19 comments on “Blah Is Banned And Other Conspiracy Theory Topics

  1. I really can’t stand conspiracy theory nut jobs and the second they start blabbing away about there illuminati crap or whatever else i just tune them out.

    • What BP is trying to say is that it isn’t enough to tune them out, because they draw each other in and before you know it YOU are the one who is tuned out.

      • Yes, this is exactly what I’m saying. It’s an understandable reaction to just ignore the nutjobs. That doesn’t work because conspiracy theorists are the ebola virus of the internet. They just destroy everything they come into contact with. For most subjects, it’s not a great loss, but for the MRM it threatens to destroy it.

  2. Generally I’m against banning people from commenting, but if a person wants to spew things that have nothing to do with the site’s subject then they are playing with fire. I wouldn’t go to a sports talk site and try to get everyone to talk about cooking, but if I did I’d deserve to be banned.

    • It’s very rare that I ban someone. Usually it’s because of outright spam (i.e. penis enlargement crap). Another problem I have encountered was people, until now it was always Roissyite gamers, who would come here and use this blog to promote their own websites via attacking me. They were tyring to use my blog via attacking me to increase the visiblity of their blogs. That is something I do not allow. Since there was a good chance Blah works for Infowars/PrisonPlanet, he/she/it was doing the same thing.

      Spam and attempting to use my blog (aka my property) against me are the only two things that I have banned people for.

  3. “The reasons people persist in believing conspiracy theories — even when there is overwhelming evidence debunking them — have long been debated by psychologists. One credible theory contends convincing ourselves of conspiracies allows us to avoid acknowledging the terrifying arbitrariness of life.”

    That’s what I’ve often thought. It’s a lot more comforting to think that a shadowy circle of evildoers is pulling the strings than to realize that sometimes bad things just happen. But it’s easy to believe that conspiracy theorizers think that way because they think other people think that way too. People generally think other people are like them.

    This is an interesting study. I hope more research is done in this area. Crazy conspiracy beliefs are warping our society in many ways, and it would be nice to figure out an answer.

  4. @Everyone

    Ever notice how a lot of these roissyites are alway discussing Approach Anxiety and related issues?

    When was the last time you saw any anti-gamer ever discuss or even mention AA? Lol… And I’m talking from the top of anti-game, like Aaron Sleazy to average guys like us who merely figured out being normal works just as well (without the side-effects).
    I’ve always said that the strongest gamers online are those who have yet to even apply game lol… The ones who apply it the hardest are the first ones to become anti-gamers.

    Funny how no anti-gamers ever talk about AA? Lol

    • Also like BP pointed out, you can usually figure out people’s proclivity by what they accuse others of.

      A ton of gamers knee-jerk accusation to anyone who’s not a gamer is something to the tune of “oh well, just because you don’t have the balls to approach is no excuse to bash game”

      The funny irony of that is that the average anti-gamer probably has done more approaches than all of Roissys’s regular commenters combined.

    • Roissy’s latest anti-anti-game post is hilarious. First because it has strawmen galore, starting with calling anyone who is anti-game a feminist (yet we’ve seen growing numbers of feminists become pro PUA, yet I’ve never seen a feminist go pro-MRA).

      But also because he’s so deep in his cult he can’t spot pussy-begging. He claims one reason people enter anti-game because they fail to pass multiple shit tests. The woman throws a shit test at them, they brush it off, it doesn’t get instant results, and she throws a nastier shit-test back at them. They panic and start apologizing profusely and the game is over and what they shouuld have done according to him is to stick to their guns and pass the second shit test.

      Here’s a novel idea: how about not subjecting yourself to the indignity of bad behavior at all!? Just don’t even deal with the shit test! Whether you pass a shit test or fail it is besides the point. Either way you are condoning bad behavior. Ever notice how many crazy relationships famous PUAs seem to get into? It’s because of fucked up mindsets like this where they find ways to keep high drama cunts in their lives by passing shit tests when they should be kicking such chicks to the curb.

      The life of a beta sucks, but at least by failing the shit test the beta gets a cunt out of his life sooner than the PUA who learns to keep cunts in his life longer by selling out his self-respect and dignity by learning how to appease her dysfinctional behavior with his own dysfunctional behavior. Yet these PUAs seriously think they are so much better and different than the betas they mock.

      • That comment was pure gold man. Why not get a blog?

        It’s easy with something like WordPress.com… I swear if you don’t I’ll register one and just post your comments on there.

        It’s way too good to be lost in the comments section of another blog.

        • Thanks for the kind words. I may eventually get a blog. I’m not sure yet. But if you ever want to quote anything I say on your own blog, feel free. I’d be honored, plus it would probably get way more exposure than if I did it on a blog of my own.

      • Probably because the beta is stuck with the woman who has a kid by the PUA.
        The essence of alpha as I understand it is “always getting someone else to pay for your own mistakes, overlook other peoples’ achievements in favour of yours, and all the blame is someone elses’ while none of the work is yours”.
        Alphas are looking for the long-term win: freedom from women while having their pick of women.
        Betas are thinking for the short-term “If I marry this hottie with a kid she will love me forever”.
        If the betas stopped being stupid, women would have to pick up their act right quick. Since by dropping out, more women would be shouldering the taxes of bastardy, and women would begin to “police their own”.

        • “Since by BETAS dropping out, more women would be shouldering the taxes of bastardy, and women would begin to “police their own”.
          Fixed that sentence.

        • I’d hardly call PUAs people who want freedom from women, since everything they do and their entire self-image is devoted to whether or not women approve of them. And that’s what trying to pass a “shit test” is: getting women to approve of you.

  5. You should go back to writing more about mens rights and speaking out against women and feminism like you used to, that is the real problem in society. If people want to be conspiricy theorists, who cares. Women, misandry, and feminism are the real problems.

    • The reason why I care about conspiracy theorists is that they interfere with mens rights. If they could shut up about conspiracy theory when in the MRM, then it wouldn’t matter. However, they can’t do that so they are a virus preventing real MRAs from getting things done. It’s the same with the paleo diet and game. It wouldn’t matter if those morons could shut up about it while in the MRM, but they can’t so we need to get rid of them.

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