things I’ve never said ascribed to me ), combined with some serious straw men.

          I’ve argued with many cults, but I assure you, not one has been nearly this bad… Even feminists are only 50% of roissyites (in misquoting/straw man tactics).

          General Mainstream gamers are much more sane and have less serious cult-brains. A general gamer will argue you with arguments a lot more.

      • The best part about that dunce is origin of his name.There are “scientific racism” sites in roissysphere dedicated to proving whites are automatically born superior in intelligence to all non-Asian minorities and born superior in manliness to all Asian minorities, making them most perfect, well rounded specimens just by virtue of being born white. Neitzsche’s “superman.”

        A popular statistic these scientific racism sites like to parrot is that average white man has IQ one standard deviation higher than IQ of the average non-Asian minority. So he abbreviated statistic of one standard deviation to make his name, OneSTDV. His name is a way to proclaim his superior intelligence. (Can you say overcompensation?)

        But there’s one problem: As you can see from his own writing, he’s fucking laughably stupid cretin! lol His reasoning sloppy, his premises are bad, and it’s blatantly clear he’s never tested any his beliefs in real world, much like gamers mentally masturbate about women but never actually approach because egos too fragile. He’s a keyboard jockey in the game of life and it shows in his loopy conspiracy ideas.

      • The short of it is that they are afraid of being perceived as “beta” no matter what and will embrace any and all ideas that will allow them to feel like they have
        “da alfa cok”

  7. I’ve recently become interested in learning more about MRM/MRA. What are some good web sites to read on this subject. Who are some voices to pay attention to?

    I didn’t know where else to ask, so I post this here.

    • The sites on Black Pill’s blogroll all contain various bits of info.

      “The Evil Penis” is particularly good because it tells you the story of just the type of nonsense that the MRA is against, although it seems that the dude on the blog has battled through his situation and got back to some form of normality because it’s rarely updated now.

    • The leading MRA website is avoiceformen… But for educational lessons, it’s worth flipping trough all the sites on the blog roll on the right.

    • It’s not only important to find good MRA sghts but avoid bad ones that give you a skewed perspective. So make sure to avoid The Spearhead. For a long time I thought MRA were a bunch of whiny conspiracy nuts thanks to that site because it was first MRA site I found.

      • Oh ya, it’s very important to note that not all anti-feminist sites are MRAs…

        In fact spearhead is NOT an MRA site, they don’t even claim to be one… They’re a conspiracy theory game site that also dislikes feminism (sometimes)… The only reason MRAs might ever go there is because of an article on feminism, otherwise there’s a very little overlap… Spearhead are generally a bunch of whiners and conspiracy theorists that just like to whine about everything. 

        MRAs on the other hand have just one goal (pro-male activism), notice the emphasis on activism… And it likes to keep on target (you won’t find game or diets or any other subjects on a real MRA site, just men’s issues in general)

        Anti-feminism comes in two flavors

        -1) Conspiracy nutcases, who believe in UFOs, PUA, game, fad diets, conspiracies about modernmedicine etc (this includes sites like inmalafide, spearhead etc…)

        -2) MRAs

        It’s very easy to distinguish the two… The first group believes in pua and game… So if you see a site talking about game or pua, then it is not an MRA site.

  8. I got a visual of that woman author hooked up to the 1830’s steam engine dildo.

    20 minutes later and she’s thinking clearly again for a short while.

  9. “So the message of the manosphere rings disingenuous. They would like for women to remain sexually available but to kindly shut up.”

    But feminists don’t want men to just shut up, oh no. I mean it’s not like they invent terms like “mansplain” to get men to keep their mouths closed.

    • Ah, feminism: straw-manning what men say, to advance their goals.
      This is the reason why I hope there is no single agency that speaks for all men.
      Because the feminists (female AND male) would work to either shut it down right quick, accuse the members of crimes, impugn their past or entrap them.
      Such poisonous people are to be avoided.

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